Drassy Cristobal

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Cristina Leonor was just a kid when her father left her mother for another woman. Because of that Christyn (her mother) decided to moved in with her mother's younger sister which is happen to have a family too, due to big problems and trials on they're family Cristina used her body to get a money but she ends up being her Ex-boyfriend's mistress. She get everything that she wants and needs, Slowly she realize that She's already falling for him again but everything turned into a chaos when His twin showed up and ruined they're dirty little secret.

He offered her more comfortable relationship and his surname, Just who she is to say no to this handsome uncomplicated man?

From being Enzo's Mistress , She became Sin's Wife.

Will she manage to live peacefully with a man who truly loves her?


She will run away because of her Dirty Dark past with Her husband's twin?


Tags: possessivedominantmanipulativesubmissiveambitiouscruelrecklesshusbandseductivewild
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'Bakit ba hindi mo ko magawang mahalin? Asawa mo ko! Dapat kahit konti manlang mahalin mo rin ako!'

Puno nang iritasyon na binagsak ni Enzo ang wala nang laman na shot glass habang paulit-ulit na bumabalik sa kanya ang naging pagtatalo nila kanina nang halos tatlong taon na niyang asawa.

'Dahil parin ba ito k……

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