Purgatech: Jess' Horror

Mary Rajotte Horror

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When Jess Wilson's beloved grandmother dies, the misunderstood college student is left with no family. Desperate to find a place she belongs, Jess withdraws into her obsession with the paranormal, just as her ex, Dylan, returns to town.

Working for a company touting cutting-edge technology that bridges this world with the afterlife, Dylan recruits Jess as a trial user. But Jess' boyfriend, Kyle, warns Jess that it's Dylan's agenda and not his concern that drives him.

Torn between Kyle and her desire for answers to a life filled with unexplained occurrences, Jess plunges headlong into an intense ordeal that has her questioning her sanity.

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Chapter Eight

Making sure he looked presentable, Dylan smoothed down the front of his jacket before heading from his office in the outbuilding and taking the short walk up the gravel road to the main house.
When he got to the front steps, he stopped and sucked in a deep breath, holding it for a moment before exhaling. He tilted his head back and looked up……

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