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"Speak, Amélia Amétiste, what the hell is your motive !"

His strong grip crushed my arm and the more I decided to be silent, the more his furious anger tortured. His beautiful green eyes once looked at me with affection and love, but three years later I could see nothing more but anger and disgust. His eyes depicted how he hated me, but mine still searched for that man who had showered me with love.

"What the hell is your motive, hook up with the son and marry the father, how shameless."

He yelled at me, gripping more tightly to my arm, as if he wanted to break them. This handsome blonde was once my boyfriend for whom I was ready to do the impossible things for, but now I'm nothing more but his mother, step mother to be precised.

"How shameless of you Amélia Ametist."

Yes I am indeed shameless him like crazy and yet still married to his father. Now he is here and I'm here from our three years marriage. Our lives had changed completely, but not my feelings, how then would live be.

"I'm still in love with him, but he is now my son...."


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Amélia walked down stairs, dressed in a white floral off shoulder gown, with her hair tied into a pony tail, little strands curled on both side of her ears.

So many things had happened previously and so many wounds had been caused, but time had been able to heal everything. Amélia walked c……

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