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Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter

This perfect mystery showcases the insurrection of the female protagonist, Raven Sullivan.

Even though she was Alpha’s daughter, she kept tormented by the whole Silver Blade Pack.

When one day she saw the level of hatred that her parents and twin sister, Reagen had towards her, she decided to run. Run! Far away from them and the pack.

Was her decision to turn into a rogue right? Or was it the time for the biggest revelation of her life?

The revelation that will completely change her life, maybe for better or worse.

If you want to find out what was it? Then click on the link and dwell on this action-packed urban fantasy.

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Part 1: Background And Characters of Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter

Undoubtedly the author KatVonBeck mastered the aspect of plotline and character development.

The way she maintained the character arc of the female protagonist- Raven Sullivan was tremendous.

Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter - Raven Sullivan

Raven was the daughter of Alpha Graham Sullivan, the Alpha of Silver Blade Pack, and the central character of this book with whom all other characters are knitted together.

Even though she was the daughter of Alpha, her life was not less than a prisoner.

She wasn’t allowed to leave her room to rest alone to go across the parkland of the Silver Blade Pack.

She only wished that one day her mate would come and give her everything she always craved -Love, protection trust.

Deep inside her heart, she knew that it wasn’t possible as either he will never come or he will reject her.

She dreamt her parents would love her the same way they love her twin sister- Reagan Sullivan.

Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter - Reagen Sullivan

She was the golden child of the pack. Everyone used to love her unconditionally.

The pack members used to cherish and appreciate her, no matter what. Even they ignored that she was a horrible and mean-she wolf.

Furthermore, her parents Alpha Graham and Luna Cassandra wanted her to take over the pack.

Reagen had never liked Raven, even tried to kill her once. But the last string she pulled and snatched Raven’s destined mate- Justin Evans.

Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter - Justin Evans

He was Beta’s son. In the greed of taking over Silver Blade Pack, he decided to reject his destined mate and chose Reagen as his Luna.

He often thought that Raven was wolfless so it was wise to be with her twin sister.

Later, when Raven caught him while having sex with her twin sister, her wolf Emerald came out and they were amused.

Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter - Emerald

She was a very large and strong wolf. She was very smart. She had green eyes and was a true companion to Raven all that while.

Later, when Raven crossed the border and went to Blood Walker Pack.

The first person who was willing to protect her was the Beta of the Blood Walker Pack – Timothy De Savage.

Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter - Timothy De Savage

He was 6’4′ tall and was in great shape with dirty blonde hair.

He felt the urge to protect her the moment he laid his eyes on that fragile and pretty girl.

He was an attractive man. If you decided to engage with him, it would probably be the last thing you did.

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Part 2: What Is The Exciting Story Plot Of Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter?

The plot of ‘Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter’ centered around Raven Sullivan.

The story began when Raven let her wolf, Emerald out. Around 1 a.m. she ran as nobody would be around that time.

Just because she wasn’t allowed to get out of her room except for having a meal so she had to hide in the woods.

That place was always quiet as it was close to their neighbor to the north- Blood Walker Pack. They never entered their pack and they were warned not to trespass onto their land.

So no pack member had entered that area and she used to take advantage of this to be in solitude and with little freedom.

That night her wolf, Emerald, was asking her to be extra careful as she had foreseen that her life was going to change.

But when she was going back to her packhouse, she saw her twin sister, Reagan Sullivan in the woods.

She was the golden child of the Silver Blade Pack. Even being the second born, Reagen always got what rightfully belonged to Raven.

From the respect of the pack members to the love of their parents, she had everything. Even though she was a manipulative and mean she-wolf.

Drops of hatred were dripping through her eyes, when she realized that the man next to her twin sister was none other than her destined mate – Justin Evans.

They were having sex and Raven felt the immense and unbearable pain in her lower abdomen while witnessing that betrayal.

Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter - Story Plot

Above all, she heard them talking about their plan of announcing each other as their chosen mate the next morning.

That way they will take over the Silver Blade Pack and be the next Alpha and Luna.

Their father had planned all this. She never knew the reason behind his cold behavior and hatred toward her. But now, she knew that there was no going back.

All of them used to think that she was wolfless. This time she let out Emerald in front of those betrayers and they were shocked.

They were appalled when they saw her wolf Emerald which Raven got two months back on her eighteenth birthday.

She ran away, crossed the border, and entered the forbidden land of the Blood Walker Pack.

Will her decision of turning into a rogue be right? Or was it the time for the biggest revelation of her life?

Part 3: What I Like In Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter?

KatVonBeck’s, ‘Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter’, an urban fantasy showcases the pain, agony, and struggles of the female protagonist, Raven Sullivan.

Right from the beginning she had made a place in my heart that sympathized with her.

Despite her being ill-treated, she still had the positive outlook and strength to restart her life. That was the reason she ran far away from the Silver Blade Pack.

Furthermore, the secret behind her birth created a sense of mystery and suspense which kept me at the edge from the first chapter.

The description was so conversational at times, I couldn’t stop myself from imagining the whole scenario.

At last, I found that the author did a great job in going into every minor detail of this modern-age Cinderella story.


‘Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter’ by KatVonBeck, an urban dark fantasy with a kick-ass heroine is relatively a fast-paced read.

Betrayed From Birth-Alpha Unvalued Daughter - Conclusion

The author maintained the mystery and suspense from the beginning.

So if you are a fan of strong-headed female protagonists and want to witness their story from the fall to rise then this is the perfect read for you!

Furthermore, after reading this book if you wanted to drown in the beauty of similar plots and different settings, and didn’t know where to go.

Then Dreame is the best stop for you. It is a platform with millions of stories and stupendous books.

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