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Howl-Worthy Romance – The Best Steamy Werewolf Romance Books

If you are familiar with the Stalking Jack The Ripper Series then you’ll know Thomas Cresswell. The scenes in Dark Prince are set before, during, and after the main protagonists’ terrifying Atlantic journey in Escaping From Houdini.

This time the story is told from Thomas’s point of view. If you have read Escaping From Houdini then you would enjoy Becoming Dark Prince.

Dark Prince tells the story of two young couples who were brilliant partners in crime, who understand each other perfectly except when it comes to their love relationship.

‘For Audrey Rose, Thomas Cresswell has always been a puzzle to her, that in Stalking Jack The Ripper Series, their passionate natures lead both to euphoria and heartbreak.

Dark Prince Historical Romance Book

If you have watched the Bridgerton series, this Dark Prince novel gives the same vibes as that, the difference is, Dark Prince includes many actions and adventures.

Dark Prince is set in a gothic, Victorian era in London, as a smart lord’s daughter named Audrey Rose Wadsworth and her brilliant friend Thomas Cresswell become inescapably involved in the investigation of a horrifying serial killer known as Jack the Ripper.

In this book, Dark Prince, the author transported us into an old-fashioned time, packed with mystery, actions, and adventure. From Thomas Cresswell’s point of view, Becoming The Dark Prince is a novella in the Stalking Jack the Ripper series that starts off where Escaping From Houdini left off and goes a little bit further.

‘And although I’m not sure if you really have to read it before reading Capturing the Devil, I can say with certainty that you should.

‘As for Dark Prince being a historical romance genre, I could say that yeah, it is, for Dark Prince, the love story of Thomas and Audrey and all the adventures they were involved with took us into a time and place in the past. And the Victorian era setting was vividly presented and readers feel it as we read further.

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Part 1: Main Characters of Becoming Dark Prince

Audrey Rose Wadsworth

Dark Prince Audrey

I like that the female lead here in Dark Prince is something that’s uncommon for that era. Audrey Rose has a progressive type of personality, who believes that women can be as strong as men.

She is determined and always eager to find solutions.

She can be violent when she loses her temper. She was unable to experience freedom until she was sent to the Romanian Academy of Forensic Science and Medicine due to her hysterical and paranoid father, and as a result, she is unwilling to give up any of her independence or freedom. She does not want anyone, especially a man, to make decisions or choices for her.

Audrey Rose becoming Dark Prince was born a lord’s daughter to Edmund and Malina Wadsworth. She lived a life of money and pleasure. She does, however, conduct a forbidden secret life as Audrey frequently disobeyed her strict father’s orders and defies social norms such as visiting her uncle’s lab to learn about the horrific field of forensic medicine.

Audrey is much interested in science until she was drawn one day to hunt a mysterious killer. I love this kind of characterization of Audrey Rose, though the story is set in an era where women’s strength is a challenge, the author didn’t fail to give us her own definition of a strong woman, a strong female lead that suits that era, and that was Audrey Rose of’Dark Prince

Thomas Cresswell

Dark Prince Thomas

Many readers of Dark Prince are falling in love with Thomas. Why not? Read the Dark Prince to find out yourself what kind of guy Thomas Creswell is in Becoming The Dark Prince.

Thomas can be charming when it is needed. Thomas is regarded as being quite tall, frequently towering over other guys. He’s described as having golden-brown eyes, dark brown hair, and being lanky. Thomas has the ability to read people.

Thomas first appears in the story as he enters his professor’s lab on the same evening that Audrey Rose Wadsworth and her uncle were rehearsing a postmortem there. Thomas pays Audrey Rose little attention throughout that encounter, yet later on as they are swept into more adventures, the two fall in love with each other.

Part 2: Quotable Dialogues from the Scenes of Dark Prince

Dark Prince Romantic Dialogues

“I want to be the sort of man who earns her trust and love and then works to keep it by growing into an even better person.”

Since Dark Prince was written from Thomas’s point of view, in this book we read much of his thoughts and fears. I loved him when he said this. That even though for Audrey he seemed to be a mystery, here in this quoted dialogue he’s a sincere, serious, and careful guy when it comes to love. No wonder many readers are falling for Thomas.

Dreams. I would always choose dreams over nightmares. Light over darkness, and love over hate. And I would continue to make that choice forever. Each of us held the power to decide our own destiny.”

I love this quoted dialogue from Becoming Dark Prince. Here the readers aren’t just enthralled with Thomas and Audrey’s love story, yet we are given some inspiration to learn from. I love how Dark Prince is more than a romance fiction, rather this is a fiction romance with substance.

Dark Prince Book Cover

‘”I want our passion to ignite the world around us, making even the stars jealous.”

I love how this Thomas’ dialogue appears poetic and at the same time romantic. In these few sentences of him, we can see that Thomas of’Dark Prince is a romantic guy, brave and ready to risk the costs loving. In this part, we see character development in him.

Part 3: Review And Conclusion of Becoming Dark Prince

The only downside for me is that Dark Prince is just a novella. So, this is basically short, and I want more of Thomas! It was like I was given all the good stuff and I was really enjoying it and then it ended instantly. This book, Dark Prince, will give you that kind of feeling.

