Our two packs

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Morgana has lived all her life in the territories belonging to her pack the Silver Lake pack and the territory of the neighboring pack, the Blue Lake pack. Having been terrible enemies in previous generations, these two packs became allies during the period when Morgana's grandparents were Alpha and Luna from the Silver Lake pack and nowadays these two packs are really stronge when they stand by themselves but they are unbeatable when they stand togheter.
Morgana is the future Alpha of her pack and had grown-up with her future Beta Artur, future Gama Liam and Dylan, Damien and Axel
respectively Future Alpha, Beta and Gama of Blue Lake Pack.
For some reason Dylan was always Morgana's favorite person since she was a baby, but a few year ago when he was 16 everything changed from night to day he lost all his interest in spending time with her and the others. All his interest was on the teenager girl from his school. She was 12 back then and had developed a huge crush on him.
It was her first broken heart and she decided it would be her last. Damien his brother and future Beta was her rock through that hard time he understood what was happening without asking and never left her alone. After that they made a pact they would stay togheter and suport each other untill both of them found their mate. They wouldn't allow their mate to found them and only reveal themselves to their mate when both had found them.
But they hardly know this plan can put the future of both packs at risk...


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Arthur POV

I can't believe I even contemplate the idea of rejecting Atena, she's just perfect is more then I ever dreamed of, she is gorgeous, smells like chocolate and strawberry, she's funny, generous, smart and her wolf Aneta is amazing she's copper just like Morgana's hair, I never saw another wolf like her before.

I'm so ……

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