"The Force Of Chaos"


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The gods came and bore children amongst us and their grand children lived with us as mortals, performing different supernatural feats, breaking records of all kinds , daring death and achieving the unthinkable in all sphere of lives, yet they didn't know they were from the lineage of the gods. Scattered among the galaxy the grand children were chosen from different part of the world to battle with the "Force of Chaos" but first they must all be tested and prepared to face their worst enemy that is determined to destroy them one after the other through their weaknesses. The gods decided to call all their grandchildren home, it's time they all knew their identity, meet their grand fathers and prepare to save the world from an impending doom that threatens to wipe all humans from existence.


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The Inner Sanctum

The abysmal condition of the earth came as a shock to the demigods who were trying to save it, even the gods were dejected they never thought it would come to this, with the alternate earth and reality destroyed, Chaos triumphed in victory, it wasn't supposed to go down this way, "How did it all go wrong so fast?" A question with no one to answe……

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