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Werewolf Romance Novel Review: The Cursed Alpha’s Mate

The Cursed Alphas Mate is a werewolf romance novel, in which the romantic dynamics in the chapters are all about the Alpha Prince mating an Omega she-wolf. An Alpha male werewolf with an Omega she-wolf may look like an ordinary couple in werewolf-themed novels however, The Cursed Alphas Mate makes more twists in the stories.

Here, in The Cursed Alphas Mate, Prince Valens, the Alpha Prince, has wandered on the Earth for hundreds of years to seek his Luna. As a result of his desperation, Prince Valens becomes cold, distant, ruthless, and unforgiving. He has seemed to lose his appetite for things that the world has to offer.

Prince Valens’ lust for blood tames when he meets his mate and curse-breaker: The Omega Aysal. Aysal also possesses a traitor’s blood, because her parents died in their attempts in overthrowing the Alpha in her pack. Aysal has also been abused, damaged, and rejected. Her encounters with Valens will change everything.

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Part 1: Meet The Characters Of The Cursed Alphas Mate


The Cursed Alphas Mate Valens

Valens is the Alpha Prince and also the male MC of The Cursed Alphas Mate. Everybody around Valens refers to him as the cursed prince, yet, they don’t get the traumas that Valens has to endure after wandering on the Earth for hundreds of years.

His seemingly fruitless attempts to find his Luna end the moment he meets his curse-breaker, Aysal, the Omega she-wolf. That moment in The Cursed Alphas Mate is also the moment when Valens becomes the savior to Aysal and vice versa.


The Cursed Alphas Mate Aysal

Aysal, the female MC of The Cursed Alphas Mate, is an Omega she-wolf who carries the burden of her traitor parents, who died after their attempts of overthrowing the Alpha. Aysal has an ex-boyfriend before she meets Valens, and her ex-boyfriend seems to stop at nothing to get her back despite his jerk behaviors.

Like Valens, Aysal also faces traumatic experiences from being abused and not being wanted. I believe she and Valens would make a powerful couple in The Cursed Alphas Mate novel.

Part 2: Story Of The Cursed Alphas Mate

The Cursed Alphas Mate Novel

The stories of The Cursed Alphas Mate novel are all about an Alpha male werewolf and his Omega she-wolf mate who experiences lots of dualities in their lives.

Prince Valens, the Alpha male werewolf, is an Alpha prince whose immortality and his desire to find a Luna results in him obtaining the curse. Meanwhile, Aysal, the Omega she-wolf, is slowly counting her times to death as she carries the burden of her parents.

Prince Valens has experienced distaste for everything that the world has to offer. Not only that he becomes cold, distant, and ruthless, but he also becomes a power-hungry and blood-lusty Alpha. At the same time, Aysal suffers from a bad reputation due to her traitor parents who got killed after their unsuccessful attempts to overthrow the Alpha.

Aysals burden doesn’t stop there her ex-boyfriend is also someone narcissistic and abusive. She also frequently gets bullied, and furthermore, she can’t shift. However, these things change when she meets Prince Valens in The Cursed Alphas Mate.

At the same time, in The Cursed Alphas Mate, Prince Valens begins to see how colorful life is the moment he sees his curse-breaker, no one else but Aysal.

At the same time, Aysals ex-boyfriend is constantly bugging her by demanding she is back to him. I don’t think he will succeed in doing so, though!

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Part 3: Meet The Author Of The Cursed Alphas Mate

The Cursed Alphas Mate by MoonFlood

MoonFlood is the nickname of the author of The Cursed Alphas Mate novel. For me, the Moon part may be the part that refers to the werewolf settings in the novel. As for Flood, it may resonate well with the romantic relationship dynamics in The Cursed Alphas Mate novel.

After all, this novel is all about two werewolves who face traumatic experiences and undergo self-development journeys together. Both Prince Valens and Aysal understand each other, and the traumatic and toxic experiences that both party encounters throughout the chapters in The Cursed Alphas Mate are also relatable in real-life settings.

I may not know MoonFlood’s presence on social media websites. However, I have an impression that this author knows a lot about the traumatic effects of constant exposure to abuse.

I’ve seen so many werewolf romance novels before, particularly romantic stories between a male Alpha with an Omega she-wolf. However, the traumatic and abusive parts of The Cursed Alphas Mate are the things that pique my interest.

Part 4: Alternative To The Cursed Alphas Mate

Similar to The Cursed Alphas Mate

There are so many werewolf romance stories on the Dreame platform, and the ones that involve a cursed mate are no exception. One of the alternatives in Dreame that I can recommend is The Alphas Cursed Mate. See? Even though the title has similar rhymes I believe this Dreame novel makes a great alternative to The Cursed Alphas Mate!

Unlike The Cursed Alphas Mate, Dreames The Alphas Cursed Mate makes the inanimate objects the cursed focus. When you read The Alphas Cursed Mate on the Dreame platform, you will find the female MC mated with the son of her parent’s murderer, a partial shift that is extremely hurtful to her, and other dangerous and forbidden elements.

Summary of The Alphas Cursed Mate:

The Alphas Cursed Mate tells us a story about Kelly Mason, a she-wolf who has lost both of her parents. Kelly possesses a moon-locked condition, which means, her shifting processes will become hurtful to her, no matter how powerful she is as a she-wolf, and even the shifting is only partial.

Another curse that Kelly should face in Dreames The Alpha Cursed Mate is that her mate, Tate Robinson, is the Alpha son of her parent’s murderer. She figures out about this thing when she is on her journey to discover the moon-lock curse within her and her attempts to live a normal life as a she-wolf. At the same time, Tate is protective and kind-hearted to Kelly.

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