Special Recommendation

  • A Truth About Hell

    Rosemary Newton

    A rainy night in the Silk Valley, fourteen men found themselves in a bus. Before they figured out what happened, they had to run away because of the landslide. Then, the strange sounds of drums led them to a dark building. Exhausted, they took a rest. Yet, strange things kept happening next morning…

  • In My Blood

    Sylvia Adely

    Norah Stewart can do anything she can for her father Jonathan Stewart to get a five star hotel and two cruise ships in Bora Bora island. Things get too creepy when he finds out that his father real father is a demon and her mother has been pretending all along. The parents don't want the best for her.

  • My Darling Husband, The Alien


    The universal war is over. Earth has been spared but is changing. Now more than humans live there. And unmarried women and men..well as tribute to the Turan species, anyone with little or no family can become the wife/husband of an alien. And orphans.. also up for adoption by alien families. Now some humans are missing, some turning up dead and no one seems to care. Is this agreement worth it?

  • The Sadist


    "Remember one fucking thing bunny" He said as he brought the leather belt down upon her back, causing her to scream out in pleasurable agony. "This isn't for you, it's for me."He exclaimed as he threw her onto the cold, cement ground and left the room. Pathetically enough, all she desired was for him to come back and take her again. This isn't a love story, it's just a fucking tragedy.