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Read Remarriage: His Billionaire Ex-wife Novel Review Now

This novel is a romance drama following a divorced couple who face various challenges and changes in their lives. The ex-wife becomes a successful CEO, while the ex-husband regrets his actions and tries to win her back. The novel explores themes of love, betrayal, forgiveness, and growth. It has elements of humor and suspense that keep readers engaged.

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Part 1: Plot Summary of Remarriage His Billionaire Ex-wife

Remarriage His Billionaire Ex-wife: Trissy

Remarriage: His Billionaire Ex-wife is a romance novel, which tells the story of Jessica, a former country girl who becomes a billionaire CEO after leaving her husband Lucas, who betrayed her with his first love Trissy. The novel explores the themes of love, betrayal, revenge, and forgiveness, as well as the contrast between the glamorous and ruthless world of the rich and the simple and honest life of the ordinary people.

What would you do if your husband chose another woman over you, and then came back to you five years later, only to find out that you are now richer and more powerful than him? This is the dilemma that Jessica faces in Remarriage: His Billionaire Ex-wife, a captivating romance novel by T.H. Jessica.

The novel follows Jessica, who left her parents and New York to marry Lucas, the heir of the Thomas Group, a prestigious enterprise in Los Angeles. However, their marriage was doomed from the start, as Lucas never loved Jessica and only married her to please his grandfather.

When Jessica faces a crisis, Lucas saves his first love Trissy, who is also his brother’s wife, instead of her. Jessica realizes that it’s time to leave, and disappears from Lucas’ life. Five years later, Jessica returns as the CEO of Raven Group, a rival company of the Thomas Group, and shocks everyone with her transformation.

Lucas, who is now slightly enlightened about life (yes, life), wants to win Jessica back, but Jessica is not willing to forgive him easily. Will they be able to rekindle their love, or will they be torn apart by their past and their enemies.

Remarriage: His Billionaire Ex-wife is a thrilling and emotional read exploring the power of love and hate, and the consequences of our choices.

Part 2: Characterization of the Story of Remarriage: His Billionaire Ex-wife


Remarriage His Billionaire Ex-wife: Jessica

Jessica is the protagonist of Remarriage: His Billionaire Ex-wife. She is a smart, kind, and brave woman, who has a passion for fashion and design. She is also loyal, honest, and generous, who always tries to help others and do the right thing. However, she is also naïve, trusting, and insecure, who often doubts herself and her worth.

She falls in love with Lucas, who she believes is her soulmate, but she is betrayed and hurt by him and his family. She decides to leave him and start a new life, where she becomes a successful and powerful CEO. She also becomes more confident, independent, and assertive, who does not let anyone take advantage of her or hurt her again.

However, she still has a soft spot for Lucas, who she still loves despite everything. She struggles to forgive him and to trust him again, but she also wants to give him a second chance. I don’t think she should though. He was just cruel and abusive.


Remarriage His Billionaire Ex-wife: Lucas

Lucas is the male lead of the novel. He is a handsome, smart, and wealthy man who is the heir of the Thomas Group. He is also arrogant, cold, and ruthless, especially towards Jessica. He is obsessed with Trissy, his first love, who he thinks is his soulmate. He is blind to her lies and manipulations, and does not appreciate Jessica’s love and devotion.

Keeping an unbiased mental state is important for making rational and fair decisions, especially when you have affection for someone who you should not. Affection can cloud your judgment and make you ignore or justify the flaws and faults of the person you love. It can also make you overlook or dismiss the evidence and opinions that contradict your feelings. To avoid this, you need to be aware of your own biases and emotions, and question your assumptions and beliefs.

You also need to seek out and consider alternative perspectives and information, and evaluate them objectively and critically. Lucas is a douchebag, but I guess he couldn’t help it. Blind with affection as he was

He is cruel and harsh to Jessica, even divorcing her without giving her a fair trial. He is also stubborn and proud, as he refuses to admit his mistakes and apologize to Jessica. However, he is not a completely bad person, as he also has a soft and caring side that he shows to his loved ones and his friends. He is a flawed and dynamic character who learns from his errors and changes for the better.

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Part 3: Analyzing the Author’s Construction of Remarriage: His Billionaire Ex-wife

Remarriage His Billionaire Ex-wife: Jessica and Lucas

The author did a great job of creating a realistic and captivating plot that kept me hooked from the beginning to the end. The novel had a good balance of drama, romance, humor, and suspense. The twists and turns were unexpected and exciting.

One of the most interesting aspects of the novel is how the author used the settings and the world-building to create a vivid and immersive story. The novel is set in different places, which reflect the different stages and aspects of Jessica and Lucas’ relationship. For instance, New York is where Jessica grew up and where she met Lucas for the first time. It represents her innocence and her dreams.

Los Angeles is where Jessica and Lucas got married and where they experienced their downfall. It represents their conflict and their pain. Paris is where Jessica rebuilt her life and her career. It represents her growth and her independence. London is where Jessica and Lucas reunited and where they faced their final challenge. It represents their reconciliation and their resolution. The author also created a detailed and realistic world of the business and the high society, which added more depth and complexity to the plot and the themes.

The author took us on a wild ride through the lives of the rich and the powerful, who had everything they wanted, except morals and manners. The author exposed dark secrets and dirty tricks used, and the consequences that they faced for their actions. The author also painted a vivid picture of the world of the ordinary people, who had nothing but their dreams and their dignity. The author showed how these two worlds collided and intertwined, and how they changed and challenged each other.

Part 4: Conclusions Drawn About Remarriage: His Billionaire Ex-wife

Remarriage His Billionaire Ex-wife: Childish Lucas

The novel Remarriage: His Billionaire Ex-wife caught my attention with its intriguing title and premise. I was curious to find out how the main characters, Jessica and Lucas, would deal with the consequences of their divorce and the changes in their lives. I also love reading romance novels that have elements of drama and suspense, as they keep me engaged and entertained.

As I read the novel, I experienced various emotions, from anger and sadness to joy and hope. I felt angry at the injustice and cruelty that Jessica faced from Lucas and his family, especially from his first love, Trissy, who was also his brother’s wife. I felt sad for Jessica, who had to endure so much pain and humiliation, and for Lucas, who was deceived and manipulated by Trissy.

I felt joy when Jessica overcame her difficulties and became a successful CEO of a fashion company, and when Lucas realized his true feelings for Jessica and tried to win her back. I felt hope when Jessica and Lucas reconciled and found their happiness together.

I disliked how some of the secondary characters, such as Trissy and Justin, were too evil and manipulative, and how some of the plot twists were too predictable and clichéd. However, overall, I enjoyed the novel and I was satisfied with the ending.

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