Observing the End, Volume 1: The Will to Survive

Michael Anthony Ciotta

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*This Volume is Finished. Here's the link to the next Volume:,-Volume-2:-Kitsune.html *

Michael Cinagra, an antisocial psychopathic author, struggles to survive the apocalypse… While writing a diary in his free time.

Observer 131, a Personal Reconnaissance Drone that was sent to spy on him… Is still faithfully keeping logs of everything that happens, because that’s just how it was programmed.

The two of them go on a three volume adventure, traveling around, killing things, learning new skills and trying to maintain some semblance of sanity while the world crumbles around them. You know how it is with MCs… Every day is a new disaster.

The question is: How far can their plot armor take them? Will they survive the cruel machinations of fate? Probably not. But will they stay dead? Is it even possible to stay dead in a reality where everyone has souls and reincarnation is practically a mode of transportation? I doubt it.

Anyway, this is a story about Michael and his clingy stalker. Good luck, have fun and be careful.

Cover by Sabrina Sazali on FicFun.


Tags: adventure
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Epilogue: Recognition

As I stood upon that nostalgic pier from my childhood, I couldn’t help but think back to that day when I caught my first skate. My father thought it was some kinda amazing achievement, though he felt that way about everything I did. I really miss Daddy… Yes, I still call him that. It’s just the way me and my brother were raised.

I used to ……

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