Megan's Thirteenth

Owen Jones

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Megan's Thirteenth” is the second volume of twenty-three in the Megan Series. It is psychic Megan's birthday and to celebrate her becoming a teenager, her parents are throwing a big party for her. Family and friends are invited to the big occasion, where her hero local disc jockey, Jack Hammer, is to play the music. She wonders whether anyone will spot her huge ghost Siberian tiger, Grrr, but she does not count on meeting a handsome stranger.The Megan Series is for people of all ages who are interested in psychic matters.


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Lying in bed that night, Megan was full of emotions. They swirled around in her head and even in her body as she replayed the excitements of the day. There was only one thing that troubled her and that was why her grandfather had not shown up to wish her a happy birthday. As she was pondering over her dead grandfather's a……

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