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A Gift From The Goddess│Werewolf Book Review

A kickass heroine never loses its charm. A Gift From The Goddess is one of those werewolf stories loaded with two popular elements nowadays – rebirth and a strong female lead.

Though the plot of A Gift From The Goddess centers on the female lead’s struggle with love, it didn’t fail to show a fresh kind of world-building of a werewolf world, which I think makes A Gift From The Goddess charming.

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Part 1: The Story Of A Gift From The Goddess

A Gift From The Goddess Story Second Chance Love

A Gift From The Goddess follows the story of Aria, a Luna of the Winter Mist pack. Her pack was the most powerful in the country. She was mated to an Alpha, Aleric who also is her husband. Aleric doesn’t love her. One day, he came to Aria announcing the pregnancy of his mistress and blaming her for being infertile.

Despite being the Luna of the pack, and of the respect of their pack members, Aria was miserable. The turning point of Aria’s story was when her pack betrayed her for they were suspecting that she killed the mistress’ child. And she dies.

But then, she received a gift from the goddess which will give her a chance to undo her mistakes in her past life.

The Plot of A Gift From The Goddess develops upon Aria’s death. So, what was the gift? A rebirth. A second chance at life. But what makes the story unique among other werewolf troupes is that the rebirth gift doesn’t come easy. It comes with lots of struggles for the female lead. Aria was reborn to her old life.

And no matter what she does, she can’t undo her mate. Aleric was still her mate. So, the exciting part here is that there’s still a possibility to rekindle her love for Aleric in her second life, but this time the same tragedy in the past won’t have to happen again. Also, she needs to find out the truth about the betrayal.

as she explores the truth she doesn’t have a choice but to go through critical points in her life again, but this time she must know how to reverse that tragic dead end she had once in her old life.

So, A Gift From The Goddess leaves boggling questions to its readers, like, will Aria make it? Is she strong and wise enough to prevent or correct all those tragedies in the past? Does the pursuit of truth lead her to revenge? Well, save these questions and check out A Gift From The Goddess book.

Part 2: Main Characters of A Gift From The Goddess

A Gift From The Goddess Characters


A Gift From The Goddess gives us a female that is strong from the start, and that strength and kickass personality was maintained even challenged as you go through the chapters. But even though Aria is a symbol of a strong woman, a leader type, still we are given an interesting weakness of hers- love.

So, in A Gift From The Goddess comes Luna of an almost complete package – beauty, strength, influence, and brain. But this Luna has some kind of “Achilles heel”, she’s blindly in love with a mate who doesn’t love her back.


I guess the way the author portrayed him as an asshole Alpha is effective, that’s why I don’t like him. Aleric is the male lead in A Gift From The Goddess. He is Aria’s mate. An Alpha of their pack. Aria, who was blindly in love with him, had given everything Aleric needed, hoping that he would love her in return. Yet, the painful part he did was getting his mistress pregnant, and blaming Aria in return.

Part 3: Hot Chapters Of A Gift From The Goddess

A Gift From The Goddess Hot Chapters Book Rose

A Gift From The Goddess Chapter 9

A Gift From The Goddess Chapter 9 is the beginning of the plot’s turning point. Here, Aria had to wake up from getting reborn. And to her surprise, she found out that she was reborn to her younger self. The exciting part in this chapter is that Aria already knew what will happen as she was reborn with the memories of her past life.

A Gift From The Goddess Chapter 60

A Gift From The Goddess Chapter 60 is intense. The chapter was about repeating one crucial incident in the past. I don’t want to tell you many details about the scenes lest I spoil the fun. But check this out and see if Aria would do better this time in the same incident in her past life.

A Gift From The Goddess Chapter 77

This is the best chapter of A Gift From The Goddess, and I don’t want to spoil this. This chapter comes with many revelations connecting incidents from the past to the present about how Aleric ended up killing Aria in the past, and how other characters get involved.

Part 4: Rating A Gift From The Goddess

A Gift From The Goddess Recommendation Couple In Fairy Lights

A Gift From The Goddess is told from the woman’s POV. I would give three reasons why this book is popular. First is its intense opening.

In the start, we have been given a kickass female lead, unlike other werewolf books, where a female had to go through a process of weak to strong, omega to luna status in the werewolf pack, but here, in A Gift From The Goddess, the female lead is already a Luna.

But the unique difference is that she’s a Luna but she’s a loser at some point. That’s a hook. It leaves the readers with many questions in mind. How did she lose? Then the betrayal of those closest to her was introduced. I should say, the plot was structured. And the betrayal was sadistic.

A Gift From The Goddess Rating Mate Bond

Second, the message that the author wants to convey in the rebirth concept is a gem.

So, for this, I would rate A Gift From The Goddess, a 10. At first, you could think that the gift from the goddess is rebirth, but as you read further you’ll realize that the goddess had sent Aria to a second chance in life for her to become even stronger and wiser, to learn, and most of all to defy dead ends.

Third, the romantic vibes in the story thrill the readers. Even though an asshole male lead was introduced to us in the opening chapters of A Gift From The Goddess, in the middle we get to have questions and hopes if the male lead will change, or if Aria and Aleric’s love would also be given a second chance.

All in all, the author was amazing in giving us a deep fantasy werewolf story that goes beyond just entertainment. The author had given her readers an inspiring example of an empowered female character.

Part 5: Similar Books To A Gift From The Goddess

A Gift From The Goddess Similar Book The Perfect Luna Book Cover

The Perfect Luna By Marissa Gilberts

This book is the talk of the online reading world. If you haven’t checked this out yet, you can download the Dreame app, and read The Perfect Luna. Same with A Gift From The Goddess, the main character here is a female who was also betrayed by her pack, and was given a second chance at life by the moon goddess.

The Perfect Luna is an award-winning book that shows a female protagonist’s growth from being weak to strong. Like with A Gift From The Goddess, Ria, the female lead in The Perfect Luna has to undo things that happened in her past life and gets revenge as well.

The story follows Riannon who had been married to her husband for 6 years. But one day, her husband once brought an omega girl, Roxy, whom he said was his true mate. Her husband claimed he wouldn’t even touch Roxy, but in reality, it was a complete betrayal. In a matter of months, this diminutive, timid omega ruined all Ria loved and treasured.

From that point forward, everything began to significantly change. Being the perfect Luna was insufficient for Riannon’s husband to love her, and change his attitude toward her.

Even if Riannon would divorce her husband still Roxy didn’t stop from killing Riannon and the other pack members who were faithful to her. All of what occurred, nevertheless, was visible to the Moon Goddess’ eyes.

Read The Perfect Luna Now.

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