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Read the Hot Chapters of Love Me Again By JasmineF

Set in a bleak, cruel environment, Love Me Again by JasmineF will have the readers experience a tear-jerky and agonizing marriage story, diving into the what-ifs and the scariest scenes that could happen inside a blissful marriage. Amara didn’t expect Jay would ever think of ending their relationship. More so, consider breaking her heart. What had become of the respectful, kind man she married?

Was everything just a ruse? Was she simply an instrument to him who no longer serve benefits, that’s why she’s being thrown out?

Find out and read the hot chapters of Love Me Again by JasmineF.
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Part 1: Hot Chapters of Love Me Again

Because Love Me Again novel touches hard topics that might ensnare sensitivity from the readers, it’d be best to let you peek to some of the distressing and controversial parts of Love Me Again novel. But if you wish to proceed without caution, better to download and search Love Me Again free chapters online. Find them all on Dreame and with a single tap on your phone, you’ll be able to experience the excellence of Love Me Again novel.


Love Me Again – Signing the Divorce

In the beginning of Love Me Again novel, we’re stumped immediately by the harsh decision of Jay. Revealing that he wishes a divorce completely takes Amara off-guard. She’s unable to process well the bombshell he dropped. Not so long ago they were oozing with happiness, and now, he’s wishing to end their union? Even going as far as pursuing a legal action? It’s all gibberish to Amara’s mind. How could he think of pushing her away when all she does is to behave the manner he wanted and act as the wife that his name fully deserves?

To resist against the idea or fight for her right on their marriage is useless. She resorts to asking for a concrete explanation. But being secretive and grumpy as he is, none was given to Amara. Accepting defeat, Amara silently packs up, fighting the urge to reveal about the unborn child in her womb.

Chapter 1

Love Me Again – Amara's Sick Father

In Love Me Again Chapter 1, Amara takes the point of view to months before she married Jay. Turns out, his father had arranged her to marry Jay out of business pleasures. Both of the families have been juggling the idea to merge the business by tying the future of the heirs into one. Amara would have been casual with the idea had Jay wasn’t in love with someone else. She doesn’t want to end up begging for the love of someone who can’t look at her in a manner that should be exclusive to only her. But Jay made an assurance that his ex won’t interfere in their union. If Amara would have only known better, she won’t let herself be fooled by that empty marriage.

A jump in time again and we see Amara, talking to her sick father. It seems years has already passed since she separated with Jay. Their children has grown into fine bubbly kids and her father has grown old, as well. For his final wish, he wanted to see his grandchildren even just for a minute. Amara wanted to refuse but her love for her father outgrown her fear to cross paths with Jay.

Chapter 3

Love Me Again – Amara and Jay

In Love Me Again Chapter 3, Amara has successully landed on her hometown. Accompanied with her cousin and the kids, she goes straight to her father’s mansion where she finally see his condition. But the air of joy and celebration quickly wilted when Amara saw that she wasn’t the only one who considered visiting her father today. Standing quietly on the corner of the room was Jay, her ex-husband and the last man in the world she’d want to see. Automatically, she thought her father has cooked up a scheme yet again to get her close to Jay. She ignored his presence and proceeded on greeting her father. Soon as the children kissed their grandpa, she fled from the room, carrying the children and ignoring Jay’s piercing glare.
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Part 2: Introducing the Author of Love Me Again

JasmineF is the author of Love Me Again novel. Famous for her unique and creative writing style, JasmineF has created quite a reputation for introducing sharp-witted and dramatic conremporary romance novels. Her main genre is romance and almost all of her books potrayed well how she deeply loves to write. Like most of the rising stars we’ve met, JasmineF is also an avid reader. Her passion for writing began when she was young. The fantastic world of literature easily got into her head and ever since then, it has become her dream to publish books and have a wide collection of them.

Although most of her written works are published online, she didn’t fail to capture the public attention. Especially the community of readers who prefer to read through their phones. She’s the persona behind the viral books on Dreame such as The Billionaire’s Forgotten Wife, The Billionaire’s Challenge, The Bad Boy and The New Girl, and her recently updated one, Love Me Again novel. If you want to delve into her imaginative and innovative world, don’t hesitate to search for her name on any social media platforms. Or if you value your time so much, jump in directly into the story of Love Me Again novel.

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Part 3: Thoughts on Love Me Again and Another Recommended Book From Dreame

Love Me Again novel is brimming with twists, anticipation, suspense and natural drama. Everything you need in a monumental and life-changing book is here. I devoured it swiftly, and there’s no wonder why. The author successfully weaved a story that unifies the audience, in any age or in any race, with realistic images and experiences that can be seen in our today’s situation.

With its accessible narrative style, Love Me Again novel offers a fast-paced and intriguing reading experience. For those who seeks a decent, one-time read, it should definitely find its way onto your list. From the first chapter up to the last one, it will not disappoint. The plot may be easy to follow through but the execution will kill any doubt that might rise up in your mind. What’s further interesting is the characters, mainly Jay and Amara, whose both potrayals carefully aligns with real-life humans. It didn’t feel like a fiction. More like a memoir.

If you want to experience that all by yourself, don’t waste any more time and click on it!

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