Special Recommendation

  • A Truth About Hell

    Rosemary Newton

    A rainy night in the Silk Valley, fourteen men found themselves in a bus. Before they figured out what happened, they had to run away because of the landslide. Then, the strange sounds of drums led them to a dark building. Exhausted, they took a rest. Yet, strange things kept happening next morning…

  • Soul of Magic; Soul of Magic Book 1

    Ade-Alao Oluwaferanmi Ayodele

    In a time when wizards are hunted and killed, Kyra is gifted with a power she neither understands nor can control. What she doesn't know is that her power, and in turn, her destiny, is tied to the fate of the realm itself. But with so many conflicting thoughts and opinions, will she ever truly learn what it means to be the soul of magic? Book 1 in the 'Soul Of Magic' series.

  • I Am Chosen

    Micky Neilson

    In Pleasant Hills, Washington, everyday citizens are killing their fellow residents seemingly at random. Each murder begins with the killer saying the words "I am chosen." The grisly crimes have authorities scratching their heads, until detective Kacey Dean connects them to a popular local resident named Declan Crowe. When Kacey shoots and kills Crowe, she thinks the nightmare is over. However, the killings continue, and it is up to Kacey and her intolerant, obstinate partner Hollis to uncover the secrets and solve the case. Little do either of them know, the true horror has just begun.

  • The Sadist


    "Remember one fucking thing bunny" He said as he brought the leather belt down upon her back, causing her to scream out in pleasurable agony. "This isn't for you, it's for me."He exclaimed as he threw her onto the cold, cement ground and left the room. Pathetically enough, all she desired was for him to come back and take her again. This isn't a love story, it's just a fucking tragedy.