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Hot Chapters from Sin City

Sin City is a comic series by American comic artist Frank Miller. The first story appeared during the 1990s and a film adaptation was made in the year 2005. Now, Frank Miller’s Sin City comics has an upcoming paperback version of Sin City 2.

Sin City includes tales of crimes that incorporate vengeance and redemption exploring the dark and miserable Sin City where its residents are caught up in violence and corruption.

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Part 1: Sin City Plot Summary

Sin City Jason

In Sin City, Jason was a rising star in the business that Legit Alpha managed. But as soon as Jason shows up, strange things start to happen, with the mayor coming dangerously close to being killed and the president being threatened. Marla, a different employee, also desires a piece of Jason. Except Alpha, nobody knows why Jason is in Sin City.

In his quest for vengeance, Jason is willing to go far to achieve his objectives. Because his past tormented him every time he closed his eyes, he is ready to destroy everyone and everything in his path.

The most dreaded man in Europe and the entire world, also known secretly as the Ghost of Europe, is out for blood. particularly the blood of a murderer that goes with a name – the Serbian Slayer.

Jason’s character background in Sin City is he had a troublesome childhood, escaping from foster care with his brother until they were adopted and were driven to revenge by those who raised them. Jason’s personality in Sin City is a very down-to-the-business person who would do anything for his family.

He usually resolves conflicts by using violence. He is a decent person and sometimes doubtful. His weakness is he was trapped in his past which influenced his present decisions and has served as a driving force in his aggression for revenge.

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Part 2: Sin City Hot Chapters

Learn what may push a man to such lengths by following Jason West on his journey for atonement. Will love triumph and overthrow vengeance? What happens when Jason finally captures the murderer from his past? If you haven’t heard of Sin City comics or the film series or the book adaptation, then here is a glimpse of its hot chapters.

Sin City Chapter 1 – Welcome To Sin City

Sin City Athena

This is an attention catcher that’s why I included this chapter 1 of Sin City in the hot chapter list. Here we got to meet the beautiful female lead – Athena who was described as having the face of an angel yet the body of a porn star. In this chapter, Athena meets Jason in a bar.

And we can imagine the setting as something dazzling and worldly plus with lovely ladies around, yet Athena stands out in the crowd. So, in this chapter Athena was like a temptress when she interacts with Jason yet what she gets as a response from him was not the kind she expected.

No one turns down her beautiful face and body. In the end, she welcomed Jason to Sin City. This Sin City chapter 1 sets the mood of the story.

Sin City Chapter 6 – The Ghost Of Europe

Sin City Europe

At this point in Sin City chapter 6, there is a mysterious man who came to the city and was introduced with much importance at a party. It happened that Jason, together with Alpha and Athena had witnessed the introduction.

Athena slipped her tongue making it obvious that she doesn’t know who is the ghost of Europe but then she pretended that she knew who it was.

Also, in this chapter of Sin City, we get to know Jason’s first mission. He was tasked to handle Mrs. Magraff’s case which involved the Serbian Slayer.

Mrs. Margaff’s daughter was murdered and her husband was blamed for the murder. In the end, Jason assured Mrs. Margaff that he was going to solve the case.

Sin City Chapter 7 – Who is The Ghost Of Europe?

Sin City Ghost Of Europe

This is a flirty chapter of Sin City. In the opening scene, we get to see Athena flirting with Jason, yet Jason didn’t give in to her. What wasn’t expected of Jason’s character is that while Athena was in the reception, he spanked her ass when he walked past her, and of course, Athena liked it. So, the setting in this chapter is an office.

the highlight scene here is when Athena asked Kayla about the Ghost of Europe. Kayla knows a lot about who the Ghost Of Europe is, but she didn’t spill out its real name. She had just told Athena a short background of him.

So, in this chapter of Sin City, we get to know a little about the Ghost Of Europe. It turns out that he’s a lawyer who was very skilled in all the cases he handled, that’s why he was branded with that name because he was seen as a ghost who possessed a judge to his favor.

Sin City Chapter 8 – Marla

Sin City Marla

Okay, so a rival female lead is introduced in this chapter of Sin City. Marla was described in detail here and it was an understatement to say that she was just gorgeous. It seems that she and Jason had had some connections even in the past and that she’s got more to offer than Athena. Like her, Marla is also a bombshell.

Another highlight scene in this chapter of Sin City is that Athena managed to connect the people whose cases were once handled by the Ghost Of Europe – the Krovacic brothers. And it turns out in this chapter of Sin City that Alpha, the boss whom Jason was working with actually knows who the Krovacic brothers are and they are working with them.

Sin City Chapter 17 – Death Message

Sin City Tyler

This is an intense chapter of Sin City. Here, Jason is with Tyler, the hacker guy who’s exceptionally skilled when it comes to breaking encryption. What’s surprising in this chapter of Sin City is that Jason here is hitting an impossible wall yet it seemed nothing to him. He isn’t scared even if it’s the President he’s fighting with.

It turns out that the Mayor of Sin City and the President had some connivance, and Jason with Tyler’s help discovered a huge amount of illegal money that involves both the President and the Mayor.

They also manage to access encrypted messages, and Jason hinted that these all could be connected to the case they’re handling. In the end, the President was in a panic that he might get exposed then.

Jason’s quest in this novel depicts that the city he is living in is a Sin City. The people in his world are the kind who can’t be trusted. The law enforcement he once believed in was crooked. He is a man driven by revenge.

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