Special Recommendation

  • Rules of Engagement


    *Updates Daily* Gloriana Reynolds has unintentionally ruined the engagement of Arden Fox, a man with status and more money than most. The attraction between these two burns almost as hot as their desire to torment one another for their supposed sins Rules of Engagement is a humorous and romantic tale loosely based off of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice, with all the accommodation of a society driven by Social Media and a lot more heat.

  • Bad Sex: His uncle's mistress

    Alle Adames

    *2 chapters per week* Alessa is sent by her fiancé to his Uncle Brian’s bed. Shocked and disgusted, she tries to escape but he doesn’t give up so easily… At the same time, Kevin, Alessa’s childhood sweetheart arrives out to save her from the abyss but soon the three of them are pulled into a whirlpool of power, money, love and desire.

  • Billionaire's Possessive Love


    //Updates Are Twice A Week// When a love story starts, does it ever end? Anna Right, a simple town girl with a chaotic past and a small heart. Becoming a caretaker of a 29 year old Billionaire, with the same troubled past and personality problems, along with anger management issues, Anna has to face the reality which is harshly ever kind to her. Their pasts collide, interests are born and a love affair between the two begins, only to be torn apart by the cruelness that doomed them with their parents. For Elijah, who had always gotten his way, would it be easy when the love of his life is taken away from him and he must reach the goal before the criminal does? Follow their story of lies, betrayal and undying love that still blooms when blood is spilled and the never-ending darkness looms over their future.

  • Love Me Two Times

    Sam Singe

    Struggling for inspiration, Ethan, a scriptwriter, switched his body with Jeremy, a gay escort, through a mystical agency. Soon after, he meets Alex, a tall, rich and handsome CEO. The pair suddenly finds themselves falling in love, Ethan within Jeremy's body. However, when Ethan wants to go back to his own body an accident stops him...