In The Arms Of An Alpha


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ASHER HOWARD is the next Alpha of Brecken Dice Pack, but he can only get the power of being an alpha if he finds a mate and could be his Luna.
Unfortunately, he was looking at it for a century. Because of failure, he was neglected and expelled from Brecken Dice Pack. He has no other options but to live with Humans. His Uncle, Reydiel, who turned into a human a decade ago was there to help him. He pretended to be the first son of his Uncle, and go to school as a Senior High School student. There he would meet a lot of people but only a fat girl named Hailey can gets his attention for having the smell of his Mate that he’s looking for over a century.
ALL HAILEY wants is to have a boyfriend. But she didn’t expect as hot as Asher to go crazy with her charm. With a fat body figure, not as hot as Asher could love her. And she’s so sure with that. She knew that this gorgeous man was just playing with her feelings or maybe played truth or dare with his group of friends.


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The laughter grew louder throughout the canteen.

“I’m sure you want us, fat girl. Don’t deny it.” He smirked and touched my ass quickly. “I know you want us,” he repeats.

I straightened myself up and avoided him with my butt. I hold back my tears because of them.

So, what if my body looks like this? Does it mean they can make f……

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