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President Daddy’s Excessive Love Full Story Read Now

President Daddy’s Excessive Love was all over the internet. This is known as a graphic novel and was actually a Chinese novel adapted into the English language. Well, if you haven’t heard of this yet, I think you should start searching for this because President Daddy’s Excessive Love has been the talk of the town among romance readers.

I am actually not a fan of romance novels, to be honest, and when I bumped into President Daddy’s Excessive Love, my first impression was this was another young adult runaway pregnant story again. So, I kind of find the story premise boring, and very common.

But when I read about the female lead being framed for a one-night stand, I say I will give this a chance, for at least that part of the storyline was different. So, let’s see then if President’s Daddy’s Excessive Love is worth following.

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Part 1: Plot Summary of President’s Daddy’s Excessive Love

President Daddy's Excessive Love Plot

President’s Daddy’s Excessive Love starts with Tang Youyou waking up in a hotel room with no memory of what happened to her last night.

In short, she was framed by her stepmother to be sexually assaulted by a mysterious man who left her in disgrace and pregnant. I would not actually buy this concept of a female lead being paired with her rapist yet a good thing in the latter part, the male lead here was also a victim of that night. They were both deceived that night.

If you’re curious to find out the details you can read President’s Daddy’s Excessive Love. Tang Youyou brings her infant twin daughters home after spending five years abroad, only to learn who their biological father is.

The kids then decide to attempt and get their mother and biological father married but nothing is really resolved in the first series. Rather, the first series of President’s Daddy’s Excessive Love was more on showcasing Tang Youyou and Ji Xiaohan’s love and hate relationship.

Part 2: Main Protagonists of President Daddy’s Excessive Love

Ji Xiaohan

President Daddy's Excessive Love Ji Xiaohan

He is the male lead of President’s Daddy’s Excessive Love. Ji Xiaohan is the young master of the great Ji Family. He is the president of King International, the wealthiest company involved in entertainment in Z city. Xiaohan’s character here in President’s Daddy’s Excessive Love was cold yet he’s the most sought bachelor in town perhaps because of his looks and money.

Xiaohan’s character was interesting. He’s the typical guy you would encounter in a romance novel, the cold-hearted type whom the female lead would redeem. I like him to be crafted that way, that actually gets my attention as a reader. Yet, aside from his extravagant background and attractive face, I hope to see more depth in his character as the story progresses.

Tang Youyou

President Daddy's Excessive Love Tang Youyou

Okay, so we have a damsel in distress here in President’s Daddy’s Excessive Love. Yet, sadly at first, Xiaohan isn’t Youyou’s savior.

I hate it whenever Xiaohan takes the side of Youyou’s bitch step-sister, instead of her. Tang Youyou of President’s Daddy’s Excessive Love was the typical bullied female lead. Her life is a mess here. She’s got an evil stepmom and a wicked step-sister.

Tang Youyou of President’s Excessive Love is the typical cinderella. I would have enjoyed her character if she came back after five years with her kids as a strong-willed revengeful lady, but I get dismayed whenever I see her being trampled by her step-sister. Tang Youyou’s character is honestly not my type.

I’m into a strong female lead. Yet, it excites me what will be Xiaohan’s reaction if he learned that he’s the father of Youyou’s kids and what will be his reaction if he learned that Youyou’s wicked step sister whom he always took sides with was actually involved in framing them up that night.

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Part 3: Plot Review of President’s Excessive Love

President Daddy's Excessive Love Book Cover

As I mentioned a while ago, President’s Excessive Love was really not my favorite genre, yet I must admit that its plot has its own charm. I like the storyline. It’s catchy. It’s intriguing. And if I would rate this novel, I would say that this is fair enough good for a romance story.

President’s Excessive Love has its way of getting the reader’s attention. While its characters though common and simply crafted, have their own charm to get to the reader’s heart. And perhaps the strong point in the plot of President’s Excessive Love is its conflicting events such as the biggest secret about that night. I think that the main conflict made the plot sustaining and have hold the reader’s attention all throughout the story.

The only downside I see, which I am honestly hesitant to, is that the President’s Excessive Love is very long. It was like a series in one book.

Novels this long were usually challenging, so I hope the length would not ruin the plot. Thus President’s Excessive Love will continue to be interesting until the end, thus the plot may have its sustaining power to hold the reader’s following. Anyway, I read lots of positive reviews about its ending, so I’m rooting for the best.

Part 4: Similar Book To President’s Excessive Love

President Daddy's Excessive Love Similar Book

If you love one-night-stand-themed romance stories like the President’s Excessive Love, I’m sure you would love Stole My Heart, I Stole His Child. I honestly love this book for its writing style. Yeah, this is romance and it’s thrilling.

That is actually given for a love story, yet honestly, the problem why I can’t emotionally connect to President’s Excessive Love is because of its writing which I understand was caused by the translation. So, it’s different here with He Stole My Heart, I Stole His Child because the writing was clear and emotionally evoking plus the storytelling was nice.

He Stole My Heart, I Stole His Child tells about Alpha Axel who finds his mate, a human, in a bar and takes her to his hotel room, they share an awesome night together but the next morning she is gone. He searches for her for years, wondering why she would leave without a trace. Bailey gets in a fight with her boyfriend while they are on vacation and goes to a bar, and sleeps with a random man she feels a connection with, not knowing he’s a werewolf and alpha. After seeing a suspicious phone call and message from a woman named Courtney while Axel is still asleep, she runs away.

She finds out later she is pregnant and, not knowing about werewolves or their shortened pregnancies. Until years after she met the alpha and he sees her pumping gas. He approaches her and when he sees the child in the backseat he knows he’s the father.

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