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The Luna Choosing Game Read Online

Piper gave up her dream and served as a waitress to raise her sister’s abandoned baby. She bumped into her prince EX, Nicholas, in the crazy Luna choosing game. She didn’t realize why Nicholas could hide her little girl or he had a child with someone else, right after they broke up. She was a young woman who had been picked to play a game in which she had to locate her mate among twelve alphas. She was hesitant and terrified, but she had no choice but to participate in the game.

She quickly learned that the game was not as simple and innocuous as it appeared and that it had hidden perils and secrets. She also found she had affection for more than one alpha, forcing her to make a difficult choice. She had many hardships and adventures along the way, but she also found love and companionship.

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Part 1: Main Story of the Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game seduction

Working 14 straight hours at a restaurant was hard enough, but to do so while her daughter was sick, threatened to pull her heart out. On top of worrying about the overflowing orders, and her daughter’s fever, she had to avoid the wandering hands of her boss. In the Luna choosing game, His eyes were on the food, but his hand squeezed her bottom.

The economy in the Werewolf Kingdom was bad for everyone. So many people were out on the streets, unable to support themselves. Without this job, she’d likely be out there among them. As a single mom.

Her Boss turned into her. He slid his free hand around her waist and pulled her against him in a mockery of a hug. He used the closeness to openly stare down the front of her shirt. He didn’t expect her to resist because everyone knows you don’t have a man at home.

The royal family announced that they were selecting potential brides for three princes. With updates regularly released over the news broadcasts, people flooded in to watch the televisions hanging in their restaurants. As far as she could tell, everyone was invested in the Luna Choosing Game except me.

The Luna Choosing Game sick daughter

Her boss thought she was daydreaming if she thought she had got a shot, being wolf-less. The twitch of interest in his pants nearly made me throw up. He reached around her, hands gripping the shelves to her right and left, and boxed her in. He was going to give her three days to decide. It was either she came to her at night or she was fired. She said so knowing her daughter’s medical bills are due for next week. How tragic it would be if she couldn’t afford them.

All of the blood drained from my face. My daughter, Elva, had recently contracted werewolf pneumonia. She needed money for her treatments and her medicines. She still hadn’t recovered. This was her sister’s fault. She never should have sacrificed yourself for that drug addict and her abandoned baby.

She doesn’t need to be reminded that Elva isn’t my biological daughter. In my heart, she is. And I’m not sacrificing anything for her; she deserves everything. This was a familiar argument between Anna and her. She knew she meant well, so she never got angry. She only felt more tired worn down to her bones,

In the living room, Anna had turned on the evening news. The scrawl at the bottom of the screen read, The Luna choosing game, Selection: Latest Developments! Any woman could be considered, from princess to peasant, but only three would marry the princes. From those three, only one would become Queen.

Part 2: Main Characters of the Luna Choosing Game


The Luna Choosing Game working lady

She is a gorgeous and intelligent woman who works as a secretary for a global corporation. She’s a werewolf, but she’s a rare one. She possesses a unique skill that allows her to interact with any alpha while also making her a target for numerous foes. She is picked to play a game in which she must locate her mate among twelve alphas. She is hesitant and terrified, but she has no choice but to participate in the game.

Alpha Aiden

The Luna Choosing Game harsh guy

He is harsh and cold, yet he is also loyal and honorable. He has a horrible and gloomy past and does not believe in love. He joins the game to locate a suitable mate for his pack, but his feelings for Luna surprise him.

Alpha Blake

The Luna Choosing Game cute man

He is both charming and playful, as well as clever and ambitious. He has a bright and cheery demeanor and enjoys himself. He joins the game in search of a mate who can match his energy and sense of humor, and he is captivated by Luna’s wit and bravery.

Part 3: Free Chapters of the Luna Choosing Game

Chapter 2 of the Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game her lover

Her gaze was fixed on the television screen in chapter 2 of the Luna choosing game as she tried to soak in every possible detail of my ex-boyfriend. In the three years since she’d seen him last, Nicholas had matured, filling out his previously lanky teenage figure.

He had been handsome when they had dated. But looking at him now, at the man he became. And a prince. She had known he was nobility, but she had no idea he was that high in the royal succession.

Logically, upon seeing Nicholas in the lineup for the selection, she knew he didn’t have a mate, yet still her brain struggled to make sense of it. When we’d dated, Nicholas had been kind and generous, talented, and handsome. How could someone like that have failed to find their match she thought?

The footage of the three princes played on a loop. This time, she was able to see more than just Nicholas. Like the person beside him. One of his brothers. Nicholas and Julian had both been classmates of mine at the Royal Academy, but they had hated each other. Everyone saw them as arch-enemies. They were brothers?

The Luna Choosing Game friends

Anna wanted to know when she was going to be submitting her application in chapter 2 of the Luna Choosing game. She shook her head and made her understand she was a single mother, Anna. She didn’t think that meets the criteria. Elva was more important to her than anything in the whole world. She had no intention of leaving her behind so that she could blindly chase a crown.

She couldn’t deny the temptation. Her time with Nicholas had been special. To be offered the chance to see him again sent her heart racing. But that was a problem in itself. What Nicholas and she had ended a long time ago. She still believes she is a single mother, she would never get chosen. And even if she is, she would never leave Elva for anything, not even to become Luna.

They had said goodbye three long years ago, but that didn’t mean she wanted to watch other women vie for his affections. The thought of seeing him fall in love in real time with someone else made her stomach twist into uncomfortable knots.

Chapter 3 of the Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game gist partner

It had been three days since Boss made his proposition, it was either he slept with her or she got fired. She needed one more day’s pay to cover Elva’s most recent bill. Once she had that, she could resign and hopefully find something else to do in chapter 3 of the Luna choosing game.

In the restaurant, all of the female patrons talked excitedly about the selection. To cater to them, Boss turned all of the televisions on the walls to the royal consort ceremony broadcast. The others are cute, sure, but Nicholas is the hottest. Startled, she hovered at their table. They were right, of course. Nicholas was the most objectively attractive, but to hear people talk about him so casually still surprised me.

For three days, she’d tried to reconcile in her mind that the Nicholas she had known was also the eldest prince of the kingdom. But she still couldn’t quite manage it. Embarrassed at having been caught daydreaming, she forced herself to focus on work. And she succeeded until she heard Nicholas’ voice come from the speakers. Her heart ached.

Part 4: On Dreame, read a novel similar to The Luna Choosing Game

 The Luna Choosing Game baby bump

It is the most enchanting and desirable sensation in the world for a werewolf to find their mate. Brella felt the same way on that faithful night, but when she awoke the next morning, there was no partner, only a letter that destroyed her heart. She’s now pregnant! What will Brella do and what will happen?

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