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Addison,Natalie and Grace three best friends with different persona but inseparable since their elementary school. They experienced all ups and downs of their life together,stood with each other in difficulties.When one is broken other two become her pillar and when they come to fun mode they just go wild then everything around them is a blur.

But what happens when they are forced to separate by fate. Addison and Natalie fought over Natalie’s boyfriend being disloyal but Natalie refused to believe Addison and this draw wedge between them and this problem was not enough when Grace got murdered whose blame was put on none other than one of her best friends.

Is really blame put on one of Grace’s best friends true or its just a setup by real culprit to hide his/her crime. If it is not true then will remaining two would be able to overcome their difference to find the real culprit and give their deceased best friend justice.

Amidst all these chaos they suffer their own personal problems.

Come join their journey to unveil the real truth behind Grace’s death while simultaneously dealing with their own personal problems.


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chapter 2


As i entered the classroom i feel anxious as well as excited. There were only few students so i took this opportunity to seat at first bench which was already occupied by a cute looking boy. If am not wrong he is slightly taller than me and looks like for some reason he is not happy to be here.

Sitting there i was deba……

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