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Jane and Winnie were both twins sisters with two different image and personality, both strived for a better life but they never obtained what they wanted, bound to a fate that wasn't likely their choice. Winnie loved Wayne, but she lost him to her sister.

However, their fates changed with a car accident and Winnie found herself married to Wayne.' Guess how', she was longer Winnie, but Jane after a transmigration.

On the the other side, Jane woke up in another environment, she was transmigrated into another continent, but strange thing, the face was similar to her previous body. More to that she found herself married to the disabled man

More surprises came as soon as her husband apeared and saw what no one saw.

"Who are you? You are not Lucy.", He said and strange thing, how did he know?.

How are both sisters going to settle with their double fates?


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"The prophecy of fate came through after all."

'The prophecy of fate ?'


Not sure what her father meant by the prophecy of fate , but if there was one thing that Winny was sure at that moment, was that her father wasn't oblivious about the mythical phenomenon that took place in her life. Her transmigration turned……

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