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A Thrilling Romance: My Baby’s Daddy

Fate always finds a way to bring together two people who are meant to be with each other. Although having been intoxicated, Elliot feels guilty for that night when he practically raped a young girl.

In My Baby’s Daddy novel, Elliot is smitten with a woman he doesn’t remember, yet he never stops looking for her, trying to make things right. His commitment is worthy of admiration.

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Part 1: Honest Book Review: My Baby’s Daddy

Like in most romance books, My Baby’s Daddy Anastasia is a vulnerable female lead character, cheated by her own family, disgraced and banished from the household. Unfortunately, she can’t even rely on her baby daddy’ help and that is because she has no idea who he is.

Elliot is on the hunt for his mystery woman, denying his grandmother’s request of him marrying the girl of her choice. But, just like in all mushy-mushy romance movies, fate brings the two of them together, forcing them to be in each other’s proximity.

They actually resent one another, thus their small interactions are quite savory. Elliot and Anastasia love to bicker and step on each other’ toes without hesitation. Secretly, they start developing deep feelings towards each other, but their secrets keep them apart for now.

The fact that Anastasia’s friend pretends to be the stranger Elliot slept with that night doesn’t help, as the man has a vow to keep, making Hailey his protégée.

I loved the fact that Anastasia developed a darker side of herself after spending five years away from her family, while raising her son all alone. She doesn’t easily fall for Hailey’ traps anymore, even fighting back and getting even with her.

I must say that My Baby’s Daddy is a worthy reading, as you’ll immerse yourself in a love story like no other. With so many obstacles ahead, will Elliot and Anastasia find their way back to each other?

No wonder that My Baby’s Daddy has gained so much popularity among readers as this love story is juicy, it’s bold and it’s like nothing you have ever read before.

Part 2: Storyline Of My Baby’s Daddy Novel

My Baby's Daddy Anastasia

The story begins abruptly with Anastasia receiving a call from her long-time best friend, Hayley, asking for help as some guys were trying to molest her. She was the girl’ most trusted friend, how could she deny her pleas? It seemed that the girl’s life was in her hands now.

Without considering her own safety, Anastasia rushed to save Hayley, only to have the surprise of her life. She was betrayed by Hayley, drugged and thrown into the arms of an intoxicated man, who took her to bed. What’s even more shocking is that Erica, the girl’s sister, had also partaken in this ordeal.

Erica made Anastasia seem like a whore in her father’s eyes, thus the man chose to disown and cast away his whorish daughter, as she brought shame on his family. Alone and pregnant, the girl went abroad and struggled to raise Jared, her son.

Five years later, she returns with her son and gets a job in Elliot’s company. The man’s grandmother is very fond of the girl, urging her grandson to marry her, especially since Anastasia’s mother saved his life when he was a little boy.

Elliot reluctantly offers to marry the woman and care for her son, but Anastasia denies his insincere proposal. She also declines a new house and money. She believes that her income is enough to support herself and her son.

Hailey clings to Elliot, pretending to have been hurt that night five years ago when the handsome man had raped her. She purposely stalks Anastasia and frames her, to make Elliot save her and scold her friend.

In My Baby’s Daddy, Elliot and Anastasia have a long way ahead to get acquainted with one another and discover the truth about the night that changed both their lives. Hailey may try to prevent the two of them from finding out the truth, but they will eventually realize that they share a son.

Once they do so, Hailey will have a hard time escaping Elliot’s wrath. He had put up with a great deal of stupidity for the sake of the promise he made years ago.

You ought to know that you can read My Baby’s Daddy online, there are over 2000 chapters available so far, each and every one of them entertaining. Elliot and Anastasia have a beautiful love story and, a little hint for you here, you also get to watch them grow old together, and follow their children’s storylines as well.

Part 3: Entertaining Chapter From My Baby’s Daddy

My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 15

Hailey followed Anastasia in the bathroom, determined to taunt her but the girl wasn’t willing to put up with the woman’s nonsense. She threatened to take Elliot as her husband as long as Hailey doesn’t back down and lets her be.

My Baby's Daddy Elliot

Hailey is taken aback by the realization that her former friend could get her boyfriend, so she faked an apology, mocked by Anastasia. She knew better than to trust this woman anymore.

The beautiful mother got out from the bathroom and went straight to John, who was waiting patiently, offering the woman something to eat. After dinner, Anastasia went to the balcony to get some fresh air, but was followed by Elliot, who demanded to know why she came to the fair.

Laughing, the girl couldn’t help but wonder whether she should report to her boss her every move. Speaking what was actually on his mind, Elliott asked what her relationship with Nigel Manson was. Anastasia couldn’t believe the man’s nerve to question her when he was at the fair with Lily. She stormed past him, only to be noticed by her former friend, who instantly believed that the girl was trying to seduce Elliot. Thus, a plan took form in her mind, so she took the glass of wine and approached Anastasia.

Part 4: Similar Novel To My Baby’s Daddy

My Baby's Daddy Hailey

If you found My Baby’s Daddy novel entertaining, you could also read Secret Baby by Tanya Gilford. It’s a beautiful story of a strong woman and mother who decides to give birth of her child after a one night stand.

Mia gets pregnant at the age of 19. Although she is young, she decides to keep her pregnancy. She gives birth to a daughter, but she never tells her child the truth about her father.

Things complicate when the man comes back into town and realizes he has a kid with Mia. He is engaged to be married with someone else, but the news of his daughter startles him, making him torn between his fiancée and the mother of his child. Is he willing to give up everything and be with his family?

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