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Book Review: The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate by Havilworth

He is the alpha Prince and she is an ordinary human. He always enjoyed being alone and didn’t believe that he is capable of love but when the alpha meets a fiery American lady his wolf growls out possessively for the first time in 26 years.

‘The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate is an exciting story of a strong female lead Roxanne and the alpha Prince Lancelot. They shouldn’t be together, but that doesn’t stop the alpha from falling in love with Roxanne. His unexpected mate.

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate


Part 1: Why The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate is so popular?

Most popular book : The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate by Havilworth is an addictive werewolf Romance read which starts with Roxanne finding out that her fiance Jonah, the man she had dared half of her life was now seeing her twin sister, Rayla.

Her twin sister had not only betrayed Roxanne but was also pregnant with a child and ready to marry Jonah, Roxanne’s fiance. After losing her twin sister, cutting family ties, and breaking up with her boyfriend she also lost her job the one she had slaved for seven years.

She had lost everything she ever knew. The one thing she could not afford to lose was what was left of her dignity and certainly not at a wedding that should have been hers. That was why she needed him the most, the handsome stranger across the road.

What Roxanne Harvey didn’t know was that the handsome stranger was here to stay.

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate's popularity

Lancelot Dankworth, Alpha Prince of the London Pride Pack couldn’t believe his eyes when he met Roxanne. The crazy American woman was yelling at his assistant which caused his wolf to growl possessively for the first time in 26 years.

He never believed he would be capable of ever loving anyone else, but why didn’t understand why he couldn’t keep his emotions in control around Roxanne, the crazy American woman?

He loved being alone and he had always been alone. But this sudden urge of wanting to be close to Roxanne drove him nuts. But why?

They can’t supposedly be together. She was a human. He was an alpha Prince of one of the largest werewolf packs. He didn’t want to fall in love, especially with a human. It was forbidden. But what happens when the lines get blurred?

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate story is a top seller available on Dreame app with over 18 thousand reads and 5 thousand followers rooting for the amazing story which is full of hot, steamy, and intriguing thrills throughout the chapters.

Part 2: Main story of The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate story

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate revolves around Roxanne, who was working hard in her job at Lexcorp. With a perfect family, a twin sister, and a boyfriend turned fiance whom she had known more than half of her life everything should have been perfect, at least that’s what Roxanne thought.

However, in just a matter of one day whole her life comes down crashing. She finds out that her twin sister Rayla and fiance Jonah are getting married. The wedding where Roxanne should have been the bride. Her parents justify her sister’s actions by saying Roxanne should realize that love happens and comes in strange places.

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate storyline

Roxanne is heartbroken when her parents inform her that her twin sister is pregnant and they expect Roxanne to be understanding and forgiving. Like the evil twin sister had not only slept with Roxanne’s fiance Jonah but she was also pregnant now.

After a heated argument, she cuts down all the ties with her family as she leaves for work. And the company which she served for seven years fired her worsening her day.

But as she left she had one thing to hold onto, her dignity and herself. The wedding day was approaching and she spent days in a blur looking for a job and finding solace with her older sister Isabelle and Emily who was her best friend and confidants.

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate romance story

Roxanne wanted to get a date to attend the wedding of her betrayed lover and shameless twin sister. On her way, she recalled how she had been next to Jonah since elementary school till he had started his firm. She was by his side, in love.

It could have been anyone but he cheated on Roxanne with her twin sister who was now pregnant. With emotions overflowing Roxanne crashed into the car straight ahead of her.

Lancelot Dankworth is the Alpha Prince of the London Pride Pack. It was just another day until his car crashed and a woman started yelling at his assistant.

But when he got down to see what had happened he couldn’t believe his eyes. The crazy American woman yelling at his assistant had just caused his wolf to growl possessively leaving him confused and raged.

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate werewolf pick

Roxanne saw the man who had stepped out of the car which had crashed into hers almost killing her. But the minute her eyes landed on him she was tongue-bit. However, it seemed like her prayers had come true as she asked the stranger to take her to the wedding and be by her side at all times.

