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Read Free Online the Worst Teenage Breakup Ever: Emerald Eyed Luna

It’s amazing how life gives us a curve ball at the most annoying of times. How easily our protagonist’s perfect life is shattered and now her future seems to be spinning out of her control. Will she find stable ground and the heart to mend the broken relationships? Her beautiful life is gone, but maybe that’s what she needed to grow up and see what lay beyond.

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Part 1: The Story of Emerald Eyed Luna

Emerald Eyed Luna: Trevor

In Emerald Eyed Luna, we follow Nina’s life which, let’s be honest, was like a rom-com on steroids – the perfect boyfriend, Damian, ticked all the boxes of an Alpha heartthrob, and her squad of friends was the definition of #SquadGoals. Until, of course, the universe decided to throw a plot twist worthy of a teen werewolf soap opera.

On the fateful day of the prom,, the stars must’ve aligned to spell out “drama.” Damian, the sort of boyfriend, appeared and the bomb that he was mated to none other than Nina’s best friend, Holly, was dropped. Talk about a plot twist that even Hollywood would envy.

With her heart shattered like a dropped smartphone screen, Nina knew there was no way to return back to the easy friendship and comradery they all had before. She takes an unexpected journey of self-discovery – a road trip through emotional potholes, accompanied by the playlist of heartbreak anthems. We’re suddenly filled with questions about destiny, love, and whether our protagonist accidentally stepped into a werewolf version of a dating reality show.

As if the universe had a vendetta, Nina gets stuck in a dilemma, facing a really sticky situation. Just when all hope seemed lost, the unexpected happened.

Now, armed with more questions than answers, Nina had to face her future with a clearer mind. The once-perfect life now resembled a tangled ball of yarn, and she was tasked with unraveling it. Was destiny just a fancy word for a cosmic prank?

Nina’s future? It’s like navigating a maze blindfolded. Paving her path requires her own hands, but who knows what pitfalls or surprises await?

Part 2: The Main Characters of Emerald Eyed Luna


Emerald Eyed Luna: Nina

She’s a young she-wolf, and our protagonist in this cosmic crap-fest. Nina was living the dream until reality threw a bucket of ice water at her face. She started as the girl-next-door, not expecting life to morph into a werewolf episode of burning man.

Initially, she wore the badge of a sort of perfect girlfriend with Damian, the Alpha heartthrob. But, oh, the universe had a different idea. When it all came crashing down, and the truth was revealed that Damian was mated to her best friend, Holly, Nina’s role almost seemed to shift from leading lady to a sidekick in her own story.

Now, she’s not a werewolf damsel in distress. In Emerald Eyed Luna, Nina’s been trained in combat, and she is ready for a fight, but she was never trained in matters of the heart. This one hit her hard. She starts navigating the complexities of love and betrayal.

Torn between heartbreak, Nina’s no stranger to the messiness of love, but add werewolf dynamics, and you’ve got a cocktail of emotions that even the best bartender would struggle to mix.

In Emerald Eyed Luna, as Nina faces the twists and turns of her destiny, she is her own knight.

Nina’s character arc is a rollercoaster. She’s not just growing up; she’s learning to tackle life’s challenges, embracing the constant chaos with the right smarts. And who knows, maybe the universe will throw in a plot twist that even Nina didn’t see coming. She is the perfect protagonist, navigating love and destiny.


Emerald Eyed Luna: Damian

Damian, the Alpha who grew up hand in hand with Nina, envisioned a future written in werewolf fairy tales. Fate, however, threw him a curveball – his mate was Nina’s best friend, Holly. Stuck between love for Nina and the complications of a mate bond with Holly, Damian faced an emotional crossroads.

It was a tangible weight, dragging them down into the abyss of shattered expectations. Yet, amidst the wreckage of what could have been, Nina had to muster the strength to rise above the pain, to redefine herself in ways that mattered.


Holly, the unsuspecting mate, never imagined her destiny entwined with her best friend Nina’s boyfriend, Damian. The shock of shared dreams turning into a tangled web of emotions left Holly grappling with an unexpected reality, challenging the picturesque happiness she and Nina once envisioned of their destined mates.

Want to find out more about this supernatural rollercoaster where even the wolves have a flair for the dramatic? Then, check out the story.

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Part 3: General Thoughts About Emerald Eyed Luna

Emerald Eyed Luna: Nina and Damian

So, our protagonist got hit square in the face at the most inconvenient moment. In Emerald Eyed Luna, we are witnesses to the wreckage of her once-perfect life, her prospects look so chaotic. The burned bridges? Well, they’re frustratingly elusive. The protagonist’s life feels like trying to assemble a jigsaw without the picture on the box. It was like a wrecking ball to the mundane routine. Growing up is like trying to fold a fitted sheet; it’s messy, and no one really knows how to do it. Will she be stuck in the chaos, contemplating whether adulthood is just a series of unfortunate events?

One thing’s for sure, life’s grand plan is about as clear as a foggy bathroom mirror. The shattered pieces of her once-perfect existence might just be the mosaic of self-discovery she didn’t know she needed. So, here’s to embracing the mess, growing up, and discovering what lies beyond the chaos of unexpected curveballs.

In Emerald Eyed Luna, our protagonist’s heart, once a serene lake of contentment, now churned with a storm of emotions as she witnessed the partner whom she had envisioned sharing her life with being handed over to her best friend by the whimsical hands of fate. The pain, a relentless ache, echoed through her soul, turning every shared laugh and tender moment into shards of betrayal.

Imagine watching a favorite book being burned page by page, with each flicker of the flames scorching the dreams she had carefully crafted. The sting of reality felt like a relentless bee, buzzing around the remnants of what she thought was a blossoming love story. Every stolen glance, every whispered secret now felt like a cruel joke played by the universe, leaving Nina grappling with the bitter taste of heartache.

Part 4: Amazing Chapter from Emerald Eyed Luna

Chapter 6

Emerald Eyed Luna: Holly

It’s prom night, and Nina and Holly make their way to the pack house. Holly announces the need for the bathroom over the blaring music. Nina assures her she’ll follow. About halfway, Holly halts, sniffing the air. Bewildered, Nina trails her through the crowd. Holly, wide-eyed, stares at Damian. A whisper escapes, “Mate.”

In a surreal daze, Nina, frozen, absorbs the gut-wrenching truth – Damian, her supposed mate, now Holly’s. Tears well up as she processes the betrayal. Damian, caught between the two, looks uncertain. Nina’s friends, Trevor and Zach share the shock. It’s an unexpected twist, shattering the reality Nina believed in.

Holly stammers, sensing the weight of the moment. Raven, sensing Nina’s heartbreak, howls in empathy. The life Nina thought she knew dissolves, all mere illusions. As Damian takes a step, a growl halts him. Holly, shocked and conflicted, is already displaying possessiveness, fearing rejection. It’s a heartbreak echoing for both friends.

Unable to bear the weight, Nina runs, leaving the crowd behind her. Shifting mid-stride, she outpaces them, letting Raven guide her. In a cave, she surrenders to tears, mourning a friendship lost and a love unrequited. It’s a painful chapter of betrayal and heartache, leaving Nina to grapple with the fragments of her once-unblemished world.

However, as the new day dawned, Nina would confront the unforeseen problems on the horizon – a sudden attack on her pack, a threat she never saw coming. In retrospect, the unease clouding her instincts the past few days made sense; a storm was brewing. Heartbreak, would turn out to be trivial. Her life was undergoing a profound transformation, and the impending crisis signaled that the challenges ahead were more profound than the throes of romantic anguish.

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