Special Recommendation

  • Dangerous Love

    Stupid Potato

    * UPDATED DAILY!!* Maria's peaceful life is shattered by Zack’s misfortune strikes. She’s trapped in a dangerous relation with Zack, a heinous drug dealer and gangster, that she’s unable to extricate herself from. She makes her escapes again and again, but is dragged back every time…

  • My Brother's Best Friend

    Desiree Smith

    "I really like you." he murmured, the moonlight illuminating his face, his dark eyes trained on mine, making my heartbeat skip faster.  "But- your Chris' best friend." "What he doesn't know won't kill him." He came in closer, our noses brushing against each others. I wanted to kiss him so bad. He seemed to read my mind, because he pressed our lips together, making my temperature flare up and the blood rush to my lips. Butterflies pounded away in my stomach and it was then that I realized it. I had to have him.

  • Billionaire's Possessive Love


    //Daily Updates// When a love story starts, does it ever end? Anna Right, a simple town girl with a chaotic past and a small heart. Becoming a caretaker of a 29 year old Billionaire, with the same troubled past and personality problems, along with anger management issues, Anna has to face the reality which is harshly ever kind to her. Their pasts collide, interests are born and a love affair between the two begins, only to be torn apart by the cruelness that doomed them with their parents. For Elijah, who had always gotten his way, would it be easy when the love of his life is taken away from him and he must reach the goal before the criminal does? Follow their story of lies, betrayal and undying love that still blooms when blood is spilled and the never-ending darkness looms over their future.

  • Kiss Me Kill Me

    Van Der Waag

    *EDITed*Amanda is a mysterious biologist. Five FBI agents have already died protecting her. In order to find her missing brother, she went to ask Dickson for help, who is a talented logician, detective and FBI/CIA advisor and stationed in an old castle. Guided by a note left by her brother they track down a dark secret. Right then, Grace’s roommate was slaughtered - being slit at her throat. Amanda begins sensing an evil power haunts her…