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A Captivating Tale of Love, Sacrifice, and Redemption: Unveiling His and Her Marriage

No matter how hard you try, sometimes you can’t make someone fall in love with you. Like Roxanne’s fate, she hopelessly loved Lucian more than anything. But in the end, she had no other option but to give up on him.

His and Her Marriage is the story of Roxanne’s helpless attempt to be a good wife, where Lucian never acknowledged her efforts until it was too late. Destiny offered no choice left for Roxanne but to let Lucian go.

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Part 1:Chapter 1 of His and Her Marriage

The His and Her Marriage story opens with Roxanne setting her husband free and abandoning her marriage. She asks for compensation for her feelings, as she has loved him since childhood.

However, he has been trapped in the love of another person he wants to spend the rest of his life with instead of Roxanne.

She comes closer to her husband, hoping to make love to him before she liberates him from the cage of marriage, but his intensifying longing outweighs his will to push her away, and he eventually gives in. Roxanne, feeling hopeless, wishes to stay strong before she feels him for the first and last time.

After gathering enough courage the next day, she puts the divorce papers on the side table while looking at Lucian one last time before departing from him forever.

His and Her Marriage - Divorce

This chapter of His and Her Marriage shares how she is in extreme torment, but she has no option, as she has suffered enough while staying in that affectionless marriage for three years and loving him since high school, a total of seven years.

Lucian always wanted to marry Aubree Pearson, but he had no option when his grandfather fell ill, and Lucian had to get married as soon as possible to ward off bad luck.

Roxanne’s covetous father and stepmother immediately got her married to Lucian in this particular chapter of His and Her Marriage. However, he never thought she was good enough to be his wife, and only Aubree was worthy of being called his life partner and wife.

Roxanne still recalls how happy she was that she married her soulmate and was filled with extreme joy on her wedding night as she waited for her husband Lucian to enter the room. But as he entered, anguish was on his face as he reminded her that he did not love her.

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Roxanne always knew that it was not Lucian’s responsibility to love her, but still, her heart longed for the day when his heart would soften up, and he would love her. She did whatever she could and clung to that string of hope for the longest time in her marriage.

His and Her Marriage - Roxanne

She tried her best to be the perfect wife, always caring for him without expecting much from a husband who barely paid attention to her.

She was always there, whether it was cooking his meals or taking care of him when he was drunk. She would arrange hot water for him early in the morning. She would wake up early to ensure everything he needed was ready and go to bed later after returning home.

The day before yesterday was her birthday, but Lucian spent the day with Aubree at the hospital instead of with Roxanne.

At that moment, Roxanne realized that no matter how much she loved Lucian, he would never love her, and her efforts would always remain one-sided. So she surrendered her actions and her love for him. It was not easy for her because she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, but Providence offered no other possibility.

When Lucian got up, the first thing he wanted to do was to kill Roxanne. As his eyes moved around the room, he saw the divorce papers on the side table, and he thought Roxanne was playing some cheap trick on him because yesterday she forced herself on him, and now this.

No one could fool him since he was the CEO of the Farewell Group, and he was better than everybody else. He had never fallen into the trap of anybody, so he would not fall into the trap of Roxanne.

He went downstairs and asked his butler where Roxanne was, but the butler told him that Roxanne had left the residence, taking her luggage with her. This made Lucian perplexed.

Six years had passed by. Roxanne came out of her laboratory, where her assistant told her that Professor Lambert wanted to see her. She got worried and asked her assistant Linda if there was any issue or if the troublemakers had disrupted the results. Linda told her that, yes, they had.

Roxanne was a strong, hardworking woman. She could do whatever she wanted but was a scapegoat for her son’s mischievous activities.

They had been playing around Professor Lambert’s office, which had caused him to have white hair. Roxanne’s head was pounding as she was exhausted from working so hard. She couldn’t do much but laugh at her kids’ childishness.

Six years ago, when she left the Farewell residence and abandoned her husband to pursue higher education, she discovered she was expecting a baby. She was confused about whether to opt for an abortion or give birth. But in the end, she decided that she was ready to have kids.

She was pregnant with triplets and gave birth to two sons and one daughter. But her daughter died as soon as she was born due to a lack of oxygen supply. She named her sons Archie and Benny. She thought about her sons and their genius, which gave her satisfaction but reminded her of their funny tricks for which she had to face the consequences.

Part 2:Chapter 2 of His and Her Marriage

In this part of His and Her Marriage, Roxanne saw her kids, who were concerned about her, and suddenly all her worries vanished. She asked her son Benny to fix Professor Lambert’s computer so he wouldn’t lose any important files. Benny was smart and had great knowledge of computers.

His and Her Marriage - Benny

Harvey sent Roxanne back to the country to run a new research institute working on traditional medicine. Her first instinct was to reject his offer, but she realized she was stronger than before and ready to face everything.

After great consideration in this chapter of His and Her Marriage, she decided to go back to Chanaea. Both of her sons exclaimed with joy at the thought of going back.

She reached Chanaea, and as Archie wanted to use the restroom, she waited for him outside. Suddenly, she heard a familiar angry voice and realized it was Lucian Farwell.

She asked her sons to hurry up, and Lucian heard her voice. He was shocked that Roxanne was back and ran after her, but it was too late-she vanished into the crowd.

This chapter of His and Her Marriage will keep you hooked to the story!

Part 3:Conclusion of His and Her Marriage

Fate was cruel to Roxanne, but her life was better than her previous loveless marriage. She flourished professionally in His and Her Marriage, but returning to Chanaea brought her back to her past.

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