My Lost Mate

Queen Esi

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Tess is an orphan who has been treated like dirt all her life.she doesnt smell like a wolf and that has made her life impossible... She doesnt know who she really is and has lost hope of knowing her true self...She cant dream of her mate as she feels she has been punished by the moon goddess and cursed for her parents sins..

Andre is the Alpha of the Goldenhowl pack and has decided to give up on finding his mate since he is already turning 28... He has become cold,wicked,heartless and broken..

#Will Tess and Andre ever cross paths?
#Will he be willing to accept a mate again?
#Will Tess mend his broken heart or will she be broken by him?

***Join me in this exciting story as we join Tess to know her roots and help Andre become more human and less ruthless


Tags: twistedsweetseriousmystery
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I woke up feeling so tired and drained then everything that happened few hours again came crashing down like a wrecking ball...

Images flooded my mind and everything just came back. I tried to move but the strong arms around my waist tightened its hold on me. I looked at Andre's sleeping form and just admired his c……

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