In The Blood

Stuart G. Yates

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Detective Simms of the Pinkerton Detective Agency receives orders for another mission. Desperadoes are taking advantage of the fledgling railroads that cut through the endless plains, and the Pinkertons are charged with protecting the valuable cargo.
After a powerful group sets their eyes on the scarcely guarded carriages, Simms begins to shadow the train robbers. But soon, he realizes that someone is hunting him instead.
One of them will end up six feet under... by the bullet.


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Twenty nine

Twenty nine

The trail to death

In the hard-baked earth, with his face flat in the dirt, he thought he heard his father's voice, shouting to him from across the prairie. Ignoring the pain, he lifted his head and turned and there his father was, sitting astride his piebald pony, a hunting bow in one hand, the other raised in greeting.


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