Special Recommendation

  • Royalty (Book 1)

    Tyra-mae Harper

    Lies. Murder. Secrets. What is the price you are not willing to pay? Princess Nova de Mille has always been sure of her place in the world. But when you are royal things never stay the same. Thrust into a world of betrayal and lies by the people she loved most, she must survive in a new and terrifying game.

  • Whistling Witches

    Maria Montgomery

    The kettle is on and the magic is brewing. Welcome to Westgate cottage where the Westwind family is living. The one thing the Westwinds all have in common? They have different “affinities” — things they are so good at it’s almost like witchcraft. Or maybe it is witchcraft? Louise has just turned seventeen, a most magical year for witches as they are supposed to discover their affinity, but apart from being great at reading minds, she has no clue what she’s good at. She’s definitively not good at reading Jason’s mind. Jason is her classmate and the popular Samantha’s main love interest. He’s the only person Louise can’t read. It’s really annoying as his dark curls are quite mesmerizing to look at. Just as Louise thinks she’ll never figure out neither her affinity, nor what Jason is thinking, the Eastwind family moves into town…and with them a whole bunch of ghosts. The kind that Louise never imagined existed. From raunchy Josephine who loves playing the grand old piano and talking of her days as a star to sad Sally who can’t stop crying over a lost lover, Louise has her hands full…of ghosts! As if that wasn’t enough, she gets cast as Juliet in a school play AND she realizes there’s a demon out to destroy the entire town. Oh and Jason? There’s more to Jason than what meets the eye... New chapter every Monday at 11am EST.

  • The Lifetimes I Remembered

    Danielle Kaye Catalonia

    Two people get into separate car accidents and wake up three days later with memories of events that both of them haven’t experienced in their lives. Almost two months later, their paths cross and their memories are telling them that they used to be lovers even when this is the first time that they had met. Will they give in to their memories and fall in love? Will they figure out why they had such memories in the first place?

  • Heart of The Trident

    Melissa Javellana

    For billions of years, the undersea kingdom of the Xyraeans has been at peace under the rule of wise Queens and powerful mermaids who use their songs and magic to establish harmony throughout the ocean. Now, however, a King has taken the throne and plunged the realm into chaos, chaos that can either be made worse or resolved by only one thing - the Trident. Nia is a Xyraean who has been cast out from the sea for some reason unknown to her. Now, she must live among humans as one, never anticipating she'd fall in love with one of them - a mysterious doctor named Cade Lennox. But even as her heart beats for a man, she cannot turn away from her duty to her people or her destiny. With Cade's help, she must unravel the secrets of the Trident and unleash its power to end the war before all is lost.