‘Thomas is an example of a great lover and the good thing about this Dark Prince is that we came to know him more here, we have shown his thoughts, his fears, and his passion for Audrey. So, basically, Dark Prince is about unveiling Thomas Cresswell’s soul.

Did you know that around 87% of teenagers like reading werewolf romance when it comes to paranormal fiction?

Among every paranormal breed, werewolves’ stories stand out in terms of depth and consistency.

These novels consist of an alpha werewolf who falls in love with a human or is looking forward to meeting with many hindrances on his path.

You’ll find the right level of suspense, drama, and action in these stories making it a full package.

In this blog, we’ll share some top-rated werewolf romance novels to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Part 1: Why We Love Werewolf Romance Books?

Werewolf romance is loved and adored by every fiction novel reader.

The credit shouldn’t only be given to the couple for steamy romance since forbidden love with an alpha male is always sizzling, but it is also about different supporting characters where each member of the pack plays a crucial role in the narrative.

Numerous people love werewolf romance novels because of the thrill of danger and jealousy, frequently included in the werewolf book series for adults.

Another aspect that makes romance books so addictive is the uniqueness and different initiatives taken in the content.

Part 2: Top 5 steamy werewolf romance books

Although almost every werewolf romance book opens up a new world of fantasies, some take the lead in grasping your attention. Here is a list of must-read hot werewolf romance novels:

1. His Redemption

When it comes to werewolf romance, His Redemption, most teenagers are obsessed with the story and plot.

It involves a fun-filled werewolf Azalea who’s being treated as an enslaved person by her own pack. She has often thought of running away, but the consequences have always stopped her feet. Suddenly her life changed when Liam, the son of alphas, decided to mate her.

It is the journey of Azalea and her struggles after submerging with an alpha. This series has the ability to take over your mind with dynamic characters and an engaging plot.

Alt: His Redemption

2. Alpha’s Hybrid Mate

One of the best steamy paranormal romance reads is the Alpha’s Hybrid mate introducing the lead, Liam, the leader of the biggest and most potent pack in North and South America.

He’s still single at age 28 and a player who is also losing faith in finding his soul partner. That is how things were up until Camilla Castillejo showed up.

Camilla Castillejo is new to town without anybody knowing about her extended stay here. Later it is unveiled that she’s actually a strong, 900-year-old vampire/Lycan hybrid.

This plot is more than about vampires and werewolves that will not only have you swooning over the male hero, but this time you’ll be appreciating and supporting the female lead.

Alt: Alpha's Hybrid Mate

3. Wolf Rain

Wolf rain creates a sense of relaxing and pleasurable journey involving a perfect blend of steamy romance and fast-paced plot reveal. It all starts when the main character’s memory was stolen from her home as a young child; she was a small child.

A psychopath is in charge of her telepathic skills. She also has to lead a lonely life by necessity. When she first met the wolf, everything was awful.

Will she start her new journey with the werewolf pack, or will life hold something big for her? Find out.

Alt: Wolf Rain

4. Alpha’s Hybrid Mate

The Alpha Prince and Bride is a werewolf romance novel with an unusual plot. However, it’ll ensure you start believing in true love by the end.

The story holds King Jeremy’s firstborn son, Prince Austin Lance Vinci, having all his pack’s love and everything else.

He was the leader of the Moon Pack, the strongest pack ever. Everything went down the hill when he was about to wed his ideal partner, and he had to leave his love and marry Princess Lucy Rosemary to save his kingdom.

The princess is coerced into an arranged union with the tyrannical and conceited prince. She enjoys her life, but after the marriage, something unexpected occurs when she’ll be introduced to a brand-new universe.

Alt: The Alpha Prince His Bride

5. Bitten

Bitten is among the top-rated steamy werewolf romance books known and read by almost every paranormal genre fan.

The story revolves around Elena, the werewolf, on a journey to quit the pack to live as a human since she can’t stand hunting for rogue werewolves and hiding.

Because she owes the Pack leader something, she aids him in quelling a rebellion. After that, she planned to leave the pack and live a human life.

In this book, a strong and independent female werewolf is featured, and you’ll be all down for her.

Alt: Bitten

Part 3: What to Expect in a Steamy Werewolf Romance Book

Although there could be many different factors that you can find in a steamy romance book, some of them are:

Fated Mates

The allure of fated mates in werewolf romance books is one of the most common tropes in steamy werewolf romance books. It involves a bunch of different scenarios where an alpha male’s soulmate unexpectedly becomes his mate, whether it is a human or a wolf from a rival pack.


Another aspect of steamy werewolf romance is the act of jealousy. Since alpha males possess their stuff, they are more protective of their girls. Whether any male character is being overly friendly to the girl or she’s taking an interest in it.

Pack Dynamic

Werewolf romance is popular because most stories surround their families with issues, regulations, and other pack dynamics.


If you’re still wondering why you should read werewolf romance novels, then the solution is having a thirst for widening your imagination horizon.

When choosing any werewolf romance book, most readers consider plot and character dynamics, and we’ve recommended that most of those rich novels provide you with engaging storylines.

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