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"Was love and my love pursue a crime?", Hazel Edgard looked towards her husband's direction. Ethan was kissing and cuddling her step sister. It pricked her heart and she felt like losing her life everyday, though it wasn't just a feeling, but a fact. She had long been diagnosed with a deathly heart disease for three years now and she had been married to Ethan Jackson, but he wouldn't even give her little love.

She asked for little love, but obtained pain and numerous misunderstanding and pain from her unrequited love. Finally when she almost lose hope, a little light of hope appeared in her and she strived to live as long as possible to bring that light to day.

"Ethan, I'm pregnant.", Hazel said with high expectations and hope that Ethan could have that lovely smile he gave to her step sister, but her hope was in vain.

"I don't love you and I would never do, so abort that child."

"Abortion can cost my life, are you willing to watch me die."

"I'm willing to watch you dissapear from my life."

His words stroke her heart and though she had been expecting it, her poor heart still couldn't take it.

Hazel Edgard had sacrificed so much for Ethan, but all credits went to her step sister and at the end, Ivy Edgard took her life.

She thought she was death until she woke in a hospital bed under the care of Aiden Golding, a professional surgeon that gave her light and life. She now lived for her son, Raphael and herself. But Aiden Golding became the light of her life, even though he was gay.

"Don't you feel disgusted by me?" , Aiden asked her.

"Not at all."


"Hazel...", After five years, Ethan appeared again.

" Forgive me, please...."


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"I...", Jesse was caught off, with nothing to say, so he paused.

"I also want to hear it Jesse, why didn't you report when you saw your class mate being bullied?", The director asked, but it was quite late to ask such a question. If Raphael hadn't brought it up, he would have been easily condemned without a proper investigation.


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