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• First Day of School
"You should have waited for me" Amanda Mia's mom said "You were delaying. I can't come late on my first day in school" Mia said a 16 year old, bold and an extrovert.
"Is that really the cause? I know you Mia. You should not be upset over this" Amanda said
"Enough of the pet talk, mum. I am so not in the mood this morning"
"Love I know it's hard. Things will be alright. Things will change. I promise"
"Stop it!!! Stop it mom. I have had enough of your empty promises. Things will change? How long have I been hearing this? WE ALWAYS MOVE. I just hate... Ouch" Mia said as she knocks the books out of Oscar's hands
"Seriously?" Oscar a 17 year old, beautiful boy who is an introvert said
"Gotta go mum. Bye" Mia said before abruptly ending the call and squatting to help pick up the books
"Sorry about that. I was distracted." She said before handing the last books over to him
"It's... It's fine" Oscar said
"Are you a stammerer?" Mia said
"Em... no. I... I... I just get nervous around new people"
"For a guy as beautiful as you, it's stupid to be nervous" Mia said with no emotions and sincerity. Oscar blushes
"Where are my manners? M... My name is Oscar"
"Mia" She said clearly uninterested
"Nice to meet you" Oscar said stretching his hand for a handshake
"I don't do that" She said before taking two steps towards the main hall and stops "Oh, I don't bite so you should not be nervous around me. And tell your hands to stop shaking. It's disgraceful" She said as the bell rings
"Em.... I" Oscar stammers looking dumbfounded with what Mia's words


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