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Game-Pro Couple | A Review Of ‘Ending Maker’ Manga

I refer to Ending Maker manga two-words’ summary as “Game-Pro Couple” because, well, that’s how the romantic relationships between the two MCs are portrayed! Both MCs are the first and second place in the top-ranked game master category, and both are reincarnated into a gaming world named Legend of Heroes 2.

Ending Maker manga directs the readers to follow the stories of Kang Jin-ho and Hong Yoo Hee, two masters of Legend of Heroes 2. As people who have played and mastered the game for a long time, both Jin-ho and Yoo Hee are aware that the ending of the game they feel competent in is the world’s destruction.

Yet, what if the two game-pro couples are not the only ones to get the first and second ranks in Ending Maker? What if the system chooses them to be the Ending Maker? Will they get a happy ending in their romantic relationships?

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Part 1: The Core Storylines Of Ending Maker Manga You Should Know About

Ending Maker Fandom Manga

Ending Maker fandom manga is a manga with lots of gaming-only jargon in the core storylines. Jude and Cordelia, the two MCs of this manga, used to have the username of Outboxer009 and Yellow Storm in the past. Their true identities are Kang Jin-ho and Hong Yoo Hee, the first and second-ranked pros in the Legend of Heroes 2 game.

The two-game pros constantly compete for the top-tiered ranks in Legend of Heroes 2, and the first-ranked Kang Jin-ho always successfully overshadows Hong Yoo Hee, the second-ranked game player. One day, both of them transmigrated to the bodies of their game characters: Jude Bayer for Jin-ho and Cordelia Chase for Yoo Hee.

Of course, they are shocked to find out that they are already in the same Ending Maker fandom manga game universe. Another thing about Jude and Cordelia in Ending Maker is that neither of them has romantic relationship history. So, you would expect lots of tsundere-like denials from both parties, especially in the first few chapters.

As the game and novel progress, Jude and Cordelia still maintain their competitive edges. Still, it’s hard for Cordelia, the second-in-everything-else in this novel, to not be the “supporter” for Jude…

Ending Maker Spoiler Alert

As I turn the pages to read more chapters of Ending Maker, I get that Cordelia has virtually no skills compared to Jude. Her only advantage is her pretty face, something that is mentioned over and over again in many chapters of this novel.

Unlike Jude, who, despite his cunning nature, has an enormous level of self-control, Cordelia often runs into problems because of her brazen or brutish temper. Jude has to save Cordelia at all times, with or without the help of other characters.

Still, will Cordelia continue to preserve her brazen and physically strong nature? Or, will she be subject to the opportunistic-looking Jude as the two begin to progress in their romantic lives?

Moreover, why don’t both of them return to their original Jin-ho and Yoo Hee bodies?

Part 2: The Hottest Chapter Of Ending Maker Chapter 40

Ending Maker Chapter 40

Ending Maker Chapter 40 opens up by telling us about an entity called “the witch”. This witch possesses Cordelia’s body after she defeats an opponent in the previous chapter. It is only by possessing her body that the witch’s soul can be set free.

Does it sound like another one-sided relationship between humans and departed spirits? Apparently not, in Ending Maker Chapter 40. First of all, let us not forget that Cordelia is a powerful fighter and spellcaster. Even though she consistently comes in the second rank, it means she’s far more powerful than any other characters and can only be rivaled by Jude.

As a result of the witch’s possessions in Ending Maker Chapter 40, Cordelia learns “Hexification”. When I read this chapter of Ending Maker manga, I get the impression that “Hexification” is like Cordelia’s passive skill. However, this skill is special to her; after all, Ending Maker Chapter 40 marks the first part of the stories that are dedicated to Cordelia.

I would say that Chapter 40 of Ending Maker manga is the last time we see the real Cordelia in action (I meant, without the possessions of the witch). Starting from this chapter until the next ones, Cordelia will continue to be the supporter; the monster battles within the parties always have Jude as the lead and the focus.

After all, it’s not clear yet whether the brutish-tempered Cordelia in Ending Maker would master the witch’s power. If Jude is not present, I guess, everything around her will be a mess.

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Part 3: Let Us Meet Chwiryong, The Author Of Ending Maker

Ending Maker by Chwiryong

Chwiryong, the author of Ending Maker, may have a difficult-to-pronounce name, especially for non-Korean speakers. However, Ending Maker itself has been one of the legendary Korean web novels. Like any other webnovel writer, Chwiryong first and foremost publishes this novel on Korean webnovel platforms.

Ending Maker, the manga that Chwiryong writes, often receives criticism, especially about Cordelia’s characteristics and the sneaky ways Jude behaves towards her. However, based on the amounts of episodes and Ending Maker sequels that are present on online platforms, I would say that this novel is one of the most successful writing pieces.

I would also say that the story elements in Ending Maker are highly-focused and extremely easy to understand. Lots of parts about battling monsters and collecting rare and powerful items in this novel. Let’s not forget that Chwiryong as the author has made several sequels with the same Legend of Heroes 2 universe: Breakers and Dungeon Maker.

As for Ending Maker itself, it is the longest-running webnovel by Chwiryong, with a total of completed 476 chapters. In my opinion, the double side story chapters and one special side story after the main stories of this game-centered Korean webnovel are things that differentiate it from other similar novels, that tend to only have one side story after the main story’s last chapter.

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