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Read About the Best Werewolf Fantasy: Rejected, My Jaded Love Online Free

We’re immersed in this story. The protagonist faces the chilling reality of human wickedness, a powerless witness to cruelty. Rejected, My Jaded Love, thrusts the reader into a daunting abyss of helplessness. Yet, with each turning page, the character finds strength. The journey from vulnerability to empowerment is easily a thrilling crescendo, an experience that captivates the soul, echoing triumph.

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Part 1: The Story of Rejected, My Jaded Love

Rejected, My Jaded Love: Sophia

Rejected, My Jaded Love follows Jade, a plus-sized girl navigating the treacherous waters of high school, where bullies roam free like they own the place.

There’s Eric, the supposed werewolf prince charming, who turns out to be more of a villain in a furry disguise. Friends try to be heroes, waving red flags about Eric’s antics, but Jade’s got a soft spot for charm and a knack for ignoring warning signs. Jade’s not just dealing with typical high school drama; she’s got a pack of fur-coated tormentors making Mean Girls look like a tea party. Add a sprinkle of family dynamics that rival a daytime soap opera, and you’ve got a recipe for teenage angst on steroids.

But it gets even worse on her 18th birthday. It’s not a happy day, because the Beta of her pack, Calvin, hands her the golden ticket to rejection town. Not long after, Jade discovers the truth of her origins, and why the people she called family, acted like anything but.

Fast forward to the grand exit – Jade is left with no other option but to leave home. She decides she’s had enough of this howling madness and leaves the pack with her friends. But, oh, there’s a twist. Her white wolf coat attracts the attention of a dangerous person, because apparently, even in the werewolf world, her type of wolf is rare.

Leaving the familiar echoes of the pack she grew up in, Jade faces the unknown, heartbroken, but relieved. However, there is undoubtedly a mix of terror and hope. The she-wolf seeks a new dawn.

Now, in the wilderness, Jade goes full-on nature warrior, turning her rejection into a makeover montage. She’s not just shaping up physically, but also within herself.

Part 2: The Main Characters of Rejected, My Jaded Love


Rejected, My Jaded Love: Jade

In “Rejected, My Jaded Love”, Jade, the protagonist of this supernatural saga, is not a small time protagonist. At the start of the story, Jade emerges as a plus-sized she-wolf navigating high school with complete vulnerability.

Her journey begins with rejection, a punch to the gut delivered by the Alpha Eric, his Beta, Calvin, and their crew of bullies. In Rejected, My Jaded Love, Jade is destroyed by them, but not to the extent where she was unable to rise with a desire to prove her worth in world that underestimated her.

High school wasn’t a walk in the park; it was more like a marathon through a thorny forest. Bullies targeted her like she was the last slice of pizza. Yet, Jade’s not defined by victimhood. She’s a young woman with fierce determination, a she-wolf with bite.

Family dynamics? Well, her home wasn’t exactly a haven of warmth. They hated Jade and only took care of her because of a legal obligation and the money that came with it. A fact that Jade only learned of when she had been completely broken by the outside world. There was no hope at home either.

The turning point? Rejection becomes a catalyst for change. Jade’s transformation isn’t just physical; it’s a metamorphosis of the soul. The forest becomes her gym, and self-love becomes her mantra. She’s not just shedding pounds; she’s shedding insecurities.

But life’s no fairy tale. Someone threatens her newfound goal, her white wolf’s a target.


Rejected, My Jaded Love: Eric

The Alpha. In Rejected, My Jaded Love, we have Eric, the supposed werewolf heartthrob. Despite warnings from friends about his cunning ways, Jade falls for his charm – a testament to her yearning for acceptance and love. She’s not perfect, just human (or werewolf, technically).

Make no mistake, this bastard will see who Jade becomes and won’t be able to keep from trying to make her belong to him. But how can that be, after all the wicked crap they did to her?


He’s just another pissant. He rejects Jade as a result of peer pressure, unknown to him that she was very valuable. But as the tides change, he learns his lesson along with others.

Grab your popcorn and join our protagonist in her werewolf soap opera. It’s a wild ride of teenage wolf dramatics. Check out the book.

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Part 3: Opinions About The Story of Rejected, My Jaded Love

Rejected, My Jaded Love: Jeremy

I’ll keep saying that high school freaking sucks! In Rejected, My Jaded Love, high school, the supposed breeding ground for future leaders and innovators, is more like a masterclass in crushing souls. It’s a bizarre world where popularity is the currency, and bullies are the economic elite. They thrive on the misery of the so-called “weaker” souls, as if serving cruelty is a prerequisite for success. In Rejected, My Jaded Love, our protagonist’s 18th birthday turned out to be more crash and burn special than we would have thought possible.

In high school, teenage monsters wield their words like swords, slashing through the self-esteem of anyone who dares defy their unwritten hierarchy. It’s like Mean Girls meets Lord of the Flies, a toxic blend of cruelty and misplaced superiority. And oh, the gatherings of these social mercenaries. It’s a numbers game for them, the more assholes, the better.

The worst part? They don’t care about the aftermath. They bask in their perceived power, blissfully ignorant of the emotional wreckage left in their wake.

How about we talk about validation? The golden ticket to social acceptance. These tormentors thrive on it, feeding off the misery they inflict to fill the void of their own insecurities. It’s like a messed-up carnival game – win a trophy by destroying someone else’s sense of self-worth.

Being cruel seems to be the cool thing. It’s like a twisted trend that they proudly flaunt, not realizing that the “cool kids” are nothing more than emotional vampires, sucking the life out of those who don’t conform.

One can’t help but wonder how these little architects of misery would fare on the receiving end. Until then, the high school circus of cruelty continues, leaving behind a trail of shattered dreams and wounded souls.

Part 4: A Cool and Amazing Chapter from Rejected, My Jaded Love

Chapter 5

Rejected, My Jaded Love: Nicole

Wednesday morning dawned, heralding the imminent arrival of Jade’s birthday on Friday. While her family didn’t bother with celebrations, she clung to anticipation. The day sailed smoothly, mercifully devoid of encounters with the usual group of jerks. That, in Jade’s book, counted as a win.

Thursday meandered somewhat smoothly, interrupted only by a peculiar incident. Calvin Williams, the soon-to-be Beta, veered away upon spotting her in the hallway. Perplexed, Jade pondered his odd behavior. Why the sudden avoidance? Wasn’t she the one enduring a rough week?

Friday’s sunrise brought with it the eager prospect of meeting her mate, a potential escape from the torment of her current pack. Jade, hopeful and determined, adorned herself in a cute outfit, noticing her pants fitting a bit looser—stress-induced diet modifications at work.

Heading to school, Jade hoped to dodge any additional nonsense. Fate, however, had different plans. A tempting aroma led her to a group in the courtyard, where Calvin, the elusive Beta, emerged. Wednesday’s enigmatic behavior suddenly made sense—he knew they were mates, a revelation she had to wait until her birthday to confirm.

The moment soured as Sophia, like a storm on the horizon, charged out of the circle, making it clear she was about to add another layer to Jade’s ongoing struggles. As Sophia hurled insults, Jade braced for the impending storm, sensing rejection in the air. Calvin, frozen momentarily, eventually uttered the dreaded words, and the courtyard echoed with the silence of an unwanted truth. The rejection was now a tangible weight on Jade’s shoulders as life, it seemed, had dealt her yet another unfair hand.

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