Lancelot agreed with Roxanne considering it was only noble favor to do after damaging her car thinking he owed her. But the minute he took her hand, his wolf Ziko growled calling her his Mate, calling her as his.

There should be something wrong. She was a human. His wolf must have gotten confused. The alpha Prince of the most powerful werewolf pack couldn’t possibly be mated to the human who had no clue about him or his pack

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate - cheated on by her family

Roxanne was grateful when Lance agreed to be his date. But Lance didn’t understand the urge he had to protect Roxanne from her vicious and evil twin sister at the wedding.

The man who never believed to be in love was taken aback by his attraction toward the American girl who had his wolf growl out possessively.

The wedding date extended into the part and ended up in a one-night stand. Lance mated and marked his mate Roxanne but she had no clue about who he was.

He never believed he would be capable of ever loving anyone else, but why can’t he seem to keep his emotions in check whenever he was around the crazy American woman?

Can the alpha Prince accept Roxanne as his mate? What will Roxanne’s reaction be when she finds out who Lance is? Check out The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate to find out.

Hot excerpt of The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate:

“Fuck me.”

The words slipped out of Roxanne’s tongue, past her lips, before she could do anything about it

Lancelot’s eyes widened hearing her. He saw a golden ring form around Ziko’s eyes which was not a good sign.

“What did you say?” He asked

She took one step toward him, slowly closing the gap that was between them.

He wished for her to stop yet didn’t want her to stop.

Without saying anything Roxanne Walker towards him. Did she know what she was getting herself into?

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate is a hot story

Lance thought about controlling himself. He didn’t want to lose himself to her. A shower would have reduced the bulge in her pants. Roxanne planted herself in front of Lance.

She could feel his eyes. She wanted him

“Fuck me” she took the word placing a hand on his cheek.

Hearing her, his wolf growled within him.

He saw Roxanne bite her lower lip faintly, right before he lost every ounce of self-control.

‘ Fuck it’ He hissed as he pulled her to himself and crashed his lips on hers.

Part 3: Main characters in The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate characters

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate’s female lead, Roxanne was the perfect simple girl who was ambitious and loving. But her goodness was taken advantage of as her whole family betrayed her.

The day she was supposed to get promoted, she got fired. After spending days in tears, she held onto her dignity. But her life changed when she crashed her car into a handsome stranger who ended up being her date to the wedding of her cheating boyfriend and twin sister. But the stranger was never meant for the nightstand, he was meant to stay longer.

The most interesting part about Roxanne is the way she resembles most of us. The choices she makes, the brave decisions she takes as her life throws every dime at her.

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate’s male lead, Lancelot is the alpha Prince, the well-spoken, dignified male lead. He comes from the strongest werewolf pack. When he meets Roxanne his wolf owls out saying she’s their mate. But taking her as his mate would make everyone giggle considering she was a human.

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate male lead

However, Lance couldn’t help but fall in love with her. After being alone whole his life, never expecting to fall in love his whole idea of life changed when he meets Roxanne. His mate. The Alpha Prince had an unexpected mate.

The way he tries to stand by Roxanne, his protective hold, and everything about him makes him the perfect hero.

Havilworth has created characters and brought them to life through her book ‘ The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate’. Even after finishing the book, the characters would stay in our minds and that’s the sign of a good book and loved characters.

Part 4: Read The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate Now!

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate a must-read book

Werewolf backdrop stories are always been readers’ top pick. The themes usually have mates turning of age and finding their perfect partners. But Havilworth’s The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate is a refreshing read.

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate story revolves around Roxanne, just another simple and ambitious girl who is betrayed by everyone she believed. But she’s strong and confident, not willing to lose her dignity she decides to hold her head high.

When she meets a handsome stranger, she’s stuck with his handsome features and the way he orders her. After a passionate one-night stand, her life changes. But is it for good?

Because the stranger she met was none other than the alpha Prince of one of the strongest werewolf packs. However, she has no idea of their existence.

Can these two fated mated find their happy ending after having the world betray them?

The Alpha Prince Unexpected Mate is a story full of twists, suspense, and a sizzling Romance that will readers want more.

Check out the story now, it’s available on the Dreame app. Join the other dreamers who find escape in the pool of stories on the app.

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