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Hot Chapters of Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire Novel

Hopeless romantic orphan, Roselyn of The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire novel, has one purpose in mind when she entered the smoky, and lively bar of the elites. To have the highest entertainment it could offer and be the main character just for the night. She didn’t expect that such a harmless intent of leisure would lead her to meet the cunning, and ruthless billionaire the city has ever known, Liam Rodriguez.

To see him once in the same place is coincidence but to see him twice is a choice. It’s clear Liam Rodriguez has taken an interest and Roselyn is not too dumb not to notice it. How could she entertain such attention when Liam is the complete opposite of the man that she ought to marry?

Figure out how Roselyn makes her choice in The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire novel online.

An alternative: Matchmaker to the Ruthless Billionaire

Part 1: Main Characters of The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire

Roselyn and Liam Rodrigues

The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire - The Date

Roselyn is the main heroine of The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire novel. She’s young, beautiful, kind-hearted and generous. She never had the chance to meet her true parents. She’s an orphan who’s been adopted by a prominent man. Ever since she was a child, she had always dreamt of experiencing genuine love. That dream led her to love books, romantic movies and poignant arts. It enabled her to channel her inner voice and most unexplored feelings through consuming such mediums. Because of this, she made a promise to herself that she’d reserve her virginity till marriage. She fell into a mind-numbing crisis when she lost it to a complete stranger. It would have been okay if the man was an average and decent. But a mafia leader who fires gun for a living? Not a really good choice for someone who hasn’t done it before.

Liam Rodriguez is beyond average. He’s godly handsome, cold, and ruthless. He leads the most notorious mafia group in the city, all the while maintaining a good reputation in the business.

Her feelings got worse when Liam Rodriguez raided her house and kidnapped her.

Will love change the way she think of Liam? Or will it open her eyes and make her see that he’s not worth the sacrifice?

Part 2: Hot Chapters of The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire

The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire - Roselyn and Liam

To complete your experience, we exclusively picked the important parts in The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire novel so you don’t have to go the trouble of searching for it. The hot chapters from The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire novel free chapters online that you’d be reading today will provide helpful insights and ideas. You can use these on figuring out the pace of the narrative and what sort of you’re getting into.

Chapter 1

In The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire novel Chapter 1, Liam Rodriguez marks the ending of his meeting with the mafia group. He keeps dissociating because of the sweet memory he had last night with a woman kept repeating in his mind like a broken tape. Sadly, he never get the chance to know her name. When the deed was done, he left her on the penthouse to rest which had been a mistake because it provided her a chance to escape.

As he make his through the condo, he suddenly saw a room filled with three women hanging out on the bed. Right into there, the slender one among the three caught his attention. His mood immediately heightened when he recognized her to be the woman from last night. What a stunning coincidence.

Chapter 2

Cutting to point of view of Roselyn, The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire novel Chapter 2 narrates the scenario where Roselyn ruminates over the one night stand that occurred last night. It shouldn’t be concerning like the way she makes it out to be. But she was a virgin. And she lost it last night with someone she didn’t even know. The worse thing is, she couldn’t remember any of the encounter. It left a sour taste in her mouth and she tried to persuade her adoptive sister not to spike her drink again.

Chapter 3

In The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire novel Chapter 3, Roselyn’s gossip night was halted when the door burst open and three men entered their room, led by a man who looked too familiar to Roselyn that it took her more than a minute to realize the gravity of the reality. Someone had just broken in and judging the reactions of the two women beside her, they’re bound to deal with a dire catastrophe. Although she wished to know more about the gorgeous man staring at her, she can’t deny the looming dangers of having them in her room. Out of a sudden, the man lurched forward and carried her outside the room. She tried to resist but what fight can she do to a man who’s bulky and much bigger than her?

Despite the growing fear and desperation, Sarah still can’t persist the sexual tension occurring between them.

An alternative: Matchmaker to the Ruthless Billionaire

Part 3: Conclusive Remarks and A Must-Book Read

When I first read the premise of The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire novel, I expected the contents would live up to it. I was wrong to put my expectations high because what I read was far beyond that I imagined.

The plot was too unpredictable and inconsistent. It wasn’t clear which direction it was going and I had to put it down several times just to take a break. The writing was poor and incomprehensible, jumping to scenes unexpectedly and describing unnecessary things that didn’t matter to the plot. The dialogues felt unnatural, too, and the characters weren’t designed well. Because of these, it had been a difficult task to connect with them, making me lose my interest the second I reached the tenth chapter.

The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire novel is not a recommendable book. It’s in desperate need of revision and editing. Such a waste, though, because the plot hold several potentials. If The Mafia & Ruthless Billionaire novel had been executed well, it would have earned a thumbs-up for me.

To make up for the time you’ve lost, here’s a recommendation from us that will probably get your interest right.

Matchmaker to the Ruthless Billionaire is a thrilling, invigorating mafia romance novel. It is posted on Dreame and can be viewed just by searching on any search engine. Free of charge and anytime, anywhere you want.

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Sancho Rodrigo dela Vega, the most eligible bachelor and the most sought after neurosurgeon. Every woman’s fantasy and one of the youngest billionaire in the country is in need of a wife. His mother personally went to The Billionaire’s Matchmaker company to find him a perfect wife. For his parents’ sake he give in to their demands but he was sure as hell that whoever from that company comes to him will have to face the devil.

Alessandra Ysobelle D. Martinez has been living the life of her dream. She has an easy life, she has a well paying job and of course peace of mind, things that she doesn’t have ten years ago because of the ghost of the past that she doesn’t want to visit anymore.At this point in time, piece of mind, a good paying job and peaceful life we’re the most important thing for her that she wants to cherish as long as possible.

But everything is threatened to be taken away from her when the company she works for, The Billionaire Matchmaker Company, give her the job of finding a wife for Sancho Rodrigo Dela Vega.

Will she decline the offer and risk her job or will she going to accept it and risk her heart? Will it be a second chance for love or another disaster waiting to happen? Will she finally cast the demon away or will she finally embrace the temptation of the devil himself.

An alternative: Matchmaker to the Ruthless Billionaire

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