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Catching Up With The Past: The Alpha King’s Lost Luna

A perfect plan put together by an ambitious woman tore apart the King and his mate. He believed that Cassandra was dead, while Cassandra believed that her mate had ordered her death years ago because he wanted to be with his mistress, Adalyn.

The Alpha King’s Lost Luna novel has an amalgam of plot twists and intrigues as the female lead tries to uncover the truth of what happened the night she was attacked while also trying to cure her dying mate.

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Part 1: The Alpha King’s Lost Luna Story Unfolding

Wondering what The Alpha King’s Lost Luna is all about? It’s a heart-wrenching love story between two wolves who were pulled apart by lies and terrible intrigues.

Cornered by soldiers, Cassandra demands to see her mate Asher but the ferocious men look at her with disdain while grabbing her hair and scolding her for seeking their king. Not even Cassandra’s confession of baring his child don’t tame the men as they pry the woman’s mouth open and pour a mysterious liquid down her throat.

One of the soldiers coldly tells the woman that she is nothing but an easy she-wolf, unworthy of carrying their king’s heir and their leader is already with his precious Lady Adalyn. The last thing Cassandra remembers is the soldier’s voice urging her to die as smoke filled her room.

Years later, Cassandra stares out the window as the pups giggle excited to participate to the annual hunting festival. She remembers how happy she was when she was little and attended this festival and she secretly wishes to do so again.

The Alpha King's Lost Luna Asher

Unfortunately, that dreadful night took away her identity and her wolf. She could barely find her place anywhere, as she was a wolfless she-wolf but she got to the Wild Crawler Pack where she remained.

Emmet saved her that night and he took good care of her, teaching her how to become a healer. Now, Cassandra and Marley, her friend run their own clinic, helping the pack’s members recover from injuries.

Lately though, there has been a strange disease affecting wolves, something that looked like a snake’s bite, yet the venom was nothing like Cassandra encountered before. She didn’t have a cure for it yet.

Urging Marley to go and escort her son during the hunting festival, Cassandra gets a visit from Jasper, one of the Alpha’s guards who tells her that the Alpha requires her presence urgently. One of their important guests is in need of assistance but he can’t disclose the person’s identity.

Reaching the packhouse, she finds a little boy in distress, bitten by a viper. Cassandra finds it curious that the boy had encountered a serpent so close to the packhouse, but she can’t waste any more time, she has to help him.

As she tends to the young boy, a smoky voice is heard from the far corner of the room. The healer immediately recognizes the voice as a tingle runs down her spine. It’s the Alpha King, her mate.

He doesn’t recognize Cassandra and urges her to help his son. She can’t help the pang she felt in her chest knowing that he and Adalyn had a child while Finnick, her son, grew up without his father.

After spending the day tending to the young boy, Cassandra managed to save him. Tired, she decides to go to Finick, her son, but the Alpha Kings orders her to stay. He reveals that he is also sick, having the disease that’s been affecting a great deal of wolves lately, the one without a cure.

The Alpha King wants Cassandra to go to his pack and find the cure, without anyone knowing that he is also sick. She can’t deny the man’s request, as he is the ruler of the werewolf world.

Going back home to Anemond will be difficult for Cassandra. How will she cope with seeing her mate and his wife together? Will she be able to keep hiding her identity as well as her son’s? Will she find out what truly happened the night she was supposedly killed in the fire?

Many secrets will unfold as the story progresses. Cassandra may still have her wolf, Adalyne is not as sweet and pleasant as she appears to be and the serpent’s venom isn’t really natural, but produced by someone who has some secret agenda.

Part 2: A Small Glimpse Into The Alpha King’s Lost Luna Novel

The Alpha King’s Lost Luna Chapter 4

The Alpha King's Lost Luna Novel

The Alpha King’s Lost Luna Cassandra tried to keep the boy as comfortable as possible while waiting for the guards to return with news about the viper who had bitten the child. His fever kept rising and Cassy and Marley kept monitoring his heart rate and applying cold compresses to keep the illness at bay.

While she seemed to be at ease, Cassandra was actually very nervous as Asher, her mate was standing so close to her. She never believed she would see him again, let alone tend to his son with Adalyn.

Fortunately, the guards came and retrieved the viper before the situation got more awkward. Luckily, Cassandra had already dealt with that type of snake, so she had a cure. Marley retrieved the necessary herbs and, in few hours, the boy felt better.

Cassandra sent Marley home to her children as there was no need for them to remain both by the kid’s side. He was better and it was only a matter of time until he fully recovered.

Suddenly, the boy rolled over, reveling that his sheets were wet from sweating so much. To prevent him from catching a cold, Cassandra asked for the servants to bring fresh sheets.

Asher walked into the room, afraid that the boy might feel unwell again but Cassandra assured him that her request was only for the child’s level of comfort during sleep. Now that the king was with his son, the woman tried to leave. There was no need for her to be there anymore.

As she was about exit, the king demanded her to stay.

Part 3: Read This Book Apart From The Alpha King’s Lost Luna

The Alpha King's Lost Luna Werewolf Romance

As Alpha King’s Lost Luna is enjoyable piece of reading, I could also recommend The Lost Luna Princess as your weekend reading novel.

As the Alpha Queen is brutally murdered, princess Angel is saved by her aunt, who flees with the baby and keeps her identity a secret to protect her.

Jake is a ruthless Alpha who doesn’t want to find his mate, believing that a she-wolf would only make him weak. Sure enough, he finds out that Angel is his mate and the lost princess as well.

Will Jake accept her as his mate? Will he be able to protect her?

Also, you need to check out The Lost Luna Princess

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