At All Costs

Tanisha Kary

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Avinna has always been the weed in her family and no one wants weeds. Being the fifth child and last daughter of King Aram and daughter of Anna, a rich merchant's daughter. Her mother died when she was six and since then, her stepsisters; Selah, Gamilla and Diana have been bent on ruining her life...not to forget her stepmother, Queen Regina as well. Avinna has never been one to accept defeat nor fall to her enemies feet. A brave warrior and her Father's favorite which must also be the reason her steps hate her.
A Masquerade Ball.
People from different kingdoms are to attend and everyone is more than excited but there is a big surprise waiting.


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Everyone is at the table having breakfast when Avinna arrives. She slowly walks to her seat after muttering a good morning.

The maid serves her breakfast and she slowly starts to eat.

"Avinna, how is your training going?"

"Perfectly so far."

'It's not actually training if I know what I'm doing. I'm an amazing swordsman a……

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