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I Quit Being the Villain by Kurupts

Gu Xia received the despair villain system and became a small villain. He was destined to be face-slapped and eventually killed. Having been through the plot thousands of times and being failed by the system every time, his profound statement was, I quit being the villain.

Gu Xia having transmigrated into the novel became the Emperor of Luck. As the villain, he failed through the system and was always asking himself what he did wrong every time. He thought there has been an error in the world that he had no control over. As an apology, he was granted extra rewards once he complete the plot.

Gritting his teeth and having bloodshot red eyes Gu Xia finally had enough. He had enough and had to quit being the villain. He just wanted to live his life without being face slapped. Unknowingly to him all of the heroines could now hear his inner voice.

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Part 1: Core Story of I Quit Being the Villain

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There were 12 beautiful women and two handsome men in total and only a few lights illuminated a dark room that held many people in I quit being the villain. When Gu Xia went against, Lin Fan, have lost against your he and his Gu family failed and destroyed all of their influence in the Zhou Capital.

Lin Fan boasted with pride as he stared down Gu Xia, tied to a chair. Gu Xia had an emotionless expression plastered on his face as he ignored the protagonist and instead talked to the system.

Lin Fan who has been speaking arrogantly the entire time finally noticed that Gu Xia was still showing no signs of emotions which hurt his pride. Suddenly an idea popped inside his head and knew exactly how to piss Gu Xia off.

“Gu Xia, don’t blame me for stealing your fiance… She never liked a licking dog such as yourself!” Still seeing no reaction, Lin Fan felt something was wrong and continued his barrage of words: “Gu Xia, your own sister betrayed you and always dreamed of your downfall so she could inherit the Gu family companies!”

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He even made Gu Xia think that his secretary betrayed him by giving him information about his family company. All Gu Xia can do was ask him to shut up.

As Lin Fan was about to continue his words he was interrupted by Gu Xia who had a disgusted expression on his face as he stared down all of the heroines. He can’t handle the shit anymore! He would prefer they rather just kill him. He hates every single one of them. All of them made his life hell in I quit being the villain.

Gu Xia complained as loud as he could and the disgust in his eyes was clearly open for everyone to see. All of the heroines were in a little shock as their hearts trembled for some unknown reason.

Not in a million years did they expect that Gu Xia, a second-generation playboy who plays and drinks 24/7 would be capable of showing such an expression.

Lin Fan was utterly surprised at how Gu Xia could break free from the rope. Without wasting time he pulled out a knife from his person and pointed it toward Gu Xia.

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Part 2: Free Chapter of I Quit Being the Villain

Chapter 2 of I Quit Being the Villain

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Leaving his room in chapter 2 of I quit being a villain and heading down the spiral stairs Gu Xia noticed that his mother Gu Lin, and his father Gu Luo were eating lunch in the dining room. “Father, mother, I will be heading to my entertainment company to do some work.”

Hearing his son’s voice Gu Luo showed an indifferent expression and only nodded his head slightly. He obviously didn’t believe that his waste of a son would ‘work.’

This was great news for the middle-aged woman as she always dreamed for her son to stop putting his dick in places he isn’t supposed to and instead work!

“Yep, I decided it was time I took on the responsibility of being the only heir to the Gu family.” Gu Xia lightly said as he headed toward the door leaving both of his parents speechless.

Heading out the door and closing it behind him he made his way toward the garage. Entering the garage he gazed over hundreds of luxury cars that were all over a million USD.

Chapter 3 of I Quit Being the Villain

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As he drove on the road in chapter 3 of I quit being the villain, Gu Xia sang alongside the radio as he made his way to his entertainment company. Tapping the steering wheel and enjoying the atmosphere he slightly pressed his brake pedal to slow down and stop at the red lights.

The host said to him, “you should stop singing… Your voice is horrible”.

“What? My voice is what!?” Gu Xia felt his eyes twitch and his head become numb. He was clearly annoyed. “Your voice sounds frosty like… It’s hard to explain but you have an indifferent and emotionless tone”.

Feeling the Bugatti Chiron shake slightly Gu Xia felt veins appearing on his head. “Who the fuck hit my rear!? I clearly stopped at a red light!” He was utterly shocked when he saw the protagonist’s little sister who seemed to have hit his rear with her small pink bike.

“Why is small tits girl here!?”

“How dare you say I have small tits? They’re still growing, you bastard!”

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