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Hot Chapters from The Charming Divorced Billionaire Inheritress

Sara Campbell is the heiress of the wealthiest organization in West city. The daughter of Robert Campbell – the richest man in West city. But she had decided to hide her identity because she strongly believed that if her identity was to be revealed, everyone would treat her like an entitled person. This is true, however, she found that whether identity was revealed or not, what would be would be.

Still hiding her identity, she got married to David Anderson. A man from the third tier of the well-to-do families of West City.

Who’s wealth and privileges had gotten to his psych making him prideful, foolish, and egotistical. It didn’t help that he had a bad mother – Mrs. Anderson, a woman who was ugly in character as she was ugly in person.

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Part 1: Storyline of The Charming Divorced Billionaire Inheritress

Sara didn’t mind all of these, she loved her husband to a fault. She was serving as his secretary and performed her duties appropriately, not that David would ever appreciate her efforts.

He on his own was treating Sara like less than a wife. They felt that Sara was too low quality for their well-to-do family. Sara would not only serve efficiently at the office, but she would also do every house chore, to make her husband happy. But no matter what she did, nothing ever seemed to work.

David never regarded her as his wife and preferred the comfort of side chicks to his wife’s. Sara had prepared him his favorite dinner and texted him about it as she began to wait for his return. But David never came home that night, he instead showered Sara with text messages about how a certain lady named Lucy was sick and how she was required to go to the hospital and donate her blood to her.

He didn’t care that Sara had donated blood more times than necessary to this same girl in one month. As she contemplated this, credit alerts of huge sums troubled her phone.

As she wept for her disappointment in a life of happily ever after, she receives an MMS from the questionable Lucy, with a nude picture of her husband and her sleeping together.

The Charming Divorced Billionaire Inheritress Mr. David

Part 2: Main Characters of The Charming Divorced Billionaire Inheritress

Sara Campbell the protagonist of the charming divorced billionaire inheritress, is the daughter of the wealthiest man in West City, and because her brother – Gabriel Campbell, was an already established, handsome billionaire in his own right, the estates and conglomerates of the Campbell family was willed to Sara.

It was her father’s undying wish that she took over her family’s business. She didn’t want to do this earlier until after she tried her hand at marriage to David Anderson. After this, when she returned to her family’s estate, and her father suggested a large fist for the official announcing of who she was, she accepted with open hands.

She was tall and beautiful, with a good heart. She loved her husband to a fault and dreamed of love from childhood. But unfortunately for her, wishes aren’t hours. But where others fell and stayed down, Ms. Campbell would rise into full bloom and shame her enemies to dust.

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Part 3: Hot Chapters from The Charming Divorced Billionaire Inheritress

The Charming Divorced Billionaire Inheritress chapter 2:

Sara had received the repeated order from her entitled husband to go and donate blood to Lucy whom she had now discovered is her husband’s mistress. She was now mad at his repeated mistreatment of her and demanded a divorce.

David who had thought the way to his wife’s heart is money had forwarded over 1.5 million dollars to Sara, thinking she was joking about wanting a divorce. And had commanded her again to go and donate the blood. He saw Lucy at the city park and went over to continue back lashing her.

David who had thought she was doing something she would regret had been quick to give it to her with every bad word available in his shit-for brain head. Even after acquiring the divorce, David still insisted that Sara performed the last duty of donating blood to Lucy. But Sara had made another decision.

The Charming Divorced Billionaire Inheritress Lucy and David

The Charming Divorced Billionaire Inheritress chapter 3:

She visited Lucy at the hospital and gave her several slaps. Even though she was relieved to have left her malfunctioning marriage, and had a great sense of freedom, she was still pained to have lost her marriage to an ordinary side chick.

She barraged Lucy about how she is shameless, sleeping with a married man, and having the guts to be proud about it.

Lucy was all daggers until she saw David step into the hospital room. She transformed immediately into an innocent, naive girl and began telling Sara how she always wished her good and not evil.

Saying how she didn’t understand why Sara would come to the hospital to be mad at her. Sara was confused and only understood her change in character when she turned around and saw her ex-husband.

Then she revealed Lucy’s trickery to David who refused to believe her and instead ordered her to apologize to Lucy. Sara exposes Lucy to her family doctor who she’d brought to Lucy’s hospital. The doctor reveals that Lucy isn’t sick and that it was a charade supported by the staff of the hospital.

Part 4: Evaluate The Charming Divorced Billionaire Inheritress

I am seriously in love with this book and feel sorry for the charming divorced billionaire inheritress David, who in his terrible karma lost all that is good and profitable in his marriage by rejecting the unconditional love of his wife.

As earlier written, I think this book is popular because of how it showcases the pride and prejudices of love unsung.

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