he's into him.


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jungkook and taehyung were both strangers, they're parents were best pals and promised to each other once they'd have a son/daughter they'll want them to marry each other.


- mature content
- swears.
- M-preg
many more.


Tags: arrogantbossmafiaK-popbisexualicymale leadJeon Jungkook x Kim TaehyungMin Yoongi x Suga/Park Jiminfast and rough
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Starts of their usual days.

first chapter! hope y'all like it.


they says loving the same genders are not allowed, but why tho? loving whatever gender it is are allowed. let's just say you are homophobic, simple you are absolutely homophobic.

do you believe at love at first sight? maybe, for jungkook no for taehyung? definitely……

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