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[Wine Violence] A Review Of When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20

Shock and disgust are two things that happen to Elliot Foster in When His Eyes Opened, and he sees an unfamiliar woman named Avery Tate. When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 tells more stories about his physical abuses to the woman who should be his wife.

Strangling his wife is one of the things that Elliot does in When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20. Plus, he does these things under the disguise of Mr. Z.

You can read Rejecting, Your Broken Promises on Dreame as an alternate novel.

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Part 1: What’s Happening In When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 Novel

Simple Silence as the author of this novel shows us through When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 novel that Mr. Z, a mysterious person who does physical violence to Avery, is the same person as Elliot. So, it’s clear that Elliot continues to harm Avery.

In the first few paragraphs, Elliot gaslights Avery by giving her some thousand dollars to invest in Tate Industries, an industry where Avery works. At the same time, he also strangles Avery through his identity as Mr. Z. Such things have successfully confused Avery’s mind. So, we can refer to such acts as gaslighting.

The large and lavishly decorated private room is the setting where Elliot and Avery are present in When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 novel. If you read the previous chapter, you’ll know that Avery is here because Elliot forces her to dress like a prostitute. That way, he would have reasons to blame her for getting drunk and sleeping with some random men.

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 Novel Download

Both Avery and Elliot lie in When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20. However, both MCs lie differently. Avery lies about a friend named Shaun coming to pick her up because she wants to protect herself from Elliot’s physical abuse.

Meanwhile, Elliot lies to Avery about his business meetings in an old mansion because he intends to hurt his wife (or his “toy”, as Avery has rightly thought about).

I can see Elliot’s pleasure in torturing Avery from the beginning until the ending parts of this chapter. Not only does he verbally force Avery to do as he wants her to do, and ignore her boundaries, but he also chokes her, strangles her, fills her mind with fear, and harasses her for not wanting to drink from his cup of glass.

Avery is a strong woman, and we can see her inner strength in the middle of When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 until the end of the chapter. Furthermore, Avery doesn’t only say firmly that she has her private space and social circle apart from Elliot. She fights back, even though the wheelchair-bound Elliot is much stronger than her.

Part 2: A Specific Analysis Of When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 PDF

I don’t deny the fact that When His Eyes Opened is a novel with plenty of physical violence scenes. In other words, I agree with a reader who said that When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 is like a series of suspenseful scenes.

Elliot is a physically abusive man despite his cold and distant characteristics. Elliot’s physical abuses are getting so much worse in this chapter, especially when I compare it to his other acts in this novel’s ten earlier chapters. By the way, Chapter 20 also shows that a bottle of wine is Elliot’s favorite way of torturing Avery.

The book’s chapters before When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 show that Elliot is from the richest family in Avonsville. Since Elliot is much wealthier than any other character in When His Eyes Opened novel, no wonder that wine has been his main friend in “helping” him do whatever he wants, including but not limited to forcing the physically hurt Avery to drink wine and cough heavily from the bitter taste of the wine.

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 also has vivid pictures about how Elliot tortures Avery, starting from his acts in strangling her and refusing to acknowledge her social life. The opening of Elliot “becoming” a mysterious figure named Mr. Z surprises me. Yet, the author doesn’t describe Mr. Z any further in some later parts of When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20.

To me, such things are disappointing scenes, because some readers might wonder how can Elliot’s disguise as Mr. Z correlate to his plans to hurt Avery. Furthermore, I feel that Avery could do better than sticking to Elliot, a man who has abused her.

Part 3: The Roles That When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 Play In The Story

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 PDF Download

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 novel is only one of the chapters that depict Elliot’s horrible treatment and physical abuse toward Avery. When I seek the correlations with the whole storylines (in other words, the roles that When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20 novel plays in the story), I get the impression that this chapter shows that Elliot doesn’t love Avery.

The arranged marriage should be the central storyline theme of When His Eyes Opened novel. We no longer see Rosalie Foster, Avery’s mean-spirited mother-in-law who arranges the marriage, in When His Eyes Opened Chapter 20. However, her son’s preference for the Foster family instead of his newly-wed wife is getting more evident in this chapter.

Avery also acknowledges the toxicity of her relationship with Elliot. However, it’s challenging for her to run away from the arranged marriage scene. After all, this chapter briefly mentions Tate Industries, Avery’s original business in Avonsville, which signifies Avery’s willingness to bear the responsibility of her family’s declining business performance.

Speaking about getting physical and attempting to kill the unloved significant others, Dreame also has Rejecting, Your Broken Promises.

Part 4: Alternative Novel To When His Eyes Opened

Alternative to When His Eyes Opened

Elliot’s attempts to kill Avery in the whole When His Eyes Opened novel, including in Chapter 20, might be disturbing to some readers. I even feel sympathy towards Avery, who becomes the scapegoat in this book chapter.

Being the scapegoat has strong ties to getting rejected-Dreame has plenty of novels that focus on these two central themes. So, when you search for an alternate novel to When His Eyes Opened, seek no further than Dreame’s Rejecting, Your Broken Promises!

Rejecting, Your Broken Promises is all about Katrina Andrews, a she-wolf who gets terrible treatment that she appears lower than Omega she-wolves. It’s all because the pack members have framed her as the pack’s Luna’s killer. Alpha James, her mate, is also like Avery’s Elliot in his attempts to kill Katrina.

I see Katrina in Dreame’s Rejecting, Your Broken Promises novel, as having a similar personality to Avery in this novel. The only difference is that she is slightly luckier than Avery with her protective second-chance mate.

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