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Blurb of A Woman from the future

26-year-old Eliza is alone and successful. She has channeled her pain into zeal and is now a top developer scientist. Nothing could go wrong, that is until Eliza unintentionally travels through time.

Eliza accidentally landed in the 1850s and ended herself in the castle. There, she meets the charming and alluring Prince William. At first, their hatred for one another changes, but what will happen when William finds Eliza wasn’t from their time period but was rather a woman from the future?

A Woman from the future Chapter 1 Feeling uneasy

I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 5: 30, I lay back for a while longer staring into space, I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular, but for some reason I don’t really feel good today, I turned to my side still blank, nothing, I just can’t shake this feeling.

I’m not sure its sadness, loneliness or whatever, but my strength has always came from my achievements, but even that does not seem to be working today.

A short story about what my life has been like is, I’m the only child of my parents, but the only person I got to know amongst them is my father, Roy smith is the best father there ever could be, he never made me feel alone while he was alive.

He would do anything, even go to the ends of the earth just to see me smile, he was a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, I remembered when I was bullied by my crush in high school, and I came home crying, I saw the worry etched on his face.

I had the fear he might go see Tyler and reprimand him, but despite himself, my father sat beside me on the sofa and consoled me till I felt better, he didn’t leave it at that, he persuaded me to go to the ferris wheels, my favorite at the time, he made sure I was feeling way lighter before we returned home.

Which was why I was so devastated when he died, I was at NYU at the time, I did all I could when he took ill, the doctors tried all they could for him, but he didn’t make it out, my whole world came tumbling down when he died.

I have no one, my mother dumped my father to be with some cheap ass rich guy, leaving even me behind and never looking back, she left me with my father when I was a year and four months old, and till now she never made the attempt of reaching out.

I guess the pleasure of being a rich mans wife is so blissful, so much so she totally forgot she once had a child, sometimes I wonder if I have half siblings, but I have made a promise to myself never to go there.

Her rejection is what fueled my success anyway, so she isn’t totally useless, now I’m a developer scientist in a world ever evolving, where technology is in the front line, me and my team has numbers of technological invention’s that has made a great impact.

Yes I am the brain, but I don’t like taking the credit publicly, pride cometh before the fall they say, I live comfortably earning billions of dollar every year, who needs a mother to be great.

I sat up, I took my phone and checked my inbox, I had several messages from my colleagues, I started shooting off replies, as I walked out of my room into the sitting area.

“Morning Alexa” I called

My AI replied “Good morning Eliza”

“what are our plans for the day”

“work first as usual, then lunch with Betty, and probably dinner with Ryan tonight” Alexa

“Thanks” I replied

I went into my shower, and slipped into the jacuzzi I sighed, immediately feeling relaxed, this always seem to work wonders, I stayed in for a bit longer than intended, so I was in a little rush when I came out.

I quickly fixed a quick breakfast for myself, some scrambled eggs and juice, after eating I reached into my wardrobe for a simple dress, it was nothing much, as I will be putting a coat over that soon.

I selected a black stiletto from my shoe collection as it easily fits with the light blue dress, I blow dried my hair and styled it in a tight pony tail, i am already too late for a doted outfit

I grabbed a black purse, one matching my shoe and made my way back to the living room

“Alexa bring a car around please” I requested.

“Which one would you like to take out today” the AI has undergone many improvements over the years, its functions were limitless.

And oh if I forgot to tell you, we were in the year 2033, a more advanced technology is nothing to be shocked about now.

“The Mercedes will be fine” I supplied

“certainly” Alexa replies

“see you later Alexa” Alexa was more than an AI to me though, I always talk to her especially when I’m down

“Have a wonderful day Eliza”

I stepped out of the house, my car was already at the door waiting on me, I quickly got in and started to drive, leaving for TISCO LABS my place of work.

This lab is situated in mid Manhattan, we are well known for our technology and prestige, but we do have our rivals, HATH LABS has always been on our tails, trying to beat us to it every time, and our cybernetics is a plus to our organization

And that is another reason I work non stop and always sought to be better, don’t get me wrong, I love my job and that’s why I don’t seem to ever get tired of it, even when I can see some of our employees getting burned out sometimes.

in few minutes I was at TISCO, immediately I alighted Ben came to chauffeur my ride to the lots.

“Good morning Eliza” he greeted

“Morning Ben, how’s the wife and kid” I inquired

“They are well, thank you” he took my keys and got into the car while I made my way into the lab’s main building

“Morning miss Eliza” my assistant met with me on my way in

“Morning Laura, is Jason here yet?” I asked

Jason is easy to work with, I once had a colleague, Noah… the guy is a sycophant, always trying to outshine me, Jason understands the value of team work, which is more of the reason I like him.

“He got here not so long ago ma’am” she said

I stopped in my tracks, sensing my abrupt halt, Laura corrected “I mean he is here Miss Eliza”

I never took a liking to being called ma’am, it makes me feel old, and what makes it worse is I start thinking about my status, being more or less an orphan and my somewhat inactive love life.

