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Hot Chapters from Invincible

Chinese web novels are popular for their cultivation genre and their creative concept when it comes to martial arts, perhaps martial arts is part of their culture. And this martial art element present in literature had captured the interest of many readers.

Invincible is one of those novels that fall in this kind of style. Invincible is a mixture of cultivation and martial arts genre with a rebirth subgenre.

How about a Shaolin martial artist reborn with a photographic memory of his past life? Doesn’t this story premise sound interesting?

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Part 1: All About Invincible

Invincible Shaolin Temple

In Invincible, Huang Xiaolong passed away at the age of 17 and then reincarnated in the Martial Spirit World. In this world, he was a son of Huang Peng and Su Yan of the Huang Family while in his previous life, he belonged to the Shaolin Temple. He remembered everything in his past life so vividly as it had just happened yesterday.

Also in his previous life, Huang Xialong of Invincible developed the Body Metamorphose Scripture, which endowed people with superhuman abilities. He had attained the tenth stage of the scripture before he passed away, which is probably the highest grade. It turns out that Xiaolong of Invincible was well knowledgeable about Body Metamorphose Scripture from the very beginning, even before his reincarnation.

And in his present life, the Huang Clan mistook the awakening of his Martial Spirit for a variation of grade 7 double-headed Serpent. Huang Xiaolong, however, thought it to be of higher quality. His martial soul divided into twin-black and blue dragons as he reached the fourth order of the Houtian Realm.

Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou later verified that one of his martial spirits was Top Grade 12 and that the other was unknown, but they hypothesized that it should be at least low Grade 14 if not higher. Therefore, Huang Xiaolong’s rare variant of martial spirit was mistaken to be common.

Part 2: Huang Xiaolong Main Protagonist Of Invincible

Invincible Huang Xiaolong

Many years later Huang Xiaolong of Invincible had grown into a handsome young man, 6 feet tall, muscular body with a golden symbol between his brow. The symbol was said to appear because of the Dragon pearl.

At first, in his present life Xiaolong of Invincible had been a disappointment to his father when his martial spirit was miscalculated as lower than his brother during the martial spirit awakening ceremony. All the while all the people, including his family, were expecting him to become just an average cultivator, far from his brother who has a promising future ahead of him.

So, his father told him to just settle with becoming a first-order warrior like his grandfather which took him eight years to master the cultivation technique needed for that. However, Xiaolong of Invincible was shocked to discover in himself how he achieved the cultivation needed for becoming a first-order warrior in just a day.

Now that his cultivation skill is quickly progressing, would that be enough for him to earn the favor of his parents?

Huang Xiaolong of Invincible could be mistaken first as the typical character of cultivation novels. But here in Invincible was given a fresh character build-up. Xiaolong is just a boy trying to please his father.

That’s where his motivation is coming from. And as a male lead writer myself, I could say that such character-building is emotionally appealing.

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Part 3: Hot And Exciting Chapters From Invincible

Most chapters of Invincible are informative when it comes to cultivation techniques and principles, which makes Invincible novels a good read if you’re the type that wants to learn the world of cultivation. Here I listed below some of the Invincible chapters that captured my attention.

Invincible Chapter 2

 Invincible Martial Art Spirit Awakening Ceremony

The basic premise of Invincible was shown in this chapter. So, I include this for this chapter is important to the plot aside from that this is catchy and scenes here are breath stopping, and teeth gritting. Why? Okay, so at this point, Xiaolong and his brother were brought to the Martial Spirit Awakening Ceremony to rate the level of their spirit skill.

It turns out that his brother has a grade 10 spirit while he was mistakenly underrated.

His parents, believing that he has no promising future, give him average options they think suit his cultivation skill.

You could relate to Xiaolong’s situation in this chapter or Invincible, his disappointment, curiosity, and inadequacy were felt in this chapter. However, his tenacity is awesome. Good thing he worked out to prove the elders and his parents wrong.

Invincible Chapter 8

At this point of Invincible, Xialong had already achieved many battle Qi, and was advancing his cultivation skill in secret. His parents were thinking that he was no match for his brother, and they were always stressed that Xiaolong will never get the best favors in the clan all because of his low cultivation skill.

But here in this chapter of Invincible, Xiaolong was shown to be even more skillful and more advanced than his brother, but that was still a secret. The highlight scene in Invincible chapter 8, is Xiaolong being able to get the Yang fruit.

The Yang fruit contains nine young purest top-grade spiritual energies in the world. Aside from that, xiao long’s adventure to the cave also led him to find the Azura Tactics.

Invincible Chapter 9

Invincible Blade Of Asura

I included this chapter 9 of Invincible in the list because I find this chapter feisty. In the previous chapter, we see that Azura Tactics is a book that contains Martial Spirit techniques which lead him later on to unlocking the Blades Of Asura.

Now, he has got a weapon. Although the background of the blade wasn’t given in this chapter, we are pleased to see how Xiaolong was unlocking many cultivation skills here in this chapter of Invincible and in the previous one.

Part 4: Conclusion Of The Invincible

So far the Invincible novel has got all the elements for an attractive cultivation plot. What I like most in this novel, Invincible, are its creative techniques of cultivation. Also, the setting of the story is a breath of fresh air.

It was like the readers to are being transported into different ancient magical worlds as the main character journeys to his cultivation adventure. If you’re a fan of the cultivation genre then Invincible will suit your taste.

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