The Hidden Hybrid


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I knew from young I was different. My parents always reminded me of not to show my wolf form to others as it will raise questions about my difference.

My name is Catherine Summers. I’m a 18 year old high school student, who’s unmated. Or so I thought.

That one weekend I was supposed to be off, instead I’m helping a friend because she was understaffed and needed all the help to help serve food during a big event.
That’s when I saw my mate for the first time. He was none other then Tyson Black from the Black Moon Pack. They were known to be the largest, ruthless pack in the United States.


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Rouge attack

It’s dinner time at the pack house and me, Katie along with a few other kitchen staff are just finishing up dinner. I hear loud thuds and screams.

What’s going on?

Everyone! Help the young children and women into the safe room downstairs! We are being under attack by rouges!” Shouts a pack warrior.

I tur……

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