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Finding Love After Rejection: Their Warrior Luna Novel Read Online

Their Warrior Luna is a kick-ass heroine fantasy fiction that talks about Harley Ashwood, a unique wolf, and brilliant student ahead of her peers. But her life crumbles when she gets rejected by her mates and is asked to leave her pack.

Harley Ashwood loses her wolf after her rejection but decides to fight back. Ten years later she has turned herself into a great female warrior who is wanted by the mates who rejected her in the past.

Their Warrior Luna is a romantic fiction that is set against the second chance romance for Harley Ashwood and her mates.

Rejected Love Their Warrior Luna To Read

Part 1: Their Warrior Luna Novel Storyline

Their Warrior Luna Rejected By Her Mates

Their Warrior Luna begins with Harley Ashwood who had landed in one of the most prestigious high schools where her brother and other ranking members attended.

Harley had been homeschooled throughout her life but that changed when Alpha Grimm requested a test and Harley passed it with high colors which had her parents make her skip her freshman and junior year completely.

Harley felt that the alpha wanted to make her life miserable and her parents let it be because her father was a beta. She could feel her wolf raging for control and dominance. Not only she was brilliant, but she had an odd wolf too.

Most werewolves transitioned at the age of eighteen but Harley had found her wolf six years early. But her family kept it a secret as the alpha Grimm’s twin sons who were the successors of the alpha throne wouldn’t find their wolves till they turned eighteen.

It was not that Harley hated the twins, but it was the way her wolf acted in frenzy around them that made her want to stay away from Atlas and Axel, the alpha twins. Harley felt a hint of rage and jealousy at the thought of Axel or Atlas being with someone else.

Harley’s feelings are justified when Axel and Atlas find out she’s their mate. But the twins decide to reject Harley.

Hearing her mates reject her, Harley felt the pain of mate bond, and with a gasp, she had lost her wolf. Frantically Harley ran into the forest to shift, to find her wolf but she was gone. The pain of rejection brought Harley to her feet.

Their Warrior Luna Returns To Pack

Like rejection wasn’t too painful Harley was dictated by her mates to leave the pack and go to the Evergreen territory stating this is for her own good. As Harley left her home, pack, and family behind she decided that she was going to fight hard the next time.

Ten years later Harley had turned herself into a Fierce warrior training under Gamma Andrew at the Evergreen pack. But she still dreamt of her rejection which stung badly with each day passing by.

As Harley tries to move on with her life she is wanted back at the Clearwater pack as her parents are killed in a rogue attack.

Back at the Clearwater pack she meets Axel and Atlas, her mates who rejected her and had been tormenting her in her dreams. But Harley isn’t the same young girl who they once knew. She had turned herself into a warrior with confidence like never before.

Harley’s help is needed to save the Clearwater pack from the attacks of the rogues and vampires. But can Harley let go of the past and accept the rejection from Axel and Atlas?

But will Axel and Atlas take back their Rejection as their mate bond pull is stronger than they imagined?

Harley Ashwood’s journey in Their Warrior Luna is remarkable as she transforms herself with the hope of finding herself after facing the ultimate rejection from her mate. To know more about Harley’s journey, you need to check out Their Warrior Luna.

Rejected Love Their Warrior Luna To Read

Part 2: Interesting Characters Of Their Warrior Luna

Their Warrior Luna Harley Ashwood

Their Warrior Luna heroine Harley Grace Ashwood. At the start of the novel, she’s a young girl who is advancing in school. She’s feisty and considers herself a nobody.

Harley’s crush on her future alphas Atlas and Axel makes the readers question her real identity. From transitioning six years before turning eighteen Harley’s character holds a mystery.

As Their Warrior Luna progresses we see Harley’s character transformed into an adult who has turned herself from an ordinary young girl to a warrior who can challenge the strongest wolves.

Harley’s growth signifies the story’s development as we follow her journey from rejection to her happy ending.

Their Warrior Luna Atlas And Axel

Their Warrior Luna Heroes Atlas and Axel Grimm. They are the future alpha kings of the Clearwater pack and are swooned over by all the girls at the high school. Their character is shown as rather playful and mischievous as the story introduces them as high schoolers.

They make a brave decision to reject their mate considering it’s the best decision for them. But it’s also the hardest choice they have made. Their feelings are conflicted when the mate they rejected returns as a female warrior with a confidence never seen before.

Their Warrior Luna as the title suggests is all about the characters’ growth and their journey through matebond rejection, rebound as they fight the rogues and vampires. The chemistry between the three is exciting to read.

Lisa Thomas makes her characters relatable and plots her storyline along them in such a way that we follow the characters’ transition into different phases of life.

Part 3: Their Warrior Luna Novel Theme And Setting

Their Warrior Luna Novel Setting

Their Warrior Luna is a fantasy novel written by Lisa Thomas. The novel is set in a world of fantasy and supernatural elements like werewolves, vampires, and shifters.

Their Warrior Luna is a second-chance romance that follows Harley Ashwood who gets rejected by her mates Axel and Atlas. Her rejection comes with a painful surprise as she loses her wolf.

Harley’s character holds a mystery to the strength of her wolf and is set around her journey to becoming the greatest warrior. The story is tagged with Love in difficult times, Polygamy, a kick-ass heroine, and Rejection which makes it interesting.

Author Lisa Thomas narrates her story Their Warrior Luna through first person point of view by giving readers an insight into the characters’ growth emotionally.

Second-chance romance is one of the best-selling novel tropes. But to see Harley finding love after painful rejection made the story more curious to readers.

Their Warrior Luna also presents a romantic outlook on polygamy relationships. Readers enjoy this love triangle with multiple mates that create sexual tension, drama, and newfound jealousy that comes along with sharing a mate.

Part 4: Their Warrior Luna Novel Review And Conclusion

Their Warrior Luna Overview

Their Warrior Luna is one of the best-selling werewolf romances that’s been trending on the Dreame app for weeks. Lisa Thomas is known for her fantasy novels such as Their Warrior Luna, and Their Lost Queen is one of the best-selling authors on the platform.

Lisa’s works follow unique novel themes like a kick-ass heroine, a second chance at love, revenge, and redemption.

Their Warrior Lun revolves around Axel and Atlas Grimm who are the future Alpha heir to the Clearwater pack. When they find out they are mated to Harley Ashwood they reject her considering she’s too young.

To make her life easier after rejection the future alpha king asks Harley to move to the evergreen pack. But ten years later they are shocked to see Harley’s transformation who has gotten stronger and confident.

Sparks fly as the trio can’t deny the growing attraction between them. But now the main question is will they be able to revoke the rejection?

Lisa Thomas does a great job with Their Warrior Luna with her unique portrayal of werewolf characters and with a strong female lead. The story is brilliantly structured and we see the characters transition from young adults to adults.

Overall, Their Warrior Luna is one of the interesting novels that’s filled with drama, suspense, and a unique love story.

Rejected Love Their Warrior Luna To Read

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