Whispering Hearts (3 in 1)


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When Eunice and her cousin; Paige travel to Mexico for a one week fling before her blind wedding, they meet two brothers who happen to be successful businessmen;Alex and Zach.
While everyone including Acel; the husband to be, prepare for the wedding, Alex falls for Eunice and begs her to stay. He is willing to give up everything for her. But she wants to marry Acel to pay for her debt and so rejects him before she returns back home.
What would you have done, if the guy you meet on the alter is the same guy you had a one week fling with? And what would you have done, if the girl you asked to be your girlfriend after a fling, happens to be the same girl you are going to call your wife?

Book 2
Even though their lives had began in book 1, Zach and Paige never lost the love they have for each other.
Zach has an unsettling urge and desire to marry Paige; who only isn't the love of his life but also the mother of his unborn child.
Paige has also promised herself she wouldn't say yes until she's certain Zach loves her and not pity for knocking her down. Even though she played hard to get, Zach never lost his possessive nature over her and he is hell bent on winning her trust and not love; because he knows he already has it.

Book 3
Louis and Esmeralda met in book 1 as friends, which later developed into something different from what they had bargained for. These two are the rock and pillars of every relationship in this story, yet can't seem to fix theirs. They wander about; thinking what they feel isn't love. They hide and suppress it by telling themselves what they have is just,"friends with benefits." Until Esther shoots Louis, leaving him to fight for his life and love.
And Esther is someone who is in for revenge. Her hatred grows each day; turning her into a total monster!!!


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Chapter Thirty

*Acel's P.O.V.*

These few days have been going on well. Eunice and I spend some few hours with each other every day. She's now open with me and can actually stand my presence. Her smiles get brighter each day. Thinking about our last conversation, gives me the hope she'll be with me again and very soon.

She asked me to go out ……

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