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Abe the wizard was reincarnated into another world, and he brought the Horadric Cube from Diablo II with him. He had never despised being a knight but one key personality he has always adored is being a wizard.

It was now summer, and the crops were plentiful. A boy around the age of twelve was swinging a sword the size of his body. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also wearing steel armor that was clearly too big for him. Because he was only about 150 centimeters tall, the armor looked more like a belt wrapped around him.

Despite his youth, this young man took his training seriously. His expression indicated that training was something sacred to him. He swung his sword with as much force as he could muster in his lungs. There were several reasons for this. One is to take in as much air as possible. Two, to extract all of the strength from his muscles.

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Part 1: Core story of Abe The Wizard

Abe the Wizard

Abel was severely injured after falling off his horse a year ago. After that, he became much more mature. It took some getting used to at first, but one year was more than enough time to adjust to this abrupt change in personality.

Both of these young men were the Knight of Bennett’s sons. Zach was the older one, a rank-four novice knight who had just returned from Fort Lee (a town). Abe the wizard was the younger one who had been busy with his training. Only two months had passed since he began his training as a novice knight.

As the oldest heir to the Knight of Bennett, he would inherit everything his father owned once he became a knight. He would be the sole owner of the Bennett Castle and the estate on which it was built. Unfortunately, Abel was not given such advantages. To make a living, he had to rely solely on himself.

Despite how unfair the rules may appear, Abel had a good relationship with Zach. Every time Zach went to town, he spent his meager earnings on gifts for Abel. He was a wonderful brother. He did everything in his power to make Abel happy.

Core story of Abe the wizard

Abe the wizard, on the other hand, was thoughtful enough not to request new training equipment from his father.

Although the family’s estate stretched for about 50 kilometers, there was little income aside from what they used to buy food. Worse, after paying their taxes and day-to-day expenses, they only had 500 gold coins left. It was barely enough to cover Bennett Castle’s upkeep. If you deducted the tuition for Zach’s knight training, this family had almost no savings at all.

Zach’s package for Abel was a long box. Zach wrapped the gift in brightly colored paper to show how much thought went into it. Back home, this “Abel” went by another name. On Earth, he went by the name Lee Ya Bo. He was a seasoned bodybuilding trainer who was always on the go.

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Part 2: Free chapter of Abe The Wizard

Chapter 2 of Abe The Wizard

Chapter 2 of Abe The Wizard

As he sat at the dinner table, the Knight of Bennett wore a plain white calico. He wore his usual solemn expression. Abel had never seen him show much emotion. Nora, Abel’s mother, was a lovely lady. When Abel was recovering from his injuries, she was the one who fed him. If anything, she was the reason Abel recognized himself as a member of this family.

Abe the wizard never got into the habit of saying his grace before a meal. He had been an atheist for the previous thirty years of his life. He had only recently come to pray to the Holy Light, to which almost everyone in this world would devote themselves.

When Abel requested that his father train him to be a knight, he was given a detailed explanation of the family’s circumstances. According to the Knight of Bennet, a second son should only train himself and not interfere with the progress of the eldest son.

Basically, Zach was the family’s priority. All resources should be given to him first, and Abel should have whatever is left over. Having said that, he would still be able to learn the ways of the Bennett family’s knights. Despite his unfortunate circumstances, Abel learned a great deal from his father.

Chapter 3 of Abe The Wizard

Chapter 3 of Abe The Wizard

The Bennet Castle revealed its grandiosity for the entire world to see in Chapter 3 of Abe the Wizard. The Bennet Castle was a much more extravagant piece of architecture when compared to other castles owned by knights of the same rank.

The Bennett family was demoted from one of the most prestigious Lords in the kingdom to a family of knights due to the incompetence of its successors over the last few generations. This was why the Bennetts were always embarrassed to talk about their past.

This was why he was so concerned about his children’s education. Zach, in particular. The Bennet bloodline would not be concerned if Zach could become a knight before the age of thirty. After that, it was up to Zach to make his own decisions about his future.

Abel, on the other hand, was not given such authority. The Knight of Bennett was concerned about the future of his younger son. Abel would not have his own castle. Abel would become a wandering knight as he grew older, and wandering knights were not recognized by the nobles in this country.

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