I slipped into my office and reached for my coat on the hook after dropping my purse, I pulled it on and settled in my chair to check with my note, i prefer entailing my tasks in it, it somehow works more efficiently for me.

“Would you like me to inform Jason you are here now?, he mentioned there was a significant enlightenment earlier, it seemed like something he would like to discuss with you soon” Laura

“yeah go ahead please” I replied

she immediately rang Jason’s desk “she is in now” she took a pause “yeah sure”

she came close “he is his on his way here”

“thanks Laura” I switched on my system and started working, in few minutes Jason was in my office

“And who might it be if its not the stunning Eliza” Jason

“oh, don’t play with me, cut it out” I joked

he laughed at my response “where were you last night?” I was surprised he asked

“who’s asking” I replied with a question of mine

“at exactly 11:45 pm” he continued

“cut to the chase Jason, what would you like to know” I said

“well I had a massive breakthrough last night, I was working on some of our theories, and then boom, it all came flooding out” he sounded so enthused

“now you have me, tell me all about it” seeing my interest, he said

“I’d rather show you, come with me” Jason

“give me a minute please” I quickly finished up on what I was doing ” lead the way” I stood and walked with him

“so I figured in the multiverse, we are able to visit a different timeline and see ourselves, but with different personalities, and then going further into the future is a whole different story” he explained

“obviously you get to be younger or older when you travel in time, depending on when you are visiting, but still the same personality” I supplied

“exactly, but the time machine we built earlier just transports, what if it has some function’s we don’t know about yet, what if it doesn’t just work with places, but time as well, I mean literal time” he waited for his words to sink in.

“like the clock, if using the machine on the 4th of April at exactly 1pm will take you to a fixed time?” I said

“that’s it, exactly what I’m trying to say” he went to the table and provided a paper sheet to me “take a look at this formula’s, I figured we could try twisting the time a little more and milking it”

“make it stable, so the machine doesn’t just throw you into anywhere” I was thinking fast

“yes yes, that’s why I need that brain of yours on this” Jason

I went through the note’s he handed to me, and I have to say, this is quite impressive

“well I guess its time to start working on improving that time machine” I replied

“my thought’s exactly” he added

I love taking on challenges, and this is exactly what I really need right now, maybe it will help with this uneasiness I’m feeling.

A Woman from the future Chapter 2 Something’s off

“I hope to see you in a bit, handed over to the master” Jason

“ah, don’t go there, moreover I will be stepping out in a while, I have lunch planed with Betty” i focused on the paper Jason gave to me earlier

“oh, no problem, I’ll see you when I see you then… did I mention you look stunning today?” he said on his way out

“I believe you have” i chuckled

“forgive me milady” he bowed slightly and went out, i couldn’t help but smile, Jason carry a lot of charm

he suddenly peaked from the door once more “stunning, you look stunning”

“plain, you look plain Eliza” Betty remarked when she met with me at Le Pecora

“really? thanks a lot, and you look gorgeous” I complimented

“oh yes i do” we both laughed at that

“how is your day so far?” she relaxed into her chair

“not all bad, its been a little uneventful” I signaled the waiter “how is your Mom’s fundraiser coming up?”

“well you know, as it does always, she has her way and her friends with deep pockets” the waiter got to our table then

“Good afternoon Ma’am” I picked their menu off the table

“Good afternoon sir, I’ll take your meatballs, tagliatelle and Brussels sprout, you can add a little toscano to that, but first I need water” Betty was typing something furiously into her phone all the while

“earth to Betty, what would you like to have?” I asked her

“I’ll take the same thing as her, except for the toscano” Betty

“we’ll take wine with that, thank you” I finished, the waiter left with our order’s

“are you cool, seems like something is bothering you” I stared at her from across the table

“I am so not cool, there is a lot on my shoulder this week, been our fashion week and all” her shoulder look sagged

” have you been sleeping” I now noticed how stressed out she looks

“in due time….” the water I requested for was brought to the table

“and what’s in due time?, you shouldn’t….” she didn’t let me finish

“yeah yeah, I know, but this task’s won’t carry themselves out” she entered some more text and finally dropped her phone in her purse “yes, now I’m here”

“and how was the trip?” I teased

“so bumpy, you don’t wanna go there” she sipped from her glass of water

“I see, didn’t you tell me you now have a new personal assistant about two months ago?” its my turn to scold her

“yes, but this Is the big one my dear, I’ve got to add personal touches to it, something I believe even a personal assistant cannot deliver” she looked around the restaurant, as if just realizing people are around us

“whatever, you are the worst” I replied

“why thank you, I’m happy I could fill that space” she looked amused, for a slight moment I had the urge to mop the whole restaurant floor with her ass, but who am I kidding we are the same

“and speaking of filling spaces, how’s Ryan” she raised her brow continuously

I almost choked on my water because of that goofy expression she was wearing, I chuckled

two waiter’s came to serve our table then, so I stayed quiet, after they finished up I replied her nosy question

“Ryan is fine, and I believe he’d probably send his regards” I stalled

“excuse me ma’am, that’s not what I want to hear, how are things between you, I see he his caring, tell me something I don’t know” she leaned in closer as if I was going to tell her about some big classified information

“girl back up, don’t you dare come closer” just to annoy me, she inched in closer

a blonde from the opposite side of our table interrupted our discussion “get a room you two, this is a restaurant”

“oh, you won’t mind if we made use of yours yeah?, it’d be quick” Betty replied her with sarcasm dripping all around

she was always the stubborn one and the sassiest while we were in college, I can still recall all the troubles this lady has gotten me into while at NYU, its a good thing none landed me at the Dean’s office

“so you were saying” she continued as if she wasn’t even interrupted at all

“so I was saying nothing” I started eating, she did the same too, but I know that won’t take her off my back

“so you said he proposed to you yeah?” she would say any rubbish just to make sure I spill my secrets, its a technique we use on each other

I laughed in between my meal “what, when did I ever say that to you, don’t start” I kept laughing, she went so far, a proposal?, this girl can’t be serious

“okay okay, you said you were preggo” my goodness, what kind of friend am I keeping

“okay you win, stop throwing ideas around, he didn’t propose and I am so not pregnant” I placed my wine glass on the table gently

“that’s what I like to hear, so what is it?” Betty

“okay, I might sound a bit crazy but I don’t really like Ryan that much, you know, the sparks they are nowhere to be found…” Betty jumped in between my words

” haven’t you two go at it?” she looked serious

“yes we have, and that’s how I know the sparks are missing, he isn’t…” she didn’t let me finish again

she gasped ” the one” she wore a stunned look

“stop being such a dramatic, are you his sister?” she wore a normal expression then

” well i mean” she shrugged “alright then, how do you like this name Trevor”

I started laughing hard, she joined in too, this girl Is such a monkey

“I don’t, I don’t like anyone that comes from you” I said in between laughter

“don’t say that, I’ve got many eligible bachelor, if not that Jake turned out to be a womanizing ass, you would have married him by now, a beautiful woman such as yourself shouldn’t be single and unready to mingle” she kept pushing her matchmaking reputation

“where exactly do you meet this men?” I really wanted to know

“you know, a Aunty’s nephew, a friends brother, they are everywhere” she whispered the last word

“good for you, but I really don’t see a reason to keep me and Ryan miserable, I’m thinking of ending things with him” I went back to our earlier discussion

” I’m with you in every decision you make, and I will also be with you when you decide to give it a shot with Trevor” she said

“girl in your dream’s, I’m never giving in to Trevor, I’d be seeing Ryan tonight though, I feel like bailing already, I’m so scared to tell him I want to end things” now I realize that was my reason for feeling uneasy all day, I made my decision some weeks ago, but knowing today is d-day I suddenly feel so uneasy

“scared?, he ever hit you?” Betty asked

“no, never, he is just too protective and somewhat clingy, I can’t settle for less, he isn’t my ideal type” I checked my watch to make sure I’m not spending too much time out

“a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, and moreover if you don’t end thing with Ryan how will you be vacant for Trevor” she tried to look serious but she couldn’t help it

“girl get out of my face” I emphasized those words ” bills on me” I announced

“of course, i paid for the last meal anyways” she looked happy with herself at that remark

“don’t let it get to that big head of yours” I joked

the waiter came around shortly, after sorting the bill and downing our wine, we decided it was time to return to work

“dinner at your place?” I asked Betty as we stepped out into the sun, heading for the parking area

“look, I am not your boyfriend, don’t come to my house” I took my phone out and texted Ryan our meet up address “and aren’t you seeing Ryan tonight, will you be meeting at the junkyard? eat out”

“dinner at your place it is, and to answer you, no we aren’t meeting at the junkyard, but I don’t think I’d be in the mood to eat while he is sitting across me, knowing I’m about to end things for good.

“okay, I’d make dinner for two don’t come back late” she got into her car and waved me

I did the same and pulled onto the driveway, my phone signalled a notification, I checked, it was a message from Ryan

“baby, missed you, I have something for you too, see you at 7”

even after speaking to Betty about this I was still feeling uneasy, but his message only made things worse, its as if he is here already and I can’t face him.

how in hell was I going to go about this, but this isn’t even the first time I’m with someone, and in truth I’ve had some pretty rough relationship, ending things have never proven to be so difficult, but I have a bad feeling about this, this isn’t just nerve’s, there’s more to this, what could be wrong

Writer of A Woman from the future

Tems Cliffords is the author of the romance book  A Woman from the Future. Tems, a pharmacy graduate from the University of Lagos, also writes on the side. Writing to her is a way for her to unwind after a stressful day. She prefers fiction because they take her to a fantastical setting, which is what she also wants for her readers. She writes to engage with her audience because doing so helps her writing style develop and also allows them all to use their imaginations.

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