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Supernatural Romance Novels: The Lycan’s Rejected Mate Read Online Free

The Lycan’s Rejected Mate is all about Anaiah Rose’s journey from accidentally killing the alpha’s brother to finding out she’s mated to the alpha.

When Alpha Amos rejects Anaiah, she is thrown into the dungeon but ends up getting rescued by the visiting lycan who is Anaiah’s second chance at mate.

A love triangle like no other. Two hottest heroes and one strong heroine to fight for her fate. The Lycan’s Rejected Mate read online free chapters on the Dreame app.

The Lycan's Rejected Mate Read Online Free On Dreame

Part 1: The Lycan’s Rejected Mate Novel To Read Online Free

The Lycan's Rejected Mate Read Online Free Story Overview

The Lycan’s Rejected Mate is an interesting tale of werewolf romance that begins with Anaiah Ross who is considered the most hated wolf and is often picked by the pack members to bully her and do chores day to night.

The reason behind the hatred is that she accidentally killed the alpha’s brother Thomas Rivers who tried to harass her and take advantage of her. This all happened when she first shifted. Anaiah is unlike other wolves as she doesn’t shift often.

Being framed as a killer she gets bullied by her pack and made to starve. Anaiah isn’t sorry about the accident as Thomas was not a good man but no one believed her side of the story.

Thomas’s wife Leah lied despite knowing the truth. Anaiah’s parents disowned her after the murder as they lost their Gamma position. The family was now demoted to omega rank, the lowest-ranked werewolves who were treated as slaves.

If not for her parents Anaiah would have been banned by the Dawnrise pack. But her parents convinced the alpha saying she lost control on her first shift and killed Thomas.

The Lycan's Rejected Mate Read Online Free Anaiah Is Mated To Amos

Anaiah’s life was no better as she was subjected to constant bullying by Leah and Eunice who happens to be the alpha’s girlfriend. But this didn’t help as Anaiah crushed on the alpha.

Amos was the alpha of the Dawnrise pack. He despised Anaiah like others and beat her for small things and treated her no different than others. But Anaiah’s only hope was to find her mate.

Anaiah believed that a mate is a soulmate who would complete her life and would love her unconditionally. Her wolf Chalo beamed with the same confidence to give Anaiah strength to cope with her misery.

When Anaiah turns eighteen she realizes Amos is her mate. Eunice tries to pick on Anaiah out of jealousy and Anaiah defends herself. Seeing the fight Amos decides to throw Anaiah into the dungeons as he rejects her.

Anaiah accepts Amos’s rejection knowing it will not hurt her but Amos can feel the unbearable pain of breaking the mate bond. Her hopes of finding a loving mate remain a dream as she’s faced with torture and abuse.

The Lycan’s Rejected Mate continues with the Dawnrise pack which isn’t the strongest or wealthiest pack but has survived with the alliances with the other packs.

Leondre the lycan King is visiting the Dawnrise pack to create an ally. But when he senses his wolf kick in he realizes his mate is nearby and looks for her. But she happens to be locked up in a dungeon.

The Lycan's Rejected Mate Read Online Free Characters

Leondre immediately rescues Anaiah and vows to kill the people who hurt her. Anaiah’s hopes of finding a loving mate come true but Amos refuses to accept Anaiah’s rejection and wants her back.

Amos isn’t ready to let Anaiah go even though he hates her. On the other hand, Leondre is ready to fight for his mate.

The two powerful heroes come together in the clash of alphas and the winner gets Anaiah. But who does Anaiah want?

To know more about Anaiah’s journey you can check The Lycan’s Rejected Mate and read online free chapters where you can kick-start the novel without shelling out a penny.

The first seven chapters are completely free and you can unlock the remaining chapters by earning bonuses and a few coins, so check it out.

The Lycan's Rejected Mate Read Online Free On Dreame

Part 2: Hot Characters From The Lycan’s Rejected Mate To Read Online For Free

The Lycan's Rejected Mate Read Online Free Story Heroine Anaiah

The Lycan’s Rejected Mate is a novel to read online for free. Let’s check out the hottest characters to know more.

Anaiah Rose, she’s a unique werewolf who is confident and strong-headed. She first shifted when she was only thirteen and on her first shift she killed the predator who was abusing her.

Her life just gets complicated as the man she killed was none other than the alpha’s brother. Despite all the hatred and abuse Anaiah’s character remains brave with a spirit to fight back.

Even when she gets rejected by her mate she accepts the rejection bravely. Her character truly sparks curiosity among the readers to know more about her wolf Chalo who is powerful, unlike other Omega wolves.

The Lycan’s Rejected Mate is all about Anaiah’s journey of finding her way out of her hated pack and finding her true love.

The Lycan's Rejected Mate Read Online Free Story Hero Amos

Alpha Amos, is the devoted alpha of the Dawnrise pack and is all set to marry his girlfriend Eunice, and make her his Luna. But the only problem, Amos is mated to Anaiah who is hated by the pack for killing his brother.

Amos is arrogant and pretends to hate Anaiah even though his wolf longs for her. His feelings get complicated when Anaiah accepts his rejection and finds a new mate.

The Lycan King Leondre. He’s a powerful wolf and is known for his strength. He finds his mate when he’s visiting the Dawnrise pack.

He is happy and angered to meet his mate Anaiah who is abused and mistreated. He vows to protect her with a possessive attitude. We all are rooting for Leondre who is hot, loving, and the sexiest werewolf.

Part 3: Awesome Story Setting Of The Lycan’s Rejected Mate Novel

The Lycan's Rejected Mate Read Online Free Story Setting

Werewolf romances are the new trend of fantasy that readers can’t get enough of. The sexy alphas, kick-ass heroines, and lycan kings are the popular characterization we get to see in these fantasy picks.

The Lycan’s Rejected Mate is a similar supernatural-themed romance that talks about mistreated and hated omega Anaiah who gets rejected by the alpha Amos only to find her second mate, the Lycan King himself.

The story only gets better when Amos challenges the Lycan King. The reason why The Lycan’s Rejected Mate is so popular and most enjoyable is that Anaiah’s character is strong, unlike other fiction.

The love triangle just adds to the drama as Anaiah has to make a decision that will alter the course of her life. The readers are left curious as they get to see more of Amos and the lycan King Leondre.

The Lycan’s Rejected Mate is a romantic drama with a happy ending to swoon for.

Part 4: The Lycan’s Rejected Mate Review Read

The Lycan's Rejected Mate Read Online Free Story Review Thoughts

Imagine getting rejected by your fated mate, an alpha only to find your second chance at mate, the mighty lycan.

The Lycan’s Rejected Mate left me curious from the start as we meet the most hated omega of the Dawnrise pack Anaiah who gets rejected by her mate, Amos who happens to be the alpha.

Chalo, Anaiah’s wolf is not ordinary and that makes us question her identity as the story progresses we see Anaiah meeting her second mate Leondre, the visiting lycan King.

The Lycan’s Rejected Mate gets better when Amos is not ready to let Anaiah go. But Leondre isn’t going to give up on his newly found mate. And this means, a face-off between the alpha and the Lycan King.

I’m a sucker for love triangle-themed romance novels. There is something about being wanted by the powerful men that leaves us, readers curious till the very end.

The Lycan’s Rejected Mate didn’t disappoint me and was a great read that I would recommend to my fellow werewolf readers who enjoy a good romance like I do.

And the good news? The Lycan’s Rejected Mate can be read online for free.

The Lycan's Rejected Mate Read Online Free On Dreame

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