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Thrilling Chapters Of Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad By Caroline Above Story Online

In Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad novel, struggling and sexually frustrated psychotherapist Faye Thompson gets her quiet life overthrown into an unknown abyss when the notorious mafia king, Kent Lippert, suddenly takes an interest in her. Discovering he’s the father of her cheating and homosexual ex-boyfriend has already been a heavy weight to carry around. But to be entangled with his criminal activities and be the sole subject of his dark fantasies were something she didn’t sign up for.

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Part 1: The Cast Of Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad

Putting the interesting plot aside, Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad novel also excels on potraying fatally flawed and extremely relatable characters. The main foundation of their design didn’t lean on morality and good qualities of human nature but rather, on the flipside of it which makes the story even more compelling.

Fay Thompson and Kent Lippert

Fall For My Ex's Mafia Dad - Fay Thompson

Beginning with the red-haired female main character of Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad novel, Fay Thompson must take the credit for being the most relatable and admirable character in the story. Highly conservative and naive, Fay Thompson is the girl next door who still believes fairy tales does exist. Coming from a middle-class family, she grew up fairly modest and practical. Her mother died in an accident when she was young, leaving her at the custody of her step-father and feisty half-sister.

Despite that tragedy, Fay attained maturity without having to lean on anyone. Using her witty brain and perseverance, she survived high-school, got into a prestigious university and was able to pursue a career in psychology. She’s already successful at twenty-three and there seemed to be nothing where she can’t shine through. Except for one thing: love and relationship.

Fay’s aware of her standards are pretty unsuitable in the modern world. Most women prefer sexually able men with high masculine energy. They like to see them now in gyms, sports and acting industry. For Fay, that doesn’t narrow down the picture of her ideal man. She wants them softer. Men who likes to consume books, poetry and history, instead of trivial things such as pornographic contents or games, are much sexier in her eyes.

Which is why when she met Daniel, in a bookstore, looking gentle and pristine, she didn’t allow the chance to slip by. They clicked and Daniel became her first ever boyfriend. Does not take her long, however, to break the picture-perfect facade that Daniel masked in order to hide his true nature.

Turns out, even prince charming has secrets, too. Daniel’s a homosexual and Fay the scapegoat he used to deflect any suspicion that he might attract. She caught him making out with some random guy in a book store and she broke off the relationship right then and there.

The day Fay met the true Daniel was also the moment she met Kent Lippert, a high-profile criminal best known for organized crimes. He currently serves a sentence in a high security prison and the state tasked Fay to assess Kent before his pending release. But Fay didn’t expect him to be dangerously charming and hypnotizing witty. He bended every question she shot, turning the assessment into a circus, flirting with Fay and twisting her words to make a fool out of her. Their encounter terrified Fay, and she finally understood why Daniel is keen to hide his sexuality.

Fall For My Ex's Mafia Dad - Kent Lippert

His father, Kent Lippert, is a vicious man. He’s the devil in the city who escaped hell and walked bare on earth. Tall, thick metal bars won’t be enough to hold him off. His power and control over the state are so immense, he’s free to walk in the jail and go out whenever he wished. He’s there by his choice. His reason for doing so is to seek alliance with one of the inmates, a prominent leader of a gang, to take down an enemy who’s a big threat in the underworld.

He didn’t expect there’d be a bonus in his mission. His time allowed him to meet a sweet, stunningly innocent, and beautiful psychotherapist. She’s like a kitten he could actually play with. At first, that rested in his mind. As the meeting repetitively occurred, he came to a conclusion that Fay is beyond that. His lust developed into something far more dangerous and inescapable. Love intercepted his frivolity and before he could prevent it, Fay became the flaw of his existence. The only weakness he’s proud to have and the only living person in the world he’s willing to sacrifice his life for.
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Part 2: Thrilling Chapters Of Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad

Chapter 1

Fall For My Ex's Mafia Dad - Daniel Cheating

In Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad Chapter 1, Fay gets a shocking discovery. While looking for Daniel, her boyfriend, in a bookstore, she caught him kissing a guy at the storage room of the establishment. Torn and confused, she walked away, not giving him an opportunity to explain himself. She’s seen enough. He’s gay and she’s been a tool, all this time, that he used to cover his ass up.

Later that day, she interviewed Kent Lippert, the well-known mafia king in the city and also, the father of Daniel.

Chapter 5

Fall For My Ex's Mafia Dad - Fay and Kent Dancing

Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad Chapter shows the second encounter of Fay and Kent. This time, it happened outside the prison. They met coincidentally at one of the bars Fay’s half-sister worked and currently holds a debt. Fay’s about to be forced into dancing as a payment for it when Kent intervened and ultimately saved her. That doesn’t mean she’s far from danger, though. She’s just been transferred to the arms of a far more vicious figure.

Part 3: Review and a Similar Book on Dreame

Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Dad is an on-going story, frequently updated and has already four hundred chapters published online. It’s addicting and beautifully written. It will grip your attention from the first line and it’ll be difficult to escape it ’till the very end.

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