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Book Review: The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General doesnt remain as the title of this book. Instead, it also refers to one of the many titles that James Caden, the male MC, has.

James Caden has lost his entire family members over a burnt building since before the main story starts. Later on, we know that the burning building is a part of set-ups from other Kings and Deities of the story who fake their cooperation with the Caden family.

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The Kings, Generals, and other God-like nicknames in The Almighty Dragon General refer to the crazy-rich family members. Had Thea Callahan never saved James from the fire, he wouldn’t be The Almighty Dragon General as is now. They had to suffer from heavy disfigurement due to her brave acts, and as a result, she becomes the ugly duckling of Kensington.

James vows to protect Thea, his savior, at all costs. They soon marry, and James’ magnificent healing abilities allow Thea to uncover her beauty later on. Now, the God-like people from the rest of the family members can’t seem to accept Thea as James’ wife, and they exercise all efforts to separate the two.

So, love or money: Which one will a couple of The Almighty Dragon General chooses?

Part 1: Meet The Characters Of The Almighty Dragon General

The Callahan

The Almighty Dragon General Thea

I love brave MCs like Thea Callahan of The Almighty Dragon General. Apart from being a heroic woman, she is also a person with a heart of gold. I believe that her true intention was to save all people from the burning building. Since James was the only survivor of the so-called set-up accident, James’ feelings toward Thea begin to bloom.

Thea continues to demonstrate her street-smart even after she becomes James’ wife. She is also a faithful wife, and I love the ways she argues with other family members in the novel.

James Caden

The Almighty Dragon General James

James Caden is also known as The Almighty Dragon General. He gets such a nickname because he can finish a military combat mission faster than any other military member in the novel. James’ other nickname includes Asclepius, the god of medicine who never fails in healing heavily-disfigured people. He is the most powerful of all Kings and Gods in The Almighty Dragon General novel.

James loves Thea so much, mainly because she has saved him from the burning building. Now that he knows Thea has been prettier, he would have to protect Thea even more from other family members who disagree with their weddings.

Part 2: Story Of The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General Novel

The story of The Almighty Dragon General opens up by telling us that the Caden family has fallen victim to the set-ups from other crazy-rich billionaire families in a burning building. James Caden is the only survivor of the accident, and it’s all because of a girl’s heroic act in saving him from the fire. Later on, the high-school girl’s name turns out to be Thea Callahan.

Ten years have passed and Thea has suffered from heavy disfigurement as a consequence of her actions. James is still alive in the military; he becomes one of the top achievers in the military industry and earns the title of The Almighty Dragon General. He gathers information sources from his other military friends about Thea’s condition now.

He finds out that Thea has been an ugly duckling of Cansington, and her greedy grandfather is about to set her up to marry other members of the Callahan family. Not wanting his savior to marry other people, James quickly steps in, marries Thea, takes her to his prestigious villa, and heals her until she recovers and, eventually, shows her beautiful K-pop girl-like figure.

Such scenes in The Almighty Dragon General mark the first time Thea and James see each other. Theas drastically changed appearances invite other cunning, ruthless, and greedy family members to their desire in owning her and bribing her to separate from James. So, how will Thea and James’ relationship continue in The Almighty Dragon General novel?

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Part 3: The Author Of The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General by Crazy Carriage

Crazy Carriage is the pen name that the author of The Almighty Dragon General uses. I’ve tried to gather as many information sources of this author, yet, I don’t seem to find the author’s avatar, social media presence, and many others. The Almighty Dragon General even becomes the only novel that Crazy Carriage has written.

So, for me, it seems that Crazy Carriage is one of the authors with mysterious presences. However, it doesnt mean that Crazy Carriage has gone on hiatus or is an unskilled writer its quite the contrary. Crazy Carriage is still updating The Almighty Dragon General until now, and The Almighty Dragon General itself has got more than 4 out of 5 stars from thousands of readers.

Crazy Carriage may only focus on publishing The Almighty Dragon General on several platforms. However, there are other people who show their interest in the stories by narrating the chapters. Additionally, we can now enjoy reading The Almighty Dragon General novel in at least two different languages: English and Filipino.

Part 4: Alternative To The Almighty Dragon General

Similar to The Almighty Dragon General

Don’t be fooled by the title of this novel. The Almighty Dragon General doesnt have anything to do with fantasy creatures. Instead, this book is a book about getting in love with a person who saves another person and exercising any attempts to keep the marriage on fire.

Do you wish to read a Dreame novel in which the stories have the same pattern as The Almighty Dragon General? If so, I would recommend Redheads Ranchers.

This Dreame novel is divided into three different sections, and all of the book’s sections consist of romance stories between the savior and the character who gets saved and also the challenges present in their relationship.

Summary of Redheads Ranchers:

The first parts of Redheads Ranchers tell us a story about Jenny Stone who experiences traumatic tragedies due to her condition in being held, hostage. She would struggle to get out from people who constantly abuse her physically and use her family members as bait for her to not get out of the situation.

When everything else seems hopeless for Jenny, it’s also the moment when Cole Caldwell, the rancher, comes to her rescue. At first, Cole thinks the truck that locks Jenny in is an ordinary truck for animals until he hears Jenny’s breath and constant scream from the inside.

As soon as he hears Jenny’s noises, he offers Jenny some drinks, and a warm place to stay, and reassures her that everything is going to be alright.

At the same time, a criminal boss, the mastermind of the novel, is ready to murder both Jenny and Cole if he finds out more about the two people. From here, Jenny and Cole start to team up, and they won’t let anything hinder their closeness.

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