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Best 10 Nascar Romance Novels | Faster & Crazier


Nascar romance novels are the best books to find romance and games at the same time. In these Nascar romance novels, you will see a bunch of competitive personalities who will put their life at stake to win the ground. Sometimes romance and support from their partner give them new hope to find a better way to struggle with the rivalry.

These Nascar romance novels are the best combination where you will see the romance, villain, winner, and loser. Let me present you with a multi-facets story of the same game.

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Part 1: Best 10 Nascar Romance Novel | Faster & Crazier

Nascar romance novel 1: Driving with the Devil

Nascar Romance Novels


4.7 out of 5


This Nascar romance novel is based on the treasure of love. The author features the historical event of the American mobile industry, their culture, and the morality of society. This NASCAR roman romance novel uncovers the true story behind the creation of nascar’s distant, fueled origins, paints, and moonshine if inventor.

Wracked south realized Nascar could be a ticket for a better life. After WW2 moonshiners tried to polish the skills of riders to rough, red-dirt racetracks of Dixie. 3 men who were very passionate about Ford V-8s started the journey of this game. A poignant story of how they merged a fast car to create a new sport for the south.

To know more read Driving with the devil.

Nascar romance novel 2: In the Groove

In the groove- Nascar romance novels


4.1 out of 5


A fascinating NASCAR romance novel features a love story of Sarah and Lance. Sarah was not aware of his fame when he hit her with his car. She was a teacher in kindergarten. She got fired from her previous job.

She was not familiar with the NASCAR things in her life before, but now she got a chance to coach motor racing star Lance cooper. Lance found Sarah’s smiling face attractive, but he was also amused to see how she was unimpressed with his fame. Whenever he comes close to her heartbeat turns hot as race fuel.

Soon they begin falling for each other and now she also considers him with the thought that she might have taught him some lessons.

To know more about their story read In the groove.

Nascar Romance Novel 3: Total Control

Total Control- Nascar Romance Novels


4.3 out of 5


Total Control describes a character of a bad boy named”Todd Peters”. Nascar romance novels present another fictional story between Todd peters and Skids. She was gorgeous and keeps things professional. She teamed up with Todd who was Nascar’s number one bad boy.

Todd was not sure about his feelings for Skids, but he just found her a beautiful person herself. On the other hand, Todd not only teased her with his irritating ill child behavior but also, he let her child down intentionally.

They shared a good bond and later he realized he is losing control over his deeper feelings. He realized his mistakes later and tried to make things right for her but losing total control could be good or bad or risky for his future.

Must read the interesting story of the Nascar romance novel Total Control.

Nascar Romance Novel 4: Motor Mouth

Motor Mouth- Nascar Romance Novels


4.4 out of 5


A woman in this Nascar romance novel has good taste in car speed and she was known as a rule breaker. Barney was also good at cheating. Climate was heating up and the wheels feels like throwing smoke into the environment because of the rising temperature.

They teamed up together to convince the other player to lose the competition most often. To spy on them both, borrow a”NASCAR” hauler. As the consequence, the hauler was carrying a dead body and 2 racing cars.

What they were going through is the kidnapping of a saint, murder of bizarre, and restlessness in the night while lying under the sky. From Miami, North Carolina, Florida to Concord and again back to Miami all they did was plan car crashes and dealings.

To know more about their dealings and plans read Motor Mouth.

Nascar Romance Novel 5: Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps- Nascar Romance Novels


3.7 out of 5


A Nascar star Gabby O’ Farell was uncertain that her again in sharp at her. She was not an ordinary girl who is doing house chaos. She was not really into the family business. She wants to pursue her career in Nascar, and she was not going to give up on this.

She built some personal connection with the team owner, and she was sure he has gotten her back. She was determined to go all the way to get what she wanted to become the Nascar Nextel cup championship. In this Nascar romance novel, she has assertive personality traits.

Read Speed bumps to know how she won the Nascar championship.

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Nascar Romance Novel 6: Racing Hearts

Racing Heart- Nascar Romance Novels


4.8 out of 5


This Nascar romance novel is an Anthology that presents a story of a lady Roni Kenway who thought she could be the champion of the Nascar league by saving the team. She was confident that she could convince the crew chief with her attitude. In a matter of fact, she was a mix of business and pleasure.

Lucy took a trip to Daytona she also went there for a vacation. Lucy thought he might be able to win her heart, but she realized later that the guy Is a lemon. Later, Lucy met Sawyer Patton and he made him realize that a late starter can be a better way to win.

Megan Carter came back from his sizzling vacation and Roni was proving herself Infront of him, but there was a problem she was facing a rivalry with Chris so how could she manage to do that?

To know the whole story and her next move read Racing Heart.

Nascar Romance Novel 7: A Nascar Holiday

Nascar Holiday- Nascar Romance Novels


4.9 out of 5


Mike Morgan never believed in miracles. In this NASCAR romance novel, Morgan has entered his new phase of life. Where he must have to achieve 2 things at the same time. One thing was to win Melissa Hampton’s heart, and the other thing was that Ken Casper’s team had a great record in the past and he wanted to play alone.

He was not interested to share his team with anyone. Morgan was surprised to hear this. He believes he could control her life whatever he will say to her. Once Dany Cruise went to her clinic, and he was close to her to win her.

Read more about Nascar Holiday and the love triangle.

Nascar Romance Novel 8: Turn Two

Turn Two- Nascar Romance Novel


4.3 out of 5


In this Nascar romance novel destiny brought a divorced couple together for professional work. One year ago, they got divorced and at that time he was nothing but an average sports writer but now he was a great racing columnist.

Taylor Robison was a PR manager at Nascar Rookie driver Hank. They both were amazed to see each other and now they must have to work together ex-spouses might be capable to play cool professionally.

Read Turn Two to know their exciting story.

Nascar Romance Novel 9: Full Throttle

Full Throttle- Nascar Romance Novel


3.7 out of 5


Full throttle presents a full-scale legendary life turn story when in his teenage he was a full bright runner and showed incredible performance in NASCAR. But at some point, he started losing interest in his game, and his girlfriend can’t even fight with him over this thing.

She tried to figure out what could be the cause of his composed and calm interest in the game. Kane did some unexpected things he kissed Lexie and fulfilling desire for her. She has a bossy nature, and she was aware that Kane needs to focus on racing instead of other activities. How he reaches victory?

Read Full Throttle Nascar Romance Novel.

Nascar Romance Novel 10: Legends and Lie

Legends and Lies- Nascar Romance Novel


3.3 out of 5


It’s cold outside so this is the right time for you to read this Nascar romance novel. It will make you feel cold and warm inside. This novel’s story is based on 2 boys who were sharing a rivalry.

But another boy fell in love with Annie Jenner. She was his enemy’s friend. She was a good photographer, and she didn’t believe him how he could fall in love knowingly because she must have supported his brother.

Later, her twin brother came to know about their affair, and he started sabotaging Annie for her relationship with Jared. Jared knows that the feelings are uncontrollable, and he also wanted to trust Annie.

What she will do after this to know read Legends and Lies.

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