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Read All About The Chapters In Billionaire God Of War Novel Free Online

Jiang Ning’s extremely wealthy family might have thrown him away fifteen years ago. His encounters with a kind-hearted girl named Lin Yuzhen change his fate.

It all starts with Jiang Ning consuming the sweet candy Lin Yuzhen gives to him. Then, he becomes the son-in-law of Lin Yuzhen’s family after he becomes the mighty Billionaire God Of War in the Eastern area.

What other pieces of adventure await Jiang Ning in the Billionaire God Of War novel?

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Part 1: The Main Story Of Billionaire God Of War Novel

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The status of an orphaned 30-year-old man without any background to be proud of, amazing wealth, and disheveled appearance, makes the name “Jiang Ning” feel shameful as one of the candidates for Lin Yuzhen’s husband.

Lin Xiao, Lin Yuzhen’s grandfather, could have chosen other men among the ten candidates who passed the Lin family’s tests. However, something about Jiang Ning piques the Lin patriarch’s interest despite their lack of knowledge of who Jiang Ning was.

The battlefield recognizes Jiang Ning as the ruler of the East with “Billionaire God Of War” as his nickname. It’s because Jiang Ning possesses the power of God that can shock the world with his fists. Jiang Ning’s tremendous physical powers don’t happen in an instant.

Jiang Ning’s street life in Billionaire God Of War started fifteen years ago when the extremely wealthy Jiang family kicked him out of the heir status. As a result, Jiang Ning has to live on the street. Jiang Ning’s miserable life on the street persisted until he met a beautiful and kind-hearted Lin Yuzhen who gave him sweet candy.

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At that time, in the Billionaire God Of War novel, Lin Yuzhen was still a little girl. The little Yuzhen told Jiang Ning the sweet candy would bring sweet fortune to his life. Even though Jiang Ning didn’t pay attention to the superstition, he never forgets Lin Yuzhen’s smile and kindness until fifteen years have passed.

So, Jiang Ning agrees to be the son-in-law of the Lin family. Yet, the Billionaire God Of War starts to experience problems when the eldest Lin of Lin Xiao’s sons mocks Jiang Ning’s humble presence and provokes his reactions to punch the treacherous Lin.

How far will Jiang Ning convince Lin Yuzhen of his worth as her newlywed husband? Will Jiang Ning stay as the son-in-law? Can this Billionaire God Of War surpass his perpetrators?

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Part 2: The Wonderful Chapters Of Billionaire God Of War

Chapter 1

Billionaire God Of War Chapter 1

Donghai City is the central place that becomes the main setting of Billionaire God Of War Chapter 1. The International Airport doesn’t stay as the only place where Jiang Ning, this novel’s male MC, departs. Instead, it becomes a trigger to Jiang Ning’s memories of fifteen years ago in Jiang’s family, the family that estranged him.

Donghai City also has one of the most luxurious hotels. In Billionaire God Of War Chapter 1, we know the Wanshun Hotel as the place where the Lin family discusses the arranged marriage between Lin Yuzhen, Lin Xiao’s granddaughter. Lin Yuzhen was the little girl who saved Jiang Ning’s life fifteen years ago. The end part of this chapter marks their second encounter after they go their ways for decades.

Chapter 2

Billionaire God Of War Chapter 2

Lin Xiao, the Lin patriarch, announces the winner among ten husband candidates of Lin Yuzhen, in Billionaire God Of War Chapter 2. At some point, the Lin family arrives at a strange name: Jiang Ning. This man doesn’t have anything special in his name: A 30-year-old orphan, homeless, possesses no skills, and seems uncultured. Yet, he wins the “competition”.

Little does the Lin family know about Jiang Ning’s reputation as the Billionaire God Of War, who rules over the Eastern territory. Yet, Jiang Ning’s connecting punches to Lin Feng’s face prove to the public he’s not a man they would want to mess around with. Starting from this point, Jiang Ning won’t take it easy on people who lay their hands on Lin Yuzhen, his newly-wed wife!

Part 3: The Book Reviews On Billionaire God Of War

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At first, I thought the word “War” in Billionaire God Of War meant a war of net worths. After all, “wealthy families” and “arranged marriage” are two central themes I find in Billionaire God Of War. In addition, some chapters also compare Jiang Ning’s modest appearance with the Lin family’s massive amounts of wealth.

Yet, surprisingly, the Billionaire God Of War refers to Jiang Ning’s battlefield title. He has earned the title since he was only 18. Possessing such a Godlike power (and wealth) means Jiang Ning has to protect his identity from the outside, which explains his humility in front of the Lin family.

However, the highlight of the Billionaire God Of War novel lies in the sweet candy superstition that we have witnessed since the first chapter. Sweet candies are sweet not only for the sake of their taste, but they can also bring sweet fortune. I don’t only refer to the candy as “a candy of power” that turns the homeless Jiang Ning into a fearsome war god, but I can also predict the candy Lin Yuzhen gave had ties to the red colors.

Some cultures believe red is the color of luck, power, and love. Jiang Ning’s love for Lin Yuzhen, the girl who used to rescue him, might have doubled the candy’s powers. Lin Yuzhen was putting on the facial expression she put on the wedding day because of her parents and grandparents’ doctrines to only set her eyes on visibly wealthy people.

I would say Billionaire God Of War is unique from other similar novels that only focus on the male MCs’ ways of reobtaining his wealth through retaliating. The superstition parts also become the elements that beautify the storylines.

Part 4: Read A Similar Novel To Billionaire God Of War

Similar To Billionaire God Of War

Killing, suffering, and slavery are three unfortunate destinies that wait for MCs in the Billionaire God Of War novel. If the universe hadn’t intervened, Jiang Ning wouldn’t have met Lin Yuzhen, the savior of his life. Lin Yuzhen would also feel trapped in her extended family’s indoctrination of “Only the rich are worthy to survive,”

Upon reading the chapters of Billionaire God Of War novel, I am sure Jiang Ning is not made for killing. He just happens to obtain the fearsome title. His true nature is a loving, protective, and humble man. Yet, when thinking about a similar novel to Billionaire God Of War, have you ever thought, what if Billionaire God Of War got its darker version?

The War God’s Favorite is like Billionaire God Of War in terms of having the “war god” as the title’s phrases. “She was destined to die, he was born to kill,” is the opening of The War God’s Favorite, which tells the stories of Cassandra’s suffering and slavery her whole life, until she becomes a tribute to the Dragon Prince, who also happens to be the Empire’s God Of War.

The intensity of The War God’s Favorite novel’s storylines will pique your interest as you turn the pages to read more chapters of it!

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