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Awesome Romance Arranged To The Alpha Review Read

Arranged To The Alpha is an exciting fantasy romance that begins with Natalia who signs her marriage agreement with Alpha Blake unaware of his true identity.

Even though she’s a witch known as an element of manipulator she’s shocked to marry an werewolf, an alpha by rank.

Natalia considers Blake a monster as he kills a rogue on her arrival. Can their marriage survive despite their remarkable differences?

Arranged To The Alpha is a must-read novel for all fantasy readers.

Best Selling Fantasy Romance Arranged To The Alpha To Read Online

Part 1: Arranged To The Alpha Story Overview

Arranged To The Alpha Natalia Adams

Arranged To The Alpha by LS Barbosa is a Supernatural romance that begins with Natalia Adams who is convinced by her mother to marry a stranger in an arranged marriage. She’s called a burden by her parents and we soon get to learn her true identity.

Natalia is an element of manipulator and not many know about her identity as she lives off as a human. She’s also a successful CEO running her own company. Yet to pay respect to her parents’ wishes she agrees to the marriage.

Arranged To The Alpha continues with Blake who has lost his fated mate. His mother convinces him for an arranged marriage but he asks her to find himself a virgin who’s smart and close to his age.

Blake hopes that his mother will be unsuccessful. But he’s shocked to see her find Natalia Adams who ticks all of his boxes.

On the day of signing their marriage agreement, Natalia is shocked to see that Blake has sent his assistant rather than showing up himself to pick her up. She’s furious over her new husband.

Arranged To The Alpha Story Introduction

As she arrives at Blake’s house she finds Blake shifting into his werewolf form and killing a rogue after an attack. She’s surprised and haunted by the murder as she kills Blake a monster.

She shows her displeasure of not knowing who Blake was before their agreement. Meanwhile, Blake’s mother Luna calls out Natalia for keeping her identity a secret as well as Natalia gets called a witch.

Natalia soon reveals her identity and shows them the element marks on her skin proving her powers. Blake and Natalia start to dislike each other from the beginning.

Blake tries to boss around Natalia by making her obey his rules as he’s the alpha makes Natalia furious and she starts to seek revenge on him. Soon Natalia starts to prove that she can provide herself better than what Blake can offer.

But Blake’s possessiveness starts to show. Despite Blake’s initial disinterest in marriage he soon starts to like Natalia. Their chemistry gets hot and heated as they go from enemies to lovers in a marriage of convenience that neither of them wants.

Arranged To The Alpha is all about Natalia’s journey to finding her happily ever after along with her husband Blake.

Best Selling Fantasy Romance Arranged To The Alpha To Read Online

Part 2: Hot Characters From Arranged To The Alpha

Arranged To The Alpha Heroine Natalia

Arranged To The Alpha female lead Natalia Adams

Natalia is an element of manipulator who had her elements marked on her skin. Even though she was called a witch Natalia was much more than that. However, her parents considered her a burden.

She’s also a successful CEO of her own company and is a perfect bosswoman. But given the danger around her, she agrees to an arranged marriage not wanting to burden her parents. But when she arrives to marry Blake she learns that he’s a wolf which enrages her.

Natalia is a fierce character as she holds this mysterious identity of a supernatural creature and this was my first reading about the elements of manipulator.

Her bold attitude and the way she always chose to speak her mind made her more connectable.

Arranged To The Alpha Hero Blake

Arranged To The Alpha Male Lead Blake

Alpha Blake didn’t want to get married. Unlike others, he was not lucky enough to find a mate given his fated mate was dead. Hence he asked his mother to find a girl who was a virgin. He didn’t care if she was a human.

Blake didn’t think his mother would find someone for him. But when he meets Natalia she’s everything he had asked for. But she’s part of elements and she calls him a monster for being a werewolf.

Alpha Blake is a vulnerable male lead who holds dominance yet a weakness in his heart. He’s one of the lovable Fictional men.

Part 3: Arranged To The Alpha Story Setting And Hot Chapters Preview

Arranged To The Alpha Novel Theme

Arranged To The Alpha is a fantasy novel that’s set around the supernatural world of Werewolves, witchcraft, and other unique creatures. The story is based on the Arranged marriage between Alpha Blake and Natalia.

Alpha Blake is a werewolf whereas Natalia is an element of manipulator. Thus in Arranged To The Alpha Novel, we get to see the best of both worlds as we learn about them as the story progresses.

Arranged marriage, and love after marriage are one of the trending novel tropes, and Arranged To The Alpha features this storyline as the novel follows the journey of Natalia and Blake in their marriage of convenience.

Let’s check out the hottest chapter of Arranged To The Alpha to get a sneak peek into the characters’ minds.

Arranged To The Alpha Chapter To Read

Chapter 6

Before this chapter in Arranged To The Alpha, Natalia has arrived after the wedding of Blake. She’s furious to learn that Blake sent his assistant to finish signing their wedding agreement instead of showing up himself.

But Natalia is in shock as Blake has killed a rogue in front of her eyes. She calls him a monster and Blake doesn’t appreciate the disrespect.

Chapter 6 starts with Natalia heading into her office. We get to see the businesswoman who leads her own company. Her friends congratulate her on her wedding but deep down she just wants to take revenge on Blake.

She wants to prove to him that she doesn’t need him as Blake tries to interfere in her day-to-day life.

Part 4: Arranged To The Alpha Story Conclusion

Arranged To The Alpha Novel Summary

Arranged To The Alpha as the title suggests is a romantic fantasy fiction that revolves around the marriage of convenience between Alpha Blake and Natalia, a successful CEO and an element of the manipulator.

Natalia doesn’t want to live her life as a burden. Knowing her parents can’t protect her she agrees to marry Blake unaware that he’s a werewolf. The first day of her arrival takes a rocky turn as Blake shifts and kills a rogue in her presence.

Natalia is shocked to see Blake’s true identity and the couple starts feuding. Despite their anger and hatred towards each other, their attraction remains intact sparking their romance.

Overall Arranged To The Alpha is a truly entertaining romance read that’s completed with a happily-ever-after ending. Author LS Barbosa has well structured her storyline with character development and a good story ending.

If you love a good fantasy novel with suspense, drama, hatred to love themed stories then Arranged To The Alpha is a must-read novel for you. I enjoyed how Ls Barbosa created such a strong female lead in Natalia giving her a unique identity who can stand up against an alpha by rank.

Natalia’s Fierce attitude made me want to see how her story was going to end up with Blake. Arranged marriage novels are my favourite trope at the moment and I loved everything about Arranged To The Alpha storyline.

Currently, Arranged To The Alpha has over 134 thousand reads on the Dreame app and is one of the best-selling new sellers. So check out the story to know more about Natalia and Blake.

Best Selling Fantasy Romance Arranged To The Alpha To Read Online

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