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Stranger Princess Lucia Novel Review

Lucia Novel is a Korean webnovel that is named after the female MC’s name. It’s all about Lucia, who only realized her royalty status as soon as she reached 19 years old and entered a palace.

In that palace, Lucia in Lucia Novel experiences a highly vivid dream of her body being auctioned. As with other girls who experience slavery, Lucia begins to suffer…Luckily, she has the power and plenty of time to change her dark future.

Lucia’s romantic relationship with the Duke’s son (and their children), the whole castle politics, and other elements are things that make Lucia Novel becomes one of the most considerable top-rated novels in the online platform universe!

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Part 1: The Amazing Core Story Of Lucia Novel (+My Take On The Novel!)

Lucia Novel PDF Read Online

Lucia Novel is only written as “Lucia” in most publications. It is because the female MC has the same name as the novel: Lucia.

Lucia is a daughter who was born to an unmarried couple, and that’s why her mother, Amanda, tries her best in hiding her from the castle and raising her as a commoner. As a result, Lucia in Lucia Novel never knows her identity as a princess, even when she has reached 12 years old and lost her mother afterward.

Lucia’s 19th birthday marks the first time she recognizes her identity as a princess. More precisely, such things in Lucia’s Novel happen as soon as Lucia enters the palace where royal guards brought her inside.

As we turn the pages to more paragraphs in Lucia’s Novel chapters, we know that there, she has plenty of chances, opportunities, and times, to rewrite her past and future…With a loving husband and children, and a life more worthy of living!

First of all, Lucia’s Novel suggests that Lucia breaks up with Count Matin, her soon-to-be ex-husband who is 20 years older than her and sexually abusive. Only then, she can start her beautiful and happy life with the “I can do it, I can change it” attitude!

Lucia Novel is a novel that emphasizes the message of self-love – that we are worthy of the best treatment from people around us. Even though the messages seldom appear in the novel, I guess that’s what the author wants to convey through this novel!

Part 2: Meet The Awesome Characters Of Lucia Novel

Lucia (a.k.a. Vivian Hesse)

Lucia Novel Lucia

True to the novel’s title, Lucia is the female MC of Lucia Novel. She’s the daughter of the unmarried King Hesse and Amanda Baden, along with Selena and Ethan Hesse and other unnamed princes. Her alternative name while staying as a commoner is Vivian Hesse.

In Lucia’s Novel, Lucia might have a terrible past, which involves her auctioned body. However, it doesn’t mean that she loses her effervescent, loving, confident, and mature personality. In the end, she marries Hue Taran and has two children (one biological and another one adoptive).

Hue Taran

Lucia Novel Hue

Hue is known as Hugo Taran in his first few appearances in Lucia Novel. At first, this abandoned son of the former Duke of Taran is quite a broken character with his extremely cold-hearted glares and personality, his tendency to flirt from one woman to another, and his love for gambles.

After marrying Lucia, Hue’s personality changes; he becomes a much warmer and more protective individual for his wife and two children. At the same time, he doesn’t lose his original cold vibes.

Damian and Evangeline Taran

Lucia Novel Damian and Evangeline

Both Damian and Evangeline Taran are children of Hue Taran and Lucia in Lucia’s Novel. Evangeline Taran is their biological daughter, while Damian Taran is their adoptive son. However, both children only start their major exposure in Lucia’s Novel sequels.

When we look at the references for Lucia’s Novel illustrations, we will find out that Damian bears more resemblance to Hue Taran when he was a child. It’s because his real father is the real (but deceased) Hugo Taran, Hue’s twin. Even though Evangeline doesn’t appear much, we know that she could be physically identical to her biological mother.

The (Grand)Parents

Lucia Novel The Grandparents

Lucia’s parents in Lucia Novel are King Hesse and Amanda Baden; they are unmarried when they gave birth to Lucia.

Since King Hesse has the family name attached to his name, it makes sense when Lucia’s alternative name, as well as her half-siblings’ names, contain the word ‘Hesse’. Not much is known about the Duke of Taran; however, I get the impression that the Duke is not a loving parent.

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Part 3: Meet The Author And The Team Behind Korean’s Lucia Novel

Lucia Novel by Skye And Covering The Sky

Wondering about the Hangeul letters all around the book cover and Lucia Novel Wiki? Yes, indeed, this novel is a Korean webnovel by two authors who share the same elements in their pen names. They are Skye and Covering The Sky – their names are so identical that I have to double-check to make sure they are different people.

I was correct! Skye’s only novel is Lucia Novel, the Korean webnovel I’m reviewing in this article. Meanwhile, Covering The Sky has authored many other Korean web novels with strong political and royalty themes apart from this Lucia Novel.

However, based on my observations, this novel is the only webnovel that Skye and Covering The Sky have completed. So far, it has 164 chapters, and the translated versions are also completed, too. While the overall rating for this royal romance novel is not the best, I would say that the rating itself is considerable enough.

Skye and Covering The Sky are not alone in presenting Lucia Novel updates on several online platforms. The translation teams, including RubyMaybe, are also helping them to gain more exposure to their novels according to the translated languages